Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


11. Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11
Harry's POV
"I bet I can fit more Oreos in my mouth than you Niall," challenged Zayn. Niall guffawed and said,"Yeah, right Malik." Zayn smirked,"Alright let's test this!" Exclaimed Zayn, God was this boy like a little kid. "Challenge accepted!" Screamed Niall shaking Zayn's hand. "I'll be the judge!" I said wanting in on this. We all laughed and walked into Liam's kitchen. "Alright Niall find the Oreos," I said all judge like. Niall walked right over to the cupboard and got down the Oreos. "Okay, here are the rules-" I started. "Wait wait wait..why are there rules?" Asked Zayn "Because I'm the judge and I can do whatever I want," I continued, "Anyways, you must put them in one at a time, and when your done let me Tweet pictures," I say with a devious grin. "Done!" They both said at once. Just as we opened the box of cookies we heard the door.
Louis walked in and screamed,"Honey, we're home!" I heard Libby laugh at this. As they walked in the kitchen Libby asked,"What are you guys doing?" "Zayn said he could fit more Oreos in his mouth than me," Niall said as if it were a joke. "Well, I can!" Exclaimed Zayn. "P-lease, I can fit more Oreos in my mouth than both of you combined," Libby said laughing. "Is that a challenge?" Asked Niall and Zayn at the same time, in sync. We all laughed at this."You want in on the action?" I asked hoping she'd accept. "Of course," said Libby confidently. "Good, that will make this competition interesting," I winked at her," Shall we get started?" I asked. "Wait! What can I do?" Asked Louis like a little kid asking his mom to help her bake a cake. "You can be the cheerleader," I answered smiling knowing he would. Louis was fun like that. "Alright on the count of three calmly and humanely one cookie at a time, stuff your face," inducing laughs with my explanation. "Louis, mate, do me the honor of counting," I say. Louis's face made me laugh from how excited he looked. "One, two, three!" Yelled Lou.
Niall started off good with fitting five in his mouth, but ended up just eating them. Zayn could only manage three, which left Libby with the victory, with a total of five. "Wus!" She yelled with cookies in he mouth and a smile in her face. She still looked good. I took a picture of her cheering with Louis. At this point we were all on the ground laughing. Just then Liam walked in.

Liam's POV
All I saw were Oreos, everyone on the ground laughing, and Liv's face smeared with Oreo crumbs. "What happened?" I asked. "We were just seeing who could fit the most Oreos in their mouth at once, Libby won," Harry said matter-of-factly. Everyone laughed hysterically all over again. "Niall and Zayn swore they could fit more in than anyone, so Libby jumped in and destroyed all of them," said Louis,"Harry was the judge and I was the cheerleader," Louis continued. I laughed at the thought of Louis being a cheerleader, but even harder of the thought of Liv showing them up. "Go Liv!" I said high-fiving her. She laughed,"Why thank you Liam," she shot me that smile.
"Guys! Lets go watch a movie! A scary one!" Exclaimed Harry with his most devious smile. Everyone agreed. "What shall we watch then boys..and Libby?" Asked Niall. "Friday the Thirteenth!" Exclaimed Harry. Everyone shook their head no. "Freddy Krueger?" Asked Zayn. Only Harry agreed to that one. "Oh I know! My Little Pony!" Said Louis. Everyone laughed, then Libby said,"We may as well with all those lame ideas. How about The Shining?" Asked Libby with a smile....a devious one.

Libby's POV
As soon as I said it I got and immediate response. They were all agreeing with me. I mean who wouldn't? The Shining is one of the best scary movies of all time. "If we're watching a scary movie we have to have popcorn!" Exclaimed Niall. That boy was serious about his food. "Okay, but no butter. It's disgusting," I said. "Thank you someone else!" Exclaimed Zayn. Everyone else though looked like I'd crushed their souls. "What?!" I said. "We can't talk to you anymore," said Liam a smile playing in his lips. "You still talk to Zayn," I defended. "That's because Zayn's a sexy beast," said Louis with the straightest face I've ever seen. I couldn't keep a straight face anymore I fell on the ground laughing, literally. "Okay, but seriously," I said wiping tears,"We're making plain popcorn because you're all getting too fat." I looked at all of them inspecting the abs and biceps. Then all at once, in sync, we burst out laughing, and in that moment I realized something, I loved these guys.
"So who's on popcorn duty?" I asked. "Well since you're being difficult you, and since Niall loves food, him," said Harry bossily. "Get in the kitchen woman!"screamed Louis. "Hey! I'm a guy!" Screamed Niall back. "Oh and Niall," said Louis apologetically. Me and Niall laughed and went into the kitchen. "Alright, Niall you know how to work this thing, so go ahead. I'll just stand here and look pretty," I said smiling. "You can be doing something and look pretty," suggested Niall. "No, I look prettiest standing doing nothing," I joked. "I beg to differ," said Niall piercing me with those blue eyes. "Shall we start making that plain popcorn?"I said. "Um, yeah said Niall blushing ever so slightly.
I dumped some of the kernels into the popcorn machine and intently watched each piece pop. It was sort if mesmerizing seeing each small oval transform into each fluffy little piece of popcorn. I'm not crazy, I just think everything's beautiful. Even popcorn. I smile at the thought, and even chuckle a little apparently because Niall asks, "Are you laughing at me?" I answer, "No, I just think the popcorns beautiful." Niall looks confused, "How so?" He asks. "Well, each little kernel, sits there and pops for a few milliseconds and then all of the sudden it's this fluffy piece of white popcorn. It transforms, and I think it's beautiful," I answer.

Nialls POV
Wow, what Libby just said made my heart stop. That made complete sense, but took a special kind of person like Libby to see it. Seeing my expression she said, "You probably think I'm crazy." I respond, "No,not at all. That made perfect sense actually." She smiles grabs a bowl, and dumps the popcorn in. "Let's go watch that movie now," she said, "but Niall?" She says. "Yeah?" I ask thinking its serious. "Don't eat all the popcorn," she says smiling. The smile that makes me all tingly inside. I smile and follow her into the living room.
"Popcorn!" The guys scream attacking her. I felt a pang of jealousy them trying to get the popcorn off of her. "No! It's mine!" I exclaim boldly grabbing the bowl and running off with it. They all follow me, but Liam catches up to me first, he grabs the bowl and runs off to the living room and plops down on the couch. Libby comes in next and plops down next to him. Then Harry next to her, then Louis, who wouldn't sit next to anyone else, followed by Zayn,then me standing there like an idiot.
Losing y chance to comfort Libby during this extremely scary movie. "Well c'com Niall! Don't just stand there," said Louis making room for me. I sit down dying inside. I missed my chance, and when I look over I see Harry playing with Libby's hair. At that point I decided the movie scared me less, maybe I should watch that instead.

Harry's POV
I'm playing with Libby's soft auburn hair, she's intently watching the movie, completely ignoring me. That doesn't happen very often I must admit. "HERE COMES JOHNNY!" The phychotic man screams as he shoves his head through the hole in the door he handmade with an axe.
Libby jumps and grabs onto Liam's arm and looks at me terrified. "Hey you wanted to watch this," I said to Libby. She just kept that terrified look on her face. Something was wrong.

Libby's POV
An axe. My parents were murdered. With an axe. An the guys trying to kill his own son. I can't take this I run to the bathroom and sob. I hear a slight rap on the door. "Hey I need to get in there!" Screams Liam. "Why?" I said trying to sound less sad. "So your not in there. Come out love," said Liam gently. "Please for me," he tried again. Slowly I turned the knob and came out.
"Wanna take a walk?" He asked me. I nod, I felt like I needed to tell him. I'm not sure why, but I did. We snuck out the back. "So are you gonna tell me this time Liv?" He asked harshly in a gentle way as if he was trying to hide his anger. "It was stupid the first time," I say softly because it was. "It's never stupid if a girls crying," he responded now calmer. "It was this time,"I said now beginning to calm down some myself. "What about this time?" Liam asked looking at me with his deep brown eyes. "Well when I was younger my parents were murdered," I began looking at Liam to see his reaction he look shocked, but let me finish, "and I was there. A random serial killer, a disgusting man who just liked the feeling of killing someone. Well, that day they were murdered, I, I was there," I was now tearing up, "they were murdered with an axe and when I saw the man with and axe going to kill a family, his own, I lost it. I'm sorry you saw me like that," I finished. "Oh Liv," was all he said before he held me and let me cry.
It felt nice. I felt like he actually cared. "Thank you," I whispered. "You don't need to thank me for being there for you," he muttered in my hair. I was now feeling tired and drained from all the emotions released today. "Can you drive me home now? I don't want to leave it by itself for too much longer?" I asked. "Wait no ones at you're house? Just stay at my house my mom has my younger brother at the doctors till Monday," pleaded Liam. "Just tonight because I'm tired," I said feeling Liam's smile.
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