Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


32. Chapter Thirty

Libby's POV Of course we ended up at Nandos. Niall wouldn't let us go anywhere else. Ironically, we got the same bleach blond bimbo of a waitress. She kept eyeing me and Liam holding handing and pecking each other on he lips. She was jealous, but she knew not to mess with me this time. Louis got her number though, he still wanted to do those naughty things to her. Whatever! As long as he doesn't catch whatever she has, his life. I smile and then realize that our plates were all empty and we were ready to leave. "Check please!" Called Harry, he was paying this time. Then it hit me even more, I had to go home. To face my uncle...oh God.. "Alright, lets go!" Yelled Harry dashing for the door. What was the rush? Didn't they know how bad it was going to be when I got home?! Of course they didn't. The fear started to bubble inside me as I walked hand in hand with Liam. He was the only thing keeping me grounded anymore. So, I held tight and walked to the car. Once we were all piled in with Harry sitting on Louis's lap we were off. Liam never let go of my hand as he dropped everyone off. After we dropped them all off, it was only me and Liam. He sang to me the whole ride. It was nice. "When did you start singing?" I asked him trying to take my mind off of my house. "When I was little," he said smiling, then going back to singing Ed Sheeran's "A Team". I just nodded and smiled. I listened until he drove up to my house. "Are you going to be alright, love?" He asked softly, turning towards me. "Yeah, I'll be fine. Stop worrying about me," I forced a smile. His deep brown eyes bore into me, "Please call me if it gets bad," he whispered intensely. I just nodded. "I mean it, if you need anything ju-" I cut him off by crashing my lips softly into his. I needed this, it would keep me strong no matter what was to come. When we pulled away from the soft passionate kiss, I whispered, "I'll call you later babe." He smiled and nodded. We kissed quickly once more, and I exited the car. Bracing myself for whatever was coming. I walked in and noticed the house was exceptionally quiet....where was he? I then noticed some movement in the kitchen....I ran up to my room and hoped that he hadn't noticed me. I was sitting on my bed for ten minutes and decided that he hadn't noticed me. I started on my homework and then I heard someone on the stairs. 'Great,' I thought as he burst through the door. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" He screamed. "I was with my friends," I whispered softly, but confident. "Oh yeah? And when did you ask permission?" He continued on yelling at me. "You said I was allowed out after school, I just had to be home by seven. It's only six thirty," I whispered, never looking up. I couldn't I was so scared. "That's it! I'm tired of this disrespect Olivia!" He said punching me in the face. "You need to learn to respect me! I give you everything!" He yelled pushing me onto the ground. He stomped on my leg and I swear I heard something crunch. The pain was fiery and excruciating. It hurt worse than anything I've ever felt. The normal slapping, punching, and kicking continued after that, but I could only focus on my leg. It hurt so bad. Soon my clothes were taken off and I felt his body weight. It hurt so much more this time. I actually started to whimper. He just shoved my own shirt in my mouth. Once he was done, he walked out but turned around at the last second. "They only want you to screw them you know. They don't want you. You're not good enough. You're just another whore to them," he said. It was like a stab of pain. I lied about my leg, this hurt so much worse. Liam's POV I drove home. I was so happy that I could sing in front of someone again. It felt so nice. It let me forget about all the bad things going on. I still was worried about Liv. I hoped she called me...either way...preferably with good news. I really hoped that she would call if things got bad. I pulled into my driveway and walked into the house. I walked up to my house and took a deep breath and opened the door. Henry was home. "Liam!" He yelled excitedly and attacked me in hugs. "Hey bud," I said hugging him back. At least he seemed okay. "How was your trip with Mummy?" I asked him when he finally calmed down a little bit. He told me all about how they played silly little games in the car, went out for ice cream, talked to all the nice nurses, and a discussion...about dying. I started to tear could my mum tell him he was dying? She made him think it was okay! It wasn't! "Li Li why are are you crying?" Little Henry asked confused. I guess the tears had started to fall. "I'm not Hen, my allergies are just acting up," I lied smoothly. He just smiled at me. "Henry do you know where Mummy is?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders, so I turned on the telly for him and began to wander the house in search of my mum. I finally found her in her room looking through dads old things. "Mum?" I called softly. She looked up and I could tell she had been crying. She wiped her eyes and put on a smile. Bless her. "Hey Li! How was your time alone?" She asked brightly. Her eyes said different though, "It was good. How about your trip?" I asked. "It was marvelous. So I heard about you and Danielle. You okay?" She asked me concerned. I wonder how she found out? I guess Danielle's mum. They were pretty close. "Yeah, I'm actually seeing another girl," I responded casually. "Already?" Asked my mum shocked at me. "Yeah, she's amazing. I really like her," I said looking at my mum. "What's her name?" She asked smiling. I knew she never really did like Danielle, but she loved me so she put up with her. "Olivia," I said. Her name made me smile like an idiot. "Oh, you got it bad. Bring her around tomorrow so I can see her," my mum said excitedly. "I'll try, but no promises," I said leaving we there. I wanted to go back to talk about Henry, and I know she wanted to talk about it to, but neither of us could. So, we ignored it. It was hard, but talking about it was harder. I wanted to talk to Liv about tomorrow, so I decided to give her a ring. She didn't answer, I guess that she was doing her homework or something. 'She'll call later,' I thought as I dozed off. Libby's POV I wish that I could get to my phone. I couldn't get up though. It had to be either Liam or Louis. The other boys usually just text me when they need me. I tried and tried to get to my phone, but both of my legs were wobbly, and the left was further damaged by my 'disrespect'. After a few more attempts, I gave up. I really wanted to call Liam. I did, but I just couldn't. I just wanted to hear his voice. His beautiful voice. The one that made me melt, the one that comforted me, the one that I loved. I tried to at least get up onto my suck luck. I ended up sleeping on the floor in my underwear. I could t even dress myself. God, this one left me helpless. I couldn't do anything. I heard my phone go off a couple more times.....I hope that Liam wasn't mad that I didn't answer...or worse...he got worried. I hated when he worried about me. It made him ask too many questions that I couldn't answer. I heard my text chime go off five times. Goodnight texts from the lads. I wanted to say goodnight to them too, but I wasn't worried about them getting angry. They'd shake it off. 'I could be starving, or homeless. It could always be worse,' I thought before falling asleep, feeling violated and helpless beyond repair.

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