Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


39. Chapter Thirty-Five

Liam's POV

"Wait!" I called after her. She heard me because she stopped, but she never turned back. I was going to follow her, but Lou grabbed my shoulder. "No, mate. You'll just make it worse for her," he said trying to calm me down. I knew that I must really look worried, and I was. I knew she was going to get hurt...I have to tell someone. I do. "Liam, stop. I know this is hard, but it's Libby's decision on when she's had enough. She walked into this. Se obviously thought she could handle it. She'll call," he reassures me. Sometimes I swear that this kid could read my mind. It was quite creepy actually. "I know. It's just hard to know that someone's doing this to her and I can't do anything," I whisper. I start to fill with regret. Why didn't I just stop her? I should of just made her stay with me. I should have told someone for Now I know how devastated shed be...
"Mate, as long as you do your best to make her happy, she'll be okay," Lou said grabbing my shoulder. "So what are we gonna do about your car?" Lou asked looking at the vandalized hunk of junk I used to call a car. I thought about it. An idea came to me. "Lets leave it here," I started. "Wh-" Lou started confused. "So that way we have a reason to come and check on her in the morning," I cut him off explaining. He smiled widely, "Wow, Liam's a little devious." I just shake my head. "Can we please just leave we've been here too long. I don't want to get her in more trouble," I say, already heading to Lou's car. "Alright," I hear Lou say following me.
"So you want to go straight home?" Lou asked. I could tell he did. "Yeah, but would you mind stopping and seeing Henry. He'd really enjoy it," I said sort of pleading him. Henry really liked Louis because Louis always joked with him. "I guess, but no for long. I'm kind of tired," he said sighing. "How you slept all day at the hospital?" I asked laughing at him. "I need my beauty sleep," he defended. "Obviously.."I mutter laughing a bit. "Oh no you didn't! I'll get Haz on you!" He exclaims slapping me. "Ohhhh, I'm scared," I fake. We start to laugh and slowly I take my mind off of Libby...kind of. God, I hope she's alright.

Libby's POV
"Wait!" I hear him call to me. I stop, I'm tempted to go back. I can't though, I don't need to add fuel to the fire. I should just get it over with. I knew it was gonna be bad when I saw Liam's car. He's never gone to damaging property....I brace myself and walk in. 'Keep strong,' I hear my mum say in my head. I keep my head held high.
"Ohhh, that's a lovely cast. What'd you have to do to make them take you to the doctors?" My uncle spat at me. "Nothing, they took me because they knew you wouldn't," I answered simply. I wasn't going anywhere this time. "Did you tell them about us?" He asked me shocked. "No, they pretty much figured it out. Don't worry they won't tell anyone how fucked up you are," I shot back.
I was so mad, for Liam's car, for make assumptions, for the hurt, the blame, the insecurities, jut everything. Everything this cruel man has done to me. "What did you say?" He asked angrily striking me across the face. My confidence shook, but I stayed strong. "The truth hurts doesn't it?" I asked with an attitude. He stopped and laughed cynically. "I guess some people never learn their lesson," he said slamming my head against the wall. "Nighty night," was the last thing I heard him say before I blacked out.
I woke up and I was undressed again. At least I wasn't awake this time. My legs were still weak from it. I found my stomach bruised and in excruciating pain. It hurt with each breath I took. Then there was my head, it was throbbing and pounding. I just wanted to go back to sleep. I was going to when I remembered I promised to call Liam.
I got up, painfully, and went to go fetch my phone. I walked over to my pile of clothed first. Getting dressed may help. I've been feeling more and more violated these days. I guess it was because I was Liam. Once I was dressed, I found my phone and called Liam. He picked up on the first ring.
"Hello?" He answered eagerly. He had to have been so worried. "Hey babe," I said trying to sound pleasant. "Are you okay?" He asked worried. "Yes silly, I wouldn't be calling you if I wasn't okay," I said really smiling at how worried he was. I hated him being worried, but it showed how much he cared. "How bad was it?" He whispered. "I don't know I wasn't awake for half of it...." I whisper. "Did that bastard drug you?!" Liam yelled. "No, Liam please calm down. I hit my head and passed out," it wasn't a complete lie...."Liv, please let me come get you," he pleaded in a desperate whisper. I sighed, I wanted him to come get me, but I couldn't. I'd only get in more trouble. I couldn't take that right now. "Liam, you know I can't do that," I whispered. I felt something warm slide down my face, I was crying again. "I know...I was jut asking...." He trailed off, he was hurt.
I stayed silent, I wanted to hug him or kiss him. I wanted to make him feel better. "So my mum wants to meet you and we haven't had an official would you give me the honor of a date?" He asked with confidence. He always had that when it came to girls. "Absolutely," I said smiling more tears spilling out. Except this time, they were happy. "Great," he said. I just kept on smiling. "I love you Liv," he whispered. "I love you too Liam," I whispered back. The smile seems to be plastered to my face. Even with all this pain, I was still so happy. I almost forgot about the pain.
Almost. I wanted to get of the phone, but I kept up small talk. Liam deserved that after all I put him through today. My head throbbed, my stomach still screamed, I had to go now. "Hey Liam. I'm gonna go to bed," I said . "Okay, well I'll pick you up at seven?" He asked. Good, my uncle would probably be out cold by then. "Sounds great," I said cheerfully, "I'm sorry about earlier. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions...I was just so scared and hurt," I added in a whisper.
I was fighting tears, I still felt terrible. "Liv, it's fine! I understand why you thought that. It was pretty suspicious," he said with a chuckle. "I know but still...." I trailed off looking at the ground. "Shhhhhh! It's fine. Lets forget about it, yeah?" He said soothingly. "I'd like that," I laugh. "Well, I really have to go. I'm tired. I love you Liam Payne," I said sweetly. "Good night, I love you to Olivia Kirk. Sweet dreams, beautiful," he said hanging up. With that, my head hit the pillow and I fell asleep. In pain, but for once happy.

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