Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


6. Chapter Six

Libby's POV
I honestly do like being around Niall. He's so sweet, and that accent makes it so much better. As we're walking, Niall talks about anything and everything. I can't help but smile. He's like a small child in this way, yet the way he says it with so much thought and maturity. "So do you play any sports?" He asked me breaking me away from my thoughts. "No, I'm more of an artist. I draw," I say shyly, nervous of what he's going to think. "Really?!" exclaims Niall sounding truly surprised, excited, or maybe offeneded? "That's amazing, I am too," he says brightly. I smile excited that I'll have someone to draw with. Then he continues, "I draw stick figures." He shoots me that million dollar smile that melts people on the spot. I smile and laugh at his joke. Just then, I walk into something. A wall.
'What happened to not embarrassing myself?' is all I can think as i fall to the floor. Luckily, my fall is cushioned for me by my butt. This induces some laughs from the bystanders. My face starts to burn with embarrassment. "Hey there's a wall there," Says Niall jokingly. "Thanks," I mutter sarcastically at him. "Seriously though, are you okay?" He asks with concern. "Yeah," I say getting up. "Here let me," he says helping me up. I smile appreciatively at him. We walk a little farther down the hall when Niall stops me and says that we're there. "Think you can survive without walking into something?" Niall joked. "I think I'll manage," I say laughing.

Liam's POV
I see Niall helping Libby off the floor. I guess she walked into the wall. That girl and walking into things. I start laughing to myself when I hear, "What's so funny Liam?" It was Danielle. "Nothing just thought of something," I responded casually. "What?" she shot back. "Something that happened today," I said surprisingly still calm. She loooked at me annoyed, and said, "I meant WHAT as in what happened that was so funny." She said it slowly like I was slow. This especiallly aggravated me since my little brother Henry has autism. He's always so sweet to her and she ignores him like he has a disease and if she looks at him she'll get it too. I was fed up with this.
"And I mean I don't wanna tell you," I responded slowly and venemously. She looked at me shocked for my sudden outburst, so I turned and started to walk to Dance class. "Liam! Babe! I was just wondering!" she screamed desperately at me. I didn't even turn around. She didn't deserve that at the moment. As soon as I walked into class, my eyes gravitated to her. She looked beautiful even in her sweats and a hoodie. I decided to go talk to her.
"Hey Liv," I said casually. "Hi Liam..." she said slowly as if she doesn't want to talk to me. I still keep my confidence up and ask, "Are you okay?" I was beyond caring if she wanted to tell me or not. "Yeah, I'm fine. I don't now what got into me honestly," she said with a light laugh. It sounded kinda forced. I wrote down my number and handed it to her, "Well, if you figure it out, call me." With that I walked away. Before I did thogh, I saw her smile and it seemed genuine to me.

Libby's POV
Am I okay? Of course I'm not! I just said my parents get murdered inside my head for the thousanth time in my head, walked into a wall in front of Niall, and there's only and hour left until I have to go back to hell! I still put on a smile though, and pretended to be fine. Apparently Liam didn't buy it though because he gave me his mobile number. I did smile at this, half genuine because a guy as cute as Liam gave me his phone number, and half fake knowing that I'd never tell him.
Just then I saw Niall start to scribble something on a sheet of paper. He approached me, "You can have mine too!" he said enthusiastically. I felt a hand in my sweatshirt pocket and realized Niall was putting his number in my pocket for me. A warmth spread through me. I liked it. "Thanks Niall," I said smiling. We chatted for another few minuted before the instructor clapped his hands together and said, "Alright, let's get started!" With that Niall walked to his place and I found myself watching him walk away.

Niall's POV
Wow, Liam seems to fancy her too. No way, he's in love with Danielle. Right? Doesn't matter. I think I can get her to fall for me. I'm not bad looking, I'm kind, funny, Irish and definately modest. I keep looking at her. I try my best not to, but my best isn't good enough. She's such a natural. Apparently she never did dance, but you couldn't tell unless she told you. The only reason I know is because I was here when she responded that to the teacher when he asked. She kept sneaking peeks at somone. But who? Liam? It had to be. I mean who else would it be. She doesn't know anyone else!
Whatever. She may just be looking at him to see what to do. No, he's terrible at dancing. I love him, but his dancing is attrocious. "Niall! Pay attention Please!" Barked the teacher. Everyone laughed as I smiled and blushed. I see Libby, "tsk" me and use her fingers to tell me, "shame, shame." I chuckled at her and turned to actually pay attention. I feel better at knowing that Libby hasn't forgotten me yet.

Libby's POV
Why can't I stop looking at Liam? With his beautiful hair, that jawline....and those eyes. Sigh.....FOCUS LIBBY! I mentally scold myself, and turn forward to actualy listen and learn.

Liam's POV
I can feel her green eyes on me, so I flash her a smile. I'd tease her about it later. I looked back at Niall, he was suddenly focused at the front after the teacher yelled at him. I felt somewhat victorious....I'm not quite sure why...but I think I won this one Niall Horan. With that, I smile and pack up my stuff to leave.

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