Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


15. Chapter Fifteen

Libby's POV
When we get to the car I asked Liam if we could stop off at my house real quick so I could change. "Lou do you mind?" asked Liam looking at Louis. "No, not at all. I can't wait to see the inside," Louis said with an evil laugh. That just reminded me of what goes on there. I think of the house scattered with cigarette butts and alcohol bottles. It wasn't very...cozy to say the least. I whimper a bit at the thought of the house though, what if he came back early? They thought my whimper was a joke so they laughed. I unbuckled my seat belt and told them to stay in the car. "But but but!" Protested Louis. "No buts, ands, or ifs," I say shutting the door and running up to my house.
I loved spending time with the boys. I would be sad when my week of freedom was over and I had to go back to life, to hell. I couldn'd get over how I just met them, and every single one of them make me so happy. 'At least I'll get to see them at school,' I thought as I was walking up the stairs to my room. I was surrounded by my art and instantly let the thoughts of less time with the boys melt away.
I wen into my closet and grabbed some light wash jeans, a black long sleeved shirt, the bruises were just turning purple, some tan moccasins, and I decided to accesorize with a light green scarf. I moussed my hair, put on a swipe of light green eyehadow, and a little bit of mascara. I didn't look great, but I looked good enough for a day on the town. At the last second, I decided to run back to my room and grab a few more pencils. I really wanted to draw today, I'm not sure why, but I did.
When we were finally on our way, I started to draw. I decided I was going to draw Superman Louis. I started with Louis, his angular face with cute boysih features, his blue eyes, that seemed to smile. Then, I moved onto his small physique. With that all done, I started the background. The kitchen counter in front of him, the wall and the oven behind him. I also, just for some laughs, added a a word bubble that said, "SUPERMANNN!" I then went back to the face, adding some little details to Louis's silly little grin, some some more happiness to his blue eyes, and then traced certain things. I finished it up by shading some things. It was done, and I must say I really like this one, it might make it to my wall. I was about to get out when I heard, "What'd ya draw?" I looked up and saw Harry, who opened the door for me.
"Nothing," I repled flipping it over so he couldn't see the picture. Then, I realized that he could see Liam's picture. I winced as Harry picked it up to look at it. This should be interesting.

Harry's POV
Wow, Libby was a fantastic artist. I just didn't like what she drew. Why did she draw Liam and not me? I mean Liam isn't bad looking lad, but I was just more attractive. Plus, I was more fun than Liam. He was a buzz kill. I got off the jealous thoughts and complimented her work, "This is really good, looks exactly like the bloke," I said jokingly. "Thanks," she said tightly. I flipped through the rest of the book interested with some of her other works.
I found one of Lou....doing his little superman thing! It was exactly like I'd remembered it. I laughed at the memory of this morning. Her head shot up, "What's so funny? Did I draw something wrong?" It was like I was grading her or something. "No, it was just Lou doing that was funny. The drawings are perfect, just too bad their not me," I said laughing. "Do you want me to draw you too?" Libby asked. "Yes!" I yelled a little too loudly. "Great, then I can do Niall's and Zayn's and Lou's!" She replied excitedly. Great, we'll all get one.
We started over to where everyone else was. "Nice of you to finally join us," said Louis like a teacher. "Sorry I was inspecting her art work," I said trying to sound innocent. "You draw?" Asked Zayn trying to hide the excitement in his voice at another artist. "Yep, I have been since I was litte," she said shyly. "Cool," Zayn said flirtatiously. "Thanks, I was actually thinking of drawing all of you," she said, "If that's okay with you guys," she added quickly. In answer, all of the boys, including me, struck ridiculous poses. Well, except Liam. He just stood there laughing at us because he had already gotten one. 'That smug son of a bitch,' I thought angrily.
I was furioius, beyond words. Jealousy surged through me, but I kept a straight face and laughed along. "Do we need to pose for six hours?" asked Niall seriously. "No, she draws from memory," Lou said answering for her. "But, if you wanna sit there for six hours straight posing ridiculously, I don't have a problem with that," Libby said smiling. "C'mon guys, let's go," Liam said laughing. "Hey Harry!" Lou yelled at me. "What's got your knickers in a twist?" He asked making me laugh. God, I hated when he did that.
Louis looked at me again though and asked, "Seriously though mate?" I glared at him, "Nothing, I'm fine," I said still sounding angry. I couldn't hide it. "Harry! Cheer up right this instant!" She said smiling sternly at me. I smiled a big cheeky grin at her and cheered up a bit. Maybe, just maybe, this meant she liked me. There was only one way to gind out. I'd have to make a move.

Liam's POV
I loved that I was the only one with a drawing, but it felt kind of wrong too. I'm not sure why, but it did. I guess it was because I knew something all of the lads didn't. I hated keeping things from them. Well, I guess Loud knew about her drawing talent too. I feel even worse though that Liv won't look at me today. I wonder if I've done something? I think I have. I'm not quite sure what, but I had to show her how much I cared for her. I had to do it soon, tonight I think. Actually, I know, I was going to let her know how mad I was about her.

Niall's POV
We were all having a good time shopping with Libby, and seeing her play dress up. Not literally, but yeah. Anyways....we were about to go eat at Nandos when Lou said, "Can we please go eat somewhere else?" I looked at him and said, "No! I will not eat anywhere else. Plus, Lib's never been here." I looked around at all the other guys agreeing with me. She looked around at the expressions on our face, "That good, huh?" She asked. "Um, yeah!" I said in a "How Dare You!" kind of way. Everyone laughed at how I said it. We walked into Nandos and were just about to sit down to eat when I saw Libby looking up at the telly. "What's wrong, love?" Louis asked a little bit concerned.
I looked up at Libby and she looked terrified and broken. Louis looked up at the telly too, and he somehow understood. We all looked at what was on after that. I saw Liam give her a sympathetic look. It was just some sappy crime show about real crimes. I looked at Libby, her eyes filled with tears and she tried to get up. I sat her back down, "Oh no you don't, you have to tell us what's wrong," I said still looking at her sad expression. "You can't keep running from us," said Harry. "Libby when there's something upsets you, it upsets us all," Zayn said. Libby simply shook her head no. Harry looked down nervously at his pocket, then slowly took out his insulin. Libby looked shocked as he injected it, "Harry! Is that drugs?!" She yelled at him in shock. "No, I-I have Diabetes.." He trailed off looking down. "Really?" she asked after a moment of silence. He was still looking down as he nodded slowly. "That's not that bad," said her voice still sad. He was still looking down. "Really, it doesn't make you any less of a weirdo," She said smiling through her tears. They were still flowing down her cheeks, and she was trying to comfort someone else. I hated her and loved her for it.
"I tried to commit suicide once," Zayn said not showing any emotion. "Obviously it didn't work," Libby said playfully. Zayn smiled at her, it looked like he felt good about getting that out. I knew it was my turn, I knew it. I didn't wanna tell, but I wanted Libby to feel better. "I used to be a jerk, I bullied someone into commiting suicide," I said softly not looking up. I didn't mean too. I was only joking, I didn't mean to make him feel unwanted. It was just a joke..."Well, obviousy you changed," Libby said giving my shoulder a squeeze and smiling at me. I smiled back. I had to make my move tonight.

Libby's POV
They were all opening up to me and here I am sitting there like a sack of potatoes. I couldn't believe any of them though. Well, actually I could believe Harry's, but not Zayn and Niall. I couldn't ever see Zayn get that overcome by emotions. He was just a laid back kind of guy, and Niall? He's so sweet. I just can't imagine him doing that. He was just too sweet. It hurt me that they had to live through this everyday. That's when Liam spoke up, "My brother's autistic, and he's getting checked out right now, and it could be serious, even though my mum won't tell me," He said choking up a bit. I was about to say something when he continued on, "and our dad left us as soon as he found out about Little Henry being autistic." I looked at him and said, "Well, not everyone's that stupid." He looked around at all of his mates and I, then he smiled a Liam smile. I'm happy I cheered them all up today.
Then, I realized something, it was my turn. I choked down the pain the best I could and started, "When I was younger, my parents were murdered," I had to look down. I couldn't looked at their reactions, "and I was there, to see everything." I finished the bottled up tears escaping. All I could hear was silence, I couldn't take this. I was just about to get up and run off to the bathroom when I felt five arms embrrace me. I had to admit it felt nice.
"Well, I'll be your daddy and Harry will be your new mummy for the day," said Louis. Of course he would say something silly and sweet like that. I started to laugh hysterically, laughing and breaking up the group hug. "That would be great," I said smiling at them. They always knew how to cheer me up, but now they'd know why. "Please don't tell anyone, they'd all think I'm a freak, just like my old school," I said pleading. "They don't need to know that to think you're a freak," Harry said smiling a big cheeky grin at me. "I thought you were supposed to be my mum! Mummy's don't say things like that!" I said sounding hurt. "Bad Mummy Haz! Go in the corner!" Yelled Lou with authority. Harry did as he was told, and I laughed. "I'm sorry my dear Libby, your mummy's on her "special gift", so naturally she's a bit moody," Lou said smiling apologetically at me. I continued on laughing. "You're mummy's always on her "special gift" everyday. So just don't mind her," Liam says also smiling at me. I laughed even harder. Was I really crying a few minutes ago?
Meanwhile, in a corner, Harry stands there saying, "No one appreciated my motherhood!" He starts to go fake sob. "I'll go take care of my woman. Watch my baby for a few," said Louis hugging me quickly, and walking over to Harry's corner. "So no we're babysitters?" Asked Zayn. "Obviously, we can't just leave this cute little baby all alone in public," Niall says pinching my cheeks. "Nope, wouldn't wanna do that," said Liam smiling. I laughed and smiled at all of the goofy boys. "Why do mommy and daddy always fight?" I ask all innocently like a child. Zayn and Niall crack up and Liam forces a smile at me. I then realize what I said. "Liam, I'm really sorry." I hoped he would forgive me. I felt terrible. "Don't apologize, it was a harmless joke," He said smiling...not forced, but not there. Like he wanted too, but couldn't.
"Hey Li Li!" yelled Nialler. "Yes?" Liam asked. "Can we order now?" Asked Niall. "I don't care, why would you ask me?" Liam asked clearly confused. "Because you're paying," said Zayn grinning. "That's not fair!" I exclaim. They all laughed at me. "What?" I asked very confused. "Well, no one ever sticks up for him," Niall said laughing. "I'd stick up for all of you," I said laughing. "Well, maybe not Louis, he can take care of himself," I added giggling and looking over at Louis and Harry going back and forth playfully. They saw it too and started laughing. It was so entertaining. Why have a telly when you can have the boys?
"Well, I'm a growing boy. I need food. I'm ordering," Stated Niall. I laughed at him. He was the shortest out of all of the boys and only an inch taller than me. He stuck his tongue out at me, and I laughed again. After that, Harry and Louis had finally come back. We all started to look through the menu. "Any suggestions?" I asked scanning the menu. "EVERYTHING!" exclaimed Niall. We all started dying. Niall and his Nandos. I smiled to myself. "You need a kid's meal because..well you're my kid," Louis said. "Oh, okay then you can order it for me, because you're my daddy," I stated back with a hint of attitude. Everyone minus Louis and I went, "ohhhhhh!" "Don't back sass me misssy!" Yelled Louis. "Mummy! Daddy's yelling at me!" I whine at Harry. "Louis Tomlinson! You better not be yelling at my baby girl!" Harry threatened in his best female voice. I started to laugh, "I-I was simply stating that she shouldn't..ya know like back sass...." Louis trailed off like man losing an argument to his wife. "That gents, is how you keep a man in line," said Harry triumphantly. We all laughed until we heard, "Are you ready to order?"
It was a tall blonde with bright blue eyes. I think Harry was physically drooling, Liam was still looking over the menu, Louis was grinning looking her up and down, I could only imagine the naughty things he wanted to do to her. I look over to see Zayn, he shot her a sexy smile, and Niall gave her a Nialler smile. In return, she shot them all a flirty smile. I felt a little bit too jealous. These were my boys! She couldn't have any of them. "I'll have a salad," I spoke up smiling politely. When she noticed it was a female ordering, she shot me a dirty look. How attractive.
The boys orderes their food and she smiled at them like she cared. Because she wanted their food to be PERFECT! Bitch, please. Like she genuinely cared. As, if. Harry looked up at her with a cheeky grin, "One more thing?" She smiled down at him flirtatiously. "Yes?" He looked up at her again, "Can I have a side of you after?" He winked at her. She started to giggle uncontrollably. "Here's my number, I get off at four," She said slipping him a piece of paper....while looking at Liam! No, no. Harry asked her out, not Liam.
Liam's too kind and fragile for your new guy every dinner serivice. He needs someone who understands me. No, Liam's still in love with Danielle. Now, she's smiling at my Nialler. He's too sweet for you. You don't deserve him, he deserves someone equally as sweet. Like me. Did I really just think that? Did she just brush Zayn's arm? He's way to sexy for you! He's way too good for you, for me.....I would love to be with him...Louis now? Honey, he just wants to do some naughty things to you. That's it. Nothing more. I was fuming. I need to calm down....deep breaths, Libby.
"I'll be right back with your orders," she said brushing passed Harry again. Wow, Des-perate! I seriously need to calm down. It's not like they were going to like her back. Seriously, if she hurts my Hazza, I'll hurt her. Wow, I'm so much more of a jealous person than I realized. I was learning something new about myself everyday with these boys. "Mummy, are you cheating on daddy?" I asked making a joke of it, hoping to calm myself a bit. "No, we're just taking a break at four is all," said Harry. We all laughed at his response. "So Li Li, she was giving you the eyes," Lou said, waggling his eyebrows at him. "Was she? I honestly didn't even notice," he said truthfully. I wanted to believe him. "I think she was pretty fit," said Niall. "She was okay," said Zayn smugly. "Oh she was fit alright! I'd do naughty things with her," said Lou with a michievous grin on her face. Told you that's all Louis wanted from her. "Well, I got a date with her," said Harry smirking. His eyes fell on me though. That's when our drinks came, and we went back to our normal conversation.

Zayn's POV
Wow that girl was fit, but Libby was beautiful. Especially sitting there with some girl all over us, with a smile on her face, calm as a cucumber. Sometimes that girl could be the sweetest, and sometimes her attitude said otherwise. I like that about her. She seemed to like me today, the way she walked by me the whole way. The way she joked and talked with me. I'm sure she does. I have to make a move, she has to know, tonight.

Louis's POV
I looked at all the distant boys, lost in thought. I wonder what they're all thinking? Probably about that waitress she was fit. I was just thinking about the waitress, when she sets my food in front of me. I looked over a Libby. She didn't have her food yet, shouldn't it have been out first? She ordered a salad. "Excuse me?" Libby asked politely. "Yeah?" the waitress asked rudely. "Where's my food?" She asked still calm. "Still cooking," the waitress said like she was clever as all heck. "Guess the dye seeped in," Libby said smiling. "Um, I'm a natural," said the waitress, shooting Libby a dirty look. "Say that to your roots," Libby replied looking her right in the eye.
Libby could be shy, but when you got her angry you better watch out. She gets fiesty. It's quite entertaining actually. "So, four o'clock?" She asked Harry completely ignoring Libby. "Nah, I got plans," said Harry smirking. "What plans?" asked the waitress. "Sitting at home watching late night telly, that no one cares about." We all burst out laughing. I think there were tears coming from Libby's eyes from laughing so hard. "I'll be right back with your salad slut!" Yelled the waitress.
"Did you just call her a slut? Miss I don't know how to keep my bum in my shorts and my shirt in my chest?" Asked Liam angrily. Woah there, tiger. "Um, yeah," the waitress replied. "At least she's not orange," said Niall snickering at her fake tan. "Yeah what they said!" Exclaimed Zayn. We all lost it at that point I couldn't control it. Then just for good measure I added, "When I look at you, all I want to do is naughty things with you, that's it," I said it so rude that I was proud with myself. "Really? I still get off at four," she said winking and smiling at me. "I meant that as an insult," I replied to her slowly, so that she could comprehend. She just rolled her eyes, walked away, and came back with Libby's salad.
As it was set in front of her Libby looked scared and asked, "What if it's poisoned?" We all looked at her laughing, I never remembered her to be this funny. "Guess we'll find out after you take that first bite," Harry said smirking at her. She rolled her eyes, and oh so cautiously took a bite. "So?" asked Niall eagerly, practically sitting on the edge of her seat. "It's good, but it'd be better if I wasn't completely petrified of eating waitress spit," Libby said taking another bite. We continued on with normal conversation until we were ready to leave.
"Hey everyone! I got an idea!" Exclaimed little Nialler. We all looked at him to continue on, "Let's go to the park!" He said very excitedly. I jumped out of my seat. "Yes! Let's go! Leyummmmm, get the check, will ya?" Liam just rolled his eyes at me and went to go pay. "Here, I'll pay have," said Libby. "No, I can't let you do that. It's fine, it wasn't that expensive," Liam said. "Oh Liam! Always the gentlman," I said in a sing song voice. I got a few chuckles.
When we left, without leaving a tip, we headed to the park on foot. Yes, foot. It was a calm walk without much converstaion. Libby looked so nice in the moonlight, I could tell the other guys thought so by the way they stared. I never realized how gorgeous my cousin really was, until now. They all better treat her right, because she's something special.

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