Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


17. Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 17
Louis POV
I've been trying to reach the lads since nine o clock and it is now nine o two and none of those Tetrid Titted Tossers answered! I jump in the car and drive over to Libby's house to pick her up.
I feel like being nice so I stop off at a coffee shop and get her some Yorshire and Danish, but I couldn't not get me something. I'd feel bad, so I got another Yorshire and a muffin. When I got back to my car I got in and cranked the sound and sang along. I loved singing it made my day, honestly.
When I finally came onto Libby's street I saw that she was up and about, or someone was. I knocked on the door and there was not response, so I tried the door. It was locked so I listened in. I hear Libby whimpering and a man sexually grunting...what was going on in there?! I then hear her cry out in pain. That's when I knock louder and scream , "LIBBY!" I hear footsteps come down the stairs and a man unlocks the door.
He smells of alcohol and cigarette smoke. "What do you want?"he asks in a gruff voice. I know that he is the one who hurt Libby so I better just her I answer calmly and with a big grin, "I'm here to see Libby! I'm her cousin Louis!" I wanted to rip his guts out. He looks at me and scowls. "Olivia!" He yells at her. Slowly, I hear her come down the stairs and I hear her come down the steps. "Your cousins here," he says irritated. "Hi Lou," she says softly as possible. "You wanna come and study with me?" I asked thinking it sounded official. "Well I'm not quite sure that I can..." She trails off looking down. "That's fine Olivia, I have to go into town anyways," the man said like he had motives for her being away. "Let me go get my shoes," she said scampering away. "So who are you?" I ask hating silence. "What's it to ya?" He asks like they do in the movies.
I chuckled a bit to myself and shrugged. In response he just grunted and walked away. Then Libby finally came down. I could tell this was an everyday thing for her the way she put on a smile. I looked at her and smiled myself, more for her than me. When we got in the car I looked at her eyes, she'd been crying, I looked at her bare arms and saw bruises, and finally I looked at her face: she was in pain. "I brought you breakfast, love." I said gently. "I got you some Yorkshire tea and a Danish. If you drink this Yorkshire, you'll be strong enough to tell me whats happening," I continue when she doesn't answer me. "I can't," she whispers. "Libby if you tell me, you'll feel better," I promise.
She just shakes her head and says, "No one can know. No one," she repeated crying. Libby I won't tell anyone I you don't want me to," I said. "Promise?" She asks after a few minutes. "Promise," I said gesturing for a pinky swear. She hooked her pinky in mine and laughed a bit at my silliness.

Libby's POV
I sighed and took a sip of my Yorshire. Louis was misled, I still didn't wanna tell him, but he promised not to tell anyone. I trust him with my life so I started, "It all started back when I was young. A month after my parents were...murdered and by then my aunt had left him. He lost it and e started hit me.....then he started...started to....rape me. From then it's been the same and it happens. A lot," I finished tears rolling freely down my cheeks.
"Love, why haven't you called my mum? You know she's have gotten you in a heartbeat," Louis said softly. I shook my head, "No, he'd just come for me and hurt all of you." He looked at me and sighed, "Libby you should have told someone, you always have a home with us." I nod and begin crying again.
He pets my head and says, "shhhh love it's gonna be okay." I lay my head on his shoulder as he drives towards...."Louis where are we going?" I ask in a raspy voice. "My flat," he responds. "Wait is that okay?" He asks. I simply nod and start to doze off on Louis's shoulder.
Even though my problems haven't gone away, I feel better telling him. But I need to make sure he's gonna keep good on our pinky promise, "Louis don't tell anyone..." I trail off falling into a peaceful sleep.

Louis's POV
That's my fatal flaw, I always keep secrets. I can't help it even if they're terrible like Libby's. I can't help it...i just want to be there for everyone all the time. Plus, Libby opened up to me with this, I at least owed her the decency of keeping it a secret if she thinks she can handle it.
I find myself staring at my beautiful cousin. Her eyes were so pretty.....her cute little was like a little button.....I had the sudden urge to kiss her. LOUIS! I mentally yelled at myself. I was ashamed of my self...she's my cousin! They only do that in West Virginia! I slowly calmed myself and continued driving.
I decided we could go back to my flat for a bit and wait for the lads to come around and answer me. I drove and sang to the radio. I let myself become enlightened by the words of Ed Sheeran, the Fray, and the script. I tried to sing softly so Libby wouldn't wake up.
I failed, "Hey Lou," she said sitting up. "Hey, love. Feeling better?" I ask keeping my eyes on the road. I couldn't look her in the eyes. "A lot better. Thanks. So where are we going?" She asked looking around. "My flat," I replied simply. "Lou, what's wrong with you? You're acting too....normal..." She said trailing off.
I laughed, I was. "I'm just severely tired. I had a long night," I said smiling at her. "Oh, I see.." She starts, "So did any of the boys contact you?" She asked softly. I felt bad, she felt terrible about it. "Libby, they're fine. They just don't like being rejected. Who does?" I said looking over at her. She just gives a small nod. After that, she turns and looks out the window. We were silent the rest of the way.

Libby's POV
What was going on with Lou? He's the one who's happy all the time. The one who's always there to give advice. The one to make you laugh, but now he's so sad. "Louis just tell me," I said sternly. He sighs, "Fine, it's that I have to keep your secret. I just want you safe and sound, unharmed and this monsters been hurting you this whole time!" He yelled.
Would I ever stop hurting them? "Louis," I whispered. "I'm so so sorry. I didn't want to hurt you." He smiled a bit. "Hey, I asked, not your fault," he said. His voice was still thick. I didn't like it. "So what are we gonna do today?" I asked cheerfully changing the subject.
His face seemed to light up, "lets play games all day! Well, until the lads answer," he says smiling. "What kind of games?" I asked suspiciously. God know what kind of games Louis's thinking of. "Board games!" Lou exclaimed. I was happy too see him being happy again.
When we got there, we walked in and went right in. I heard my Aunt Johanna in the kitchen with my little cousins. I wondered how they looked now. It's been years. "Louis is that you?" Hollered my aunt. "Yup," said Louis going up the stairs. I wasn't sure if I should go up, so I stayed putt. "Well are you coming silly?" Asked Louis. I rolled my eyes and followed.
Louis room was huge. He had lots of electronics too. There was a large, flat screen telly that was bigger than me, a DVD player, CD player, computer, laptop, several iPods...and a toaster? "Louis, what's with the toaster?" I asked completely confused. "That my friend, is for breakfast and random toast needs," Louis explained. I guess it made sense....a little...actually it didn't.
"Here, we're gonna play 'What Am I?'" Louis said opening a game board box. "Okay, how do you play?" I asked. "You wear this silly little headband and then you stick a card up there, and you have to guess what you are," He said handing me a headband and a card. I shut my eyes and stuck my card to me head. I saw that Louis's said carrots. That was ironic. I giggled at him, "what did I put it on upside down?" He asked looking at me. "No, it's just funny," I said. "What color am I?" Louis started with the questions. "Orange," I said, "what color and I?" He looked at me and thought. "Hm, you're silver," said Louis. "Am I a food?" I decided to mess with him, "In most countries," I laughed a bit, "Do people eat with me?" Louis laughed, "most people," how did he catch on to my joke? "Do I eat me?" He asked laughing at how silly that sounded. "In some countries," I said smiling. "Does Liam hate me?" I ask smiling.
The smile faded as quickly as it came. I knew the answer was yes...he had to I ripped out his heart....."in some countries," he said smiling. I had to laugh a little bit. "Am I a spoon?" I asked him looking up. "You win!" He said cheering and running around the room. What an idiot, my idiot. I smiled at the thought. "Chutes and Ladders?" Louis asked. I quickly agreed.
I won every game we played, but Uno. I killed Louis at Monopoly and life because he had not a clue how to manage money. The rest...well they were just luck but still. I looked up at the clock, it was already ten! "Lou, it's getting late. I think you should take me home," I said looking down. I didn't want to leave, but I didn't want it to be worse than it had to be when I got home. "Oh, bloody hell, it is. Lets go," he said slipping on his Toms and grabbing his keys. In the car, we chatted per usual. Then I though to ask about the boys. "Did the boys answer?" I was hoping he'd at least gotten something, even if it wasn't particularly nice.
He simply shook his head. I sighed and nodded. We were almost at my house. I was scared of the retaliation of spending the day with my cousin. "Thanks Lou, ring me if you hear from them," I said keeping the fear in. "Will do!" He said about to drive away, "Oh, Libby?" Said Louis suddenly stopping after pulling out. "Yes?" I asked. "If you need me simply give me a ring. I don't care what time, just call," I just nodded and smiled at him. He waved once more, and drove off.
I walked up into the house. I didn't hear him so I ran upstairs. Maybe it would all wait until tomorrow. I was wrong. I felt myself get pulled down the steps from behind. "You little slut. Your cousin. Is that what you call your sex buddies now a days?" He asked harshly tugging on my hair. "No he's really my cousin," I said between sobs. "Whatever, just go to bed you filthy little slut," he said slapping me forcefully across the face. Just for good measure, I guess. When I got upstairs, I flopped in my bed and cries myself to sleep. I don't know how much more I can take.....

-authors note- Hey lovelies! I just wanted to say thanks for reading! You see that heart? Yeah? It looks sexier lit up red(; hope you're enjoying the book. I also added another side book called Rock Me(: check it out?(: As always, comments an thoughts are always appreciated. Love you guys(:

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