Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


16. Chapter Sixteen

  Libby's POV

I love the park. I used to always come here with my mum. We used to sit on the bench next to the most beautiful tree I've ever seen. I saw the tree and smiled. It brought back some great memories. I continue to look at the tree. I no longer felt sad at its memory, I felt warm and happy. I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard, "I have an idea!" Screamed Harry like we were in a different city. "And what's that?" Asked Lou. "Let's play hide and seek!" We all laughed and agreed. "Not it!" I screamed and ran toward the other trees to hide. "Not it!" Said Niall. "Not it!" Screamed Louis. "Not it!" Yelled Harry. "Not it!" Belted Zayn. "Guess that means I'm it, I'll just count to a hundred, and you guys better be hidden!" Yelled Liam. I could hear he playful smile in his threat. I found the thickest tree and hid behind trying not to giggle to give my spot away. I really didn't want to lose this game. I became very competitive and was ready to run when I heard a sound. 'Really Libby?' I thought. I started laughing at myself. I heard some footsteps behind my tree. I assumed they were Liam's, so I covered my own mouth. I decided to also hold my breath, just for good measure.

Nialls POV

I found her, and I had a lot to say and a lot to do. I jumped at her and she screamed. I went over to her and covered her mouth. Unexpectedly, she licked my hand. "Ew! you nasty little girl!" I said, wiping my hands off. She of course laughed at me, and then smiled widely at me.. "Nialler what are you doing?" She asked still smiling. "I came to hide with you," I said approaching her. I came closer and closer and her smile faded. I was questioning my confidence. I decided it was better I knew then never knew at all so I went in for a kiss. She turned her head and I kissed her on the cheek. I walked backwards slowly. I felt a hurt that I've never felt before. My insides burned, my heart pounded, and my eyes stung with tears. "Libby I'm so sorry I didn't mean too..." I trailed off looks at her. I could see some tears coming down her cheeks. "Libby I didn't mean to hurt you..I-I would never intentionally do that to you," she started to walk away, "Libby I've never felt this way about anyone! Ever!" I yelled desperately. Realizing I struck out, I collapsed on the ground. Could I get anything right?

Libby's POV

Any girl would be happy in my position, they'd appreciate it, but all I could think of was my uncle pinning me up against a wall. I couldn't think about Niall actually liking me. Or what he screamed after me. No, all I can think of is my uncle. I can't think straight. I find me and my mums tree and hide behind its beauty. Then I see someone coming towards me. At first I think it's Niall. I panic a little bit, then realize that's exactly what not to do at the present moment. I see its a bit too tall to be Niall. Is it Liam? "Libby!" They scream in a husky whisper. Then I realize its Harry. He walks right up to me, grabs my face, and kisses me. I pull away and see my uncle. Deep down I know it's Harry and he's my Hazza. My Hazza would never hurt me. He'd never even hurt a fly. I'm shocked, I'm hurting and I can't explain why. "Libby I love you," was all he said before he saw my face. "Libby that's how I feel, but obviously the feelings aren't mutual," Harry muttered. I then burst into a run. "I'm sorry! Libby come back! Please!" Harry screamed.

Harry's POV

I slump down the tree. I admitted my feeling and I hurt her. I started to shake. I started to feel the tears. I was crying and I never cry. This girl did things to me that no one would ever understand. I love her, and she doesn't love me back. So this is how rejection feels.   Libby's POV What was with the boys today? Why were they doing this to me today? I wanted to know why, but more importantly I wanted to forget about my home life and enjoy this. When the boys approach me like that though I lose it, and not in a good way. I keep running until I run right into Zayn. "Libby is Liam coming?" He's asks about to run when I say the word. I just shake my head. "Good then I have something to tell you," he says walking towards me slowly. "NO!" I scream and run away.

Zayn's POV

I made her run and scream before I even get to tell her what she means to me. It hurts. Just like when Pamela told me we were over. Why did this have to happen again? Why did I have to get hurt? But most importantly, would Libby ever forgive me? I fell to the ground. I looked up at the stars and silently let myself hurt.

Libby's POV

Poor Zayn, I never even let him finish. Was I ever going to stop hurting these boys? I still ran unil I ran into Liam. Great I broke three hearts I'd be lucky to have, and I lost hide and seek! "Ha! Found you!" Liam whooped, "actually I guess you found me," Liam continued when I didn't answer. "Libby what's wrong?" Liam asked worried. I shook my head hoping he'd get that I didn't wanna talk. "Seriously Liv, tell me," Liam said. "Please? I won't tell anyone," Liam continued. "Liv I don't know why you won't let me in when you're hurting. You'll never understand how much I care about you, and every time I see you cry I wanna go kill the person who's doing that to you!" He yelled at me. I then looked up and realized something Liam liked me like I liked him. Like I liked Harry and Niall and Zayn. What next Louis? God, I hope not. "Liam...I can't do this right now," I said softly and bolted towards the street. From there I ran home.

Liam's POV

What was that?! I sit there and pour my heart out to her and she says she can't do this right now! What do you want me to do? Schedule it for next Tuesday? No, that's not fair. She's not being fair. I sat there ranting in my head for a few more moments then realized I wasn't being fair. How could I expect her to sit there crying and confess her feelings? That is if he had any. God, I screwed this up. I can't believe that I scared her away. What if she never wants to talk to me again? I don't want to even think about that right now. Actually I never wanna think about that honestly. Love hurts so bad.

Louis's POV

Wow Liam sucks at finding people. It's been about an hour I better go round up my mates and Libby. I go around and first find Liam. Staring at a tree, well that's a new one. "Come on Li Li, you can ask the lovely tree on a date tomorrow, we've got to go home," I joked. He didnt move so I grabbed his shoulders and spun him around, his face looked depleated. He looked hurt, more than anything I've ever seen. "Did that tree reject you?" I asked. When he still ignored me I walked over and kicked it. "My friend Liam here's a studmuffin and if you don't like him then you obviously can't see a good lad when they come around," I said and walked away from the tree. Liam didn't even smile. "What's wrong?" I asked now getting concerned when I couldn't make him laugh even a little. "She doesn't feel the same, she hates me now," he said simply a tear escaping. "Who?" I asked he looked down, "Liv," he'd responded a few more tears escaping. "Liam," I said hugging him. "Libby does not hate you. No one could hate you you're a studmuffin. She's been through a lot an she's a fragile little daisy," I said hoping to cheer him up. He lets go of me and starts walking, "I'll meet you at the car," he said never turning back. One down about four more to go. I walk around a bit before I find Zayn. He was crumpled on the ground. He was looking up at the stars and he looked distant. "Zayn, you know the stars don't show you're reflection," I said to him laughing at my own cleverness. "I know. I don't even wanna look at myself right now," Zayn said, voice thick with pain. "What's going on with you boys today? Zayn what happened?" I asked. "I don't wanna talk about it, I take it were leaving so I'm going to go to the car," Zayn said. As I watched him walk away, I seriously tried to think what might have happened. Okay so two out of four, if I was Hazza where would I be? I walked and walked until I found a tree, and heard sobbing. If I'm not mistaken it was my Hazza. Why was he crying? "Harry!" I protested. He looked up at me, face wet with tears, "I was rejected," he said, "by the only girl I've ever truly felt love for," he finished. "Awe Hazza," I sat down beside him and hugged him. "She'll come around, i mean come one your Harry Styles," I said poking him. He forced a smile, more for my sake than his. "Why don't I take you back to the car," I said helping him up. "I can do it myself," he said sticking his nose in the air I laughed at this. Now our little Nialler. Lets go find him. "Nialler?" I called softly. "Louis the Tommo Tomlinson?" Niall called back. "Where are ya mate?" I called as if in desperation. "Behind a tree," he said like it helped. After I looked behind three trees I found him sitting behind a rather large tree. "You too?" I asked sitting next to him. "How'd ya know?" Niall asked in his Irish accent. "I'm psychic dummy," I joked. "C'mon lets get to the car," I said. Niall and I got up and walked to the car. Everyone else was already in the car and there was an awkward silence. "Awkward," Muttered. I heard them all stifle a laugh. I started I drive away when I noticed someone missing. "Where's Libby?" I asked. "She ran away from us and we have no clue where she went," said Liam. I became very angry very suddenly. "Are you serious none of you tried to follow her?!" I yelled like a maniac. They all looked down ashamed with themselves. "I'm gonna drop you off at your flats one at a time and then I'm gonna go find Olivia, she's still my daughter for another two hours," I said trying to lighten the mood a bit. "Well if that's the case, you have to bring me seeing as though I'm her mum for another two hours," said Harry. "STAY IN THE KITCHEN WOMAN!" I screamed at him. We all laughed but Liam. He obviously wasn't in the mood. We pulled up to Harry's house, "see ya lads." The pain in his voice had come back. We all said goodbye half-heartedly. We drove in silence besides us all singing along to the radio to ourselves. We pulled up to Zayn's. "Nialler is gonna stay with me," Zayn said still distant and now depression was evident in his voice. I was happy that Niall was staying with him so he can't do anything drastic. They waved and I waved back. Liam was still defeated looking and distant. "Mate," I started pulling off to the side of the road, "what happened exactly?" I asked. "I don't have the energy to talk about it," Liam mumbled. "Nope, stop that. I won't tell any of the others if you don't want me too," I said defiantly. "Fine, I told Liv how I felt, and I'm sure it's pretty obvious," said Liam looking down embarrassed. "Yeah you fancy her," I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "No it's more than that. I love her," Liam said desperate for me to believe him. "I believe you, but what happened?" I asked still confused on why he was so sad. "Well, I found her. Actually she found me, she ran into me. She was upset and she wouldn't tell me why so I got frustrated and it all came out. I screwed up and now here we are," Liam finished tears freely flowing. "Liam, she's just overwhelmed is all, you need to give her some time to think it over," I said. "I guess so," Liam said turning back to the window. With that, I pulled out and headed towards his house.

Liam's POV

I don't know why I told Louis but he was understanding. He is my best mate even though I'd never admit it out loud, he was. He was always there to listen, give advice, then make me laugh at it all and hold my head high. "So, ya know what?" Louis asked. "What?" I asked not so much wondering what he wanted but just to fill the awkward silence. "Spoon!" He said enthusiastically thrusting a plastic spoon from the glove compartment in my face. "Ahhhhhh!" I yelled pretending to be deathly afraid. I laughed, I think. I mean I wanted to because it was pretty funny. Then, I remembered Liv thrusting a spoon in my face this morning and my smile faded. It's amazing how much things can change in a days time. When Louis pulled up to my house I turned to him, "thanks for everything. I appreciate it mate." He looks at me and says, "awe Li Li your so sentimental! Anytime though chap," he said smiling. I shut the car door walked up to my house and into my room for a long night. 

Libby's POV

I finally made it home and went right into the shower. I cried and cried until my hands were starting to turn into prunes, at that point I decided it was time to get out. I dried off and changed into my long black pajama pants decorated with cherries and red tank. I felt so comfy and warm that I almost forgot what I did to the boys just a few hours ago. I know I have to make it up to them, and show them that I care for them all. I do have feelings for all of them, but I can't just pick one and hurt them even more. I couldn't even pick the one of them if my life depended on it. I still sat there for hours waiting for an idea to come to me when it hit me. I could draw them! They would see how beautiful I saw all of them and maybe just maybe they could forget how bad I hurt them. I think of each of their expressions, so hurt and defeated. I had no idea all of them fancied me. I mean I thought I'd be lucky to have one of them fancy me. I had just gotten my sketch pad and multiple pencils out when I hear a knock at the door. Was it my uncle coming home early? God I hope not. I opened the door cautiously. I looked out an saw no one an was about to shut the door when out of absolutely nowhere comes Louis screaming, "SUPERMANNNNN!" I shriek and stumble backwards. "Louis you ass!" I yelled. "Sorry cousin thought you needed saved," Louis said shrugging. "So why'd you come?" I asked. "Just wanted to chat. Got a few mugs and some tea?" He asked looking around. I cringed at the thought of him walking into the kitchen strewned with alcohol due to my uncles drinking problem. "Yeah let me get it! Sit down!" I said a little too loudly. He sat down and turned on the telly. I heard it was a stand up comedian cracking really bad sex jokes. "Cream and sugar?" I called to him. "Um, yes," he said as if I should've known that. I poured the tea an brought the mugs out to the living room. I gave Lou his tea and he shut the telly off. "So what'd ya want to chat about Superman?" I asked sipping my tea. "Just what happened with Li Li," Louis responded casually. "I didn't mean to hurt him," I said softly. "Yes I know, but what happened?" Lou said looking at me seriously. "Well I ran into him after Zayn tried expressing some feelings for me. He told me he was frustrated because he cared a lot for me and I just completely lost it and ran," I finished managing to choke down the tears and stay strong. "Wait Zayn admitted feelings-well attempted?" Lou asked shocked. "Yeah and Hazza and Nialler," I answered looking down. "Oh my!" Louis exclaimed. I didn't respond to that, so he continued on, "Did you reject all of them?" I looked up eyes swelling with tears, "yes." Louis moved over and hugged me. "You don't fancy any of them?" Lou asked. I shook my head. "Which one do you like?" Louis asked making me look at him. "All of them," I lost it after saying that. "Libby, I don't blame you, I have a man crush on all of them," Louis said which made me laugh a little. "Seriously though, they aren't mad at you. They think you're mad at them," Louis said after me not talking for a few moments. "Why would I be mad at them? I'm pretty sure they hate me," I said looking at my tea which was suddenly interesting. "Far from it, love," Lou said kissing the top of my head. I cried for a bit then said, "I'm tired." Lou looked at me and said, "well I'm coming to pick you up tomorrow, so be up." I slumped my shoulders, "Louis I don't think I can face them." He rolled his eyes, "good thing you don't get a choice." Knowing I'd lost this one I stomped up the stairs to my room. I sat down on my bed and started sketching. I started with Ni. I started with his round face, then moved onto his blonde tousled hair. After I finished that, I did his piercing blue eyes. I made them happy and bright, not how they were tonight. I then went to his adorable smile, this was what I had to get absolutely perfect because it was one of a kind. I finished Nialls picture and decided it was perfect. So I moved of to Zayn. I started with his thin face and high cheekbones. Then his deep gorgeous eyes, after that his eyebrows arched, and then his smirky smile. Finally, I finished with his model perfect hair. He looked perfect, as always. Harry came last. I started with his round face. I then added his large eyes, then his full curly hair, and I finished with his cute cheeky smile. I looked at it an saw my Hazza. So I put my sketch pad away. I then thought of Liam. I already drew him a picture, but maybe I should draw him something. So what I did was draw a large spoon and on the handle wrote, "Libby the spoon of your life." I looked at it and laughed. I then put my sketch pad away and laid down. 'Maybe in time they'll learn to forgive you,' I thought to myself, and with that I fell asleep.

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