Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


45. Chapter Thirty-Nine

Liam's POV
The sun had just risen when I woke up. I was always one for waking up early. I don't know why, but I was. I was strangely happy. A little too happy, then I remembered last night. It was so perfect, she's so perfect. She dressed just the way she did the day she literally walked into my life. It just reminded me how hard I fell for her. We talked all night too, there was never an awkward moment. She even like Henry, a lot. She also got on so well with my mum. They talked a lot maybe a little too much. She wanted to show her my baby photos....from the bathtub. I got her away in time though. She even promised to come back just to see Henry and give him a picture. She was just so thoughtful and sweet, yet she had a bit of an attitude when you got her angry. When she got like that, she scared me quite a bit. "Liam! I made breakfast!" I hear my mum yell up the stairs. Wow, she must be in a good mood.
I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. I sat down across from Henry, "How'd ya sleep Hen?" He looked up from the pancaked my mum made. "G-good, when i-is Libby coming back?" He asked with a smile. I chuckled at him. I think he had a little crush on my girlfriend. I'd have to keep an eye out on those too. "I'm not sure Hen, I have to go over later to get my car, so maybe she'll come back with me," I said knowing she probably wouldnt, but I didn't want to upset Henry. "Do you think s-she drew me y-yet?" Henry asked excitedly. I guess he took maybe as yes. "I don't know mate, maybe. You only asked her last night," I said as my mum dropped a couple pancakes on my plate. "Thanks Mum," I said looking up at her. "Sure thing. Now, Libby seems like a keeper," She answered with a smirk. I blushed and rubbed the back of my neck, "Yeah, I really like her...." I hear my mum laugh. "I can tell Liam," she starts with a chuckle, "I think you're in love Liam. From the way that you look at her. Just don't let this one go," She finished seriously, staring at me. Right in the eye. "Mum, I'm not planning on it. She's really special to me, and she knew about Henry and still accepted him. That meant a lot to me," I blurted out. I didn't mean to say all of that. I looked down at my pancakes again. "Yep, you're in love. Aw, my little LiLi's in love!" Mum jokingly coes at me. I just groan at her, the thing that made it even more embarrassing was that it was true.
I hear my mum laugh and get up from the table. "So what's on the agenda for today?" She asks when she was done laughing at my embarrassment. "Well, I definately have to call the tow truck company and go get my car taken car of. Then, I wa-" My mum cut me off, "What the bloody hell's wrong with your car?!" She seemed a tad bit angry. "I left it at Liv's when I took her to see the doctor's we just took Lou's car to save gas, and when I came back it was extremely vandalized," I explained to her, hoping she wasn't going to yell at me. I hated when she yelled at me, because that would mean she's disappointed in me. Which was the absolute worst. "Really? Where does she live?" Mum asked with shock as she started to clean the dishes. "Millflower," I answered. She really didn't live in a bad neighborhood, just a bad house. "Wow, that's surprising! That's a nice little neighborhood there!" She said shocked and goes back to washing the disk. "So what else were you saying before I rudely inturupted you?" My mum asked with a laugh. "Well, I was going to bring Liv back here for a littl while if her uncle's not going to be home today," I answered with a laugh.
"Why would it matter if her uncle was home?" Mum questioned me. Then it hit me what I said was kind of suspicious. I have to stop blurting things out! "Erm, he's uh, very, uh strict..."I trail off nervously hoping that she would believe me and let it go. She smiles and laughs, "He doesn't know about you two does he?" I sigh, relieved that that's what she got out of it. "Well, yes because he's very strict and she wants to wait a bit. Since she just moved and all," I lie smoothly to her. I don't endorce lying, but this was to protect Liv and my mum. I knew my mum would want to tell the whole world. That wasn't going to happen. "Well, you seem to be having a lot going on today so why don't you get on with it, yeah?" Mum ordered. "Yeah, see you later Mum," I said pecking her on the cheek and walking into the living room. Henry had snuck in her during me and our mum's converstaion. "See ya Hen," I say ruffling his brow hair. "B-bye! T-Tell Liv I said hi!" He yells excitedly. I just chuckle, nod, and walk out to my mum's car.
I get into the car and turn on my Fray CD. I sing along loudly to all the songs and make my ways to Liv's house. I'm almost there when it occurs to me that maybe I should've rang her. Oh well, too close for that. I pull over for a second and send her a quick text. If she saw it, great, if not I was almost there anyways. I just hope that her uncle isn't there.

Libby's POV
I woke up to the light streaming through my window and smiled. Last night was easily the best night of my life. Liam made it all so perfect. We just talked and talked and talked. Nothing was awkward between us, I don't know why I was nervous honestly. Especially about his family, they were amazing! Henry was the cutest little thing ever! Other than him stumbling over his words, and seeming to be in his own world a bit of the time, you wouldn't be able to tell there was anything different about him! Then there was his mum. I don't know why I thought she was going to hate me. Maybe because I had to live up to Danielle.....Regardless, she seemed to really like me.
I decided to check my phone and see that I had a lot of messages.....
Zayn: Hey Libby! You okay?
Harry: Hey babez(: xx (what a flirt!)
Niall: Hey! I was hungry so I though of you(: (He must think of me a lot then)
Louis: Hey there cousin! You alive? How'd that date of yours go?(; (I just rolled my eyes at this one)
Zayn: Hey Lib! Text me back? I'm worried about you. (apparently since you keep texting me!)
Harry: Look it's a pussy(; (I laugh and look at the cat picture he sent me, it was cute)
Zayn: LIBBBBBBBYYYYY! (Man, he was worried!)
Louis: Libby! If you don't text me back! I'm gonna.....GROUND YOU! No Liam for you(; (That kid!)
Zayn: Hey, sorry i know I'm being annoying, but I am majorly worried about you! (I chuckle at how worried he was, but I was getting annoyed)
Niall: I love food! Oh, hey didn't see you there...(Niall and his food..)
Louis: Cousin! You're grounded! >:) (we'll see about that mister!)
Zayn: Libby? (Alright, I'm definatley just gonna text him.)
Liam: Hey, I'm coming over for my car. Would've called but it slipped my mind. By time you read this, I'm probably already there. Let me know if your uncles there...Love you babe(: xx (Aw! He's just too cute..wish he would've called though..)

I texted them all back: (sorry usually don't do all this, but I'm too lazy to do it the proper way)
Liam: He's not here yet. Hopefully we can get your car taken care of before he does get here. If not, oh well I can deal....Love you too babex(: xx cant wait to see you!
Zayn: No I died. This is her ghost texting you back.I was on a date you prat!(: Thanks for the conern though!
Niall: You must think about me a lot then becasue you're always hungry! You silly boy!(
Harry: Oh I like that pussy! It's cute, but don't tell Liam, he's more of a bitch kind of guy(;
Louis: But Daddddyyyyyy! ): No fair! I'm not speaking to you!

Once I sent the texts I decided to go to downstairs. I wasn't really that hungry so I just grabbed my sketch pad and a pencil. I need to draw Henry because I promised him. I start with his head, then move onto his cute little boyish features. He had the same features as Liam just much less mature. I first drew his eyes, big and deep. Then his round cheeks, and adorable little smile. I finished off with his floppy, brown hair that was wavy, but not as wavy as Liam's. I looked down and was pleased with it. It looked like him. I hope he enjoyed it! I was still mentally gloating over my picture when my phone beeped it was a text from my uncle: "Not going to be home til at least 3. Don't try anything funny. Can't wait to see you Olivia dearest." I knew what that meant, but I could care less, Liam could stay for a bit since it was only ten and he said he'd be here soon! I was still sitting there with an idiotic smile on my face when I heard a knock at the door.
I got up and walked to the door, and opened it. It was Liam! I was so excited that I basically jumped into his arms. "Well hello to you too!" He said chuckling and hugging me back. "Guess what?!" I ask him smiling still. "What?!" He asks mocking my enthusiasim. I ignore it and say, "You can stay for a while after they take care of your car!" I practically yell. "That's great. They actually already took my car. That's why it's been like a half hour before I knocked," he said smiling and wrapping his arms around my waits. To make it even better, my stomach pain was barely noticable now. So I could hug him painlessly. "Well, are you gonna let me in?" He asks, and I can feel his smile. I just step aside and let him in. It's a good thing I cleaned it up yesterday....
"Well this is nice," He says inspecting it. "Yeah, it's...a house," I say honestly plopping down on the couch. He laughs, "Yeah I can see that." I just laugh and stick my tongue out at him. "So what are you drawing?" He asked spotting m sketch pad. I hand it to him, he'll figure it out. "Henry's going to love this! It looks exaclty like him!" Liam exclaims looking at it. "Yeah, and um, not trying to be rude, or underestimate him or anything, but can he read?" I asked nervously, not wanting to upset Liam. I knew it was a touchy subject for him and all....."He can read print, why?" He asked curiously, not sounding hurt at all. "I just wanted to write him a little message becasue I want him to have it today, but I wanted to apologize that I couldn't deliver it myself," I respond less nervously. "That's sweet. I'm happy you like him," Liam said pecking me on the lips. "Who couldn't? He's so adorable! He's like a little you!" I exclaim laughing at myself. "But not more adorable than me I hope," he says leaning in for a kiss. I don't disappoint him.
The rest of the day we sit around and talk. At one point, I sit there and try to teach him how to draw..let's just say he should stick to singing. So, I end up just drawing what he wants me too. I found out how much he really loves Toy Story when i have to draw the whole cast for him. Then, I draw various pictures of the boys doing very embarrassing things. It was a good time. There was some kissing too..."You're so beautiful," Liam said into one of kisses. I just blushed and smiled. "It's adprable when you blush," Liam muttered before pulling me into another spark-fillied kiss. We were still kissing when I heard the timer go off. We both jump and I accidently bite his lip. "Liam, I am so sorry!" I say between giggles. It was kinda funny. "It's fine babe, but whatwas that?" He asked smiling and licking his poor lip. "It was for you to get out of here without me getting caught," I said getting up to show him to the door. Once we get there, he pulls me into a soft kiss. I can't get over how perfectly our lips mold together. Like they were made for each other. He tries to deepen the kiss, but I pull away reluctantly. He had to leave I didn't want him to get sucked into this with my uncle. "Sorry, but you have to leave," I say smiling at him. "Okay, see you later. Call me, and I love you," he says leaning in. I press my finger to his lips, "I love you too, but please get out of here," I say laughing. He sneaks in one more quick peck before leaving.
I smile and watch him walk to the car, I shut the door once he's made it. I go and start to reply to the boys, all of which responded except for Harry. Strange...he's always on his phone. Oh well, I guess all he's busy. I'm in the middle of responding to them all when I get a text. I finish typing my message to Lou and check the message. It was from an unknown number....

Unknown: You know you're no good for him. You don't deserve to be with him. You're just a rebound. He really wants me, just let me have him, and I won't make your life a complete living hell. Slut.

I read and re-read the message. There was no doubt who it was from, and there was no doubt it was true, The words just stung thoug. I can't believe she resorted to texting me. Was school not enough for her? I know it was for me. Why did she have to do this? Why did she want to hurt me? I mean she did this to herself. I just didn't understand as the questions raced through my brain. But there was one that stuck, who gave her my number?

-Author's Note- Hey my lovelies! Hope you're enjoying! Woah, who gave Danielle her number? haha! Sorry about the language in this one...just a joke though!(: I was pretty funny...anyways! Thanks for all the reads and favourites and comments! You guys are PhenomiNiall! So grrrrrrreat! (Tony the Tiget moment there) I hope you keep on reading! Stay tuned tonight for another chapter! Gonna be up later! (Sorry this one was so late also) But I can't break a promise to you guys so, if you can stay up, stay up, if not always there for tomorrow! With the Imagines, will definately do them tomorrow,(Well start), but just don't forget to put your name and who you want your imagine with! Thanks! As always, LOVE YOU GUYS!<3 and stay tuned for the next dramatic shocker!(:

                  Stay AmaZayn,

         -Ashley(: xx <3 (I added a little heart!)


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