Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


8. Chapter Eight

Libby's POV
I force myself to get off of the couch, go upstairs, and go through the motion. I go into my closet and pick out a green layered shirt with a white camisole underneath. Then I put on some dark wash skinny jeans that are really comfortable on me. Finally, I got put on some green chucks and swipe of mascara. I looked much better than I felt.
As I walked down the stairs, I was frighten but I was depressed at the thought of what happened yesterday. Althout I know it's no use I ask myself, why me? I even have bruises on my arms from being forced against the wall, along my sides from his grip, and God knows where else. I just know that as normal, I hurt all over. On the bright side though, I have a week away from it. I grab a granola bar, and head. When I walk out the first thing that I see is Louis's small Volkswagen, piled with boys.
"Get in!" Yells Lou from the driver's side. I didn't feel like being around them all in an enclosed area much so I decided to say, "There doesn't seem to be enough room, I'll just walk." I sounded depressed even to myself. "Come on you can sit on my lap," says Harry winking at me. "Harold! I thought we had something!" Screams Louis dramatically. "We do!" Yells Harry passionatley jumping onto Lou's lap and hugging him. I don't care what kind of mood I am, or how bad things get at home, tis will make me laugh. I laughed so hard that tears came out of my eyes. For once, I enjoyed the tears. "So are you riding with us?" Asked Zayn....The Sex God! "No, thanks. I'm just gonna walk," I say walking on.
"Wait!" I heard Liam yell, "I'll walk with you." He finished smiling at me. "Oh, you don't have to," I say blushing. "Well, too bad you're stuck with me," He said now walking right next to me. 'That's fine by me,' I think to myself. I can't say that out loud so I just smile up at him. "Me too!" Yelled Louis. "Don't forget me!" Yelled Nialler. "You can't leave out Harry Styles, I make this group," says Harry cockily. Finally, I heard another set of footsteps it had to be Zayn. Once everyone caught up, we began walking towars the school.
"Ah, better, the whole group's together," Louis said throwing his arms around the group. We all laughed at his silly sentimental moment. "So," began Harry when we finally stopped laughinh, "It's a Friday and we have no plans. What are we going to do?" He asked everyone. "Go to Nandos!!!" Yelled Niall. "No," said Harry, "More excitiong,." Liam looked deep in thought, Louis was playing with Harry's curls, and Zayn was looking off into the distance. I looked over at Harry and he looked sort of jittery. He was shaking. "Harry you're shaking are you alright?" I asked a little bit concerned. "Erm, yes. Quite alright!" He said loudly then continued on changing the subject, "How about we hang at Liam's!" He seemed very uncomfortable. We made it to school and everyone parted ways except me and Liam. "So are you coming tonight?" Liam asks looking at me.
Panic surges through me, I've never "hung out" with anyone especially not a guy, well in this case five guys! I don't think I can do this, but I want to. On top of that, what if my uncle finds out? That would be really bad. I mean he would punish me...badly. Then the little voice in the back of my mind said, 'Wouldn't it be worth it?' After thinking that I found my self saying, "Um, yeah sure." Why did I just say that? I was about to say that I forgot I had something else to do when I saw a smile spread across Liam's face before saying, "Great! I live on Brimmington Avenue. What have I gotten myself into?

Liam's POV
Yes! She's coming over to hang out with us tonight! I am going to have to invite Danielle though. I get annoyed at just the thought of her. Oh well though Liv will be there to light up my night. We walked into class side by side when I see Danielle. She waves me over. I walked over to her already getting annoyed with her thinking of last night. "Yes love?" I ask, sounding heavily annoyed. "What can't a girl see her guy once in a while?" she asked pouting as she wraps her arms around my neck, puliing me in for a kiss. "Danielle, please not in class," I say pulling away."What you don't want 'Liv' seeing us? You know me, your GIRLFRIEND, and you, my BOYFRIEND?" She said loudly. I'm positive Liv heard this. My face starts to burn, so I simply walk away, sure that Danielle had just about ruined my life.

Libby's POV
Why is Danielle making sure she's all girlfriendy in front of me? Does she think I fancy him? Well, I should say is it that obvious? I put my head down and silently promise myself to not look at Liam like that ever again. When I finally look up, I see Liam staring intensely at me. I feel my face go tomato red and quickly look away. Mrs. Jenkins finally gets in front of the class and starts, "Have you ever had a memory that you just could not get out of your head? One that is permanantly with you. If you do, it will make the next assignment an easy A for you. What I want you to do is make a speech presentation about this memory. I want you to paint a picture with you're words, and let us join this memory. This assignment will be due in a weeks time. You have the rest of class today, and all of next week. You may begin now," she finished sitting down at her desk.
I knew the memory that I could never get out of my head.....the one that haunted me every night.....but how could I ever write about it? Then go present it in front of the class? I couldn't. Ever. Somehow, I knew this is what my project needs to be about. I need to talk to Lou about it. He knows what happened, he'll know what to do. For the remainder of class, I sit there and draw in my notebook, waiting for the bell to ring.

Liam's POV
I know exactly what memory I want to talk about. The moment I first saw Liv. I just won't say her name and be very secretive about it. This will make her see....wait I still have Danielle. I can't hurt her. She may be annoying, and rude, and selfish, but no girl deserves heart break. I don't know how I'm going to do this one. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Libby's POV
The rest of the morning went fairly quickly, finally it was lunch. My favorite subject. I grabbed my food and sat down at the table. I wedged myself between Nialler and Hazza. "Hey guys," I said after a few awkward moments of silence. "Hello!" said Harry shooting me a cheeky lopsided smile. "Hewoo!" Niall said his mouth stuffed with food. I giggled at him, he look so ridiculous, it was adorable. "Hello," Zayn said politely. I smile in aknowledgement. He smiled back. I'm still pretty sure it was seductively! "Oh look it's my best mates and Libby!" Louis said cheerfully sitting down. "Well, I see where I stand," I said jokingly. "Good," Louis replied laughing. Finally, Liam sat down. He looked upset.
"Where were you mate?" Asked Zayn. "We were worried about you," added Niall. Liam looked down at his lunch, "Oh, me? I was just catching my girlfriend with Ashton," Liam said bluntly. He looked up and he looked pretty hurt. He must of really loved her. "Are you okay?" I asked him, looking directly into his beautiful brown eyes. "I don't wanna talk about it," He said smirking at me. Oh okay, I see how it is Liam Payne! Just because I don't want to tell you my life's story the first day we meet! Whatever. I was strangely furious with him. Why, I'm not sure, but I was.

Louis's POV
Woah! That was awkward. Libby asked if he was okay and he smirked at her and said he didn't wanna talk about it. That's not the Liam I know...he must really be hurting. "Seriously Li Li, tell me what happened," I said wrapping my arms around his shoulder. The boys all made sounds of agreement. Well, maybe not Niall, he could have just really liked his lunch. God that boy and his food! "I told Liv I don't wanna talk about it, why would it change for you guys?" Liam responded harshly. I felt bad for the lad, his heart was officially broken. "Liam Payne! Don't you ever talk to me, your father, like that ever again!" I exclaim, trying to cheer the chap up. As expected, he laughed, well kinda. He gave a genuine smile.

Harry's POV
Poor Li Li, he just had his heart broken and the only two people who can concentrate on him are Louis and Libby. Me and Zayn were trying to listen but there were hot girls behind us, and they kept talking to us. Niall, well Niall has food. Liam should have saw it coming though, Danielles a slut. No offense, well actually now, yes offense. How could she do that to him, he was always so good and sweet to her. I was still mentally ranting when I remember my insulin! Crap! I dart out of the caferteria and to the bathroom to take care of it.

Niall's POV
I see Harry running to the bathroom. He probably forgot his insulin again. I wonder if Libby knows about his diabetes? Probably not. Doesn't really matter I guess. Harry's still Harry. None of that's gonna matter when me and Libby are dating though. Yeah, I'm confident, but shouldn't everyone be? I mean I should be confident after my old school....just not that confident....

Zayn's POV
I couldn't keep my eyes off of Libby. Even with the two extremely fit girls sitting behind us flirting, and Liam's heart being broken. I can't help that my eyes gravitate her when ever I'm near her. She's just so gorgeous. I still feel bad about Liam though...especially since I know how bad it feels....I hope he gets better.

Liam's POV
I can't decide if I wanna jump for joy or cry my eyes out. I'm happy me and Danielle aren't together, but I stayed with her even though I didn't honestly love her anymore. I kept her feelings in mind and I stayed with her. I was a good boyfriend, yet she'd been hooking up with Ashton for months now. She's been trying to get me in bed for I don't know how long, but I wanted to wait until the right time. I wanted to make sure she was the one. I was being considerate, meanwhile she's been hooking up with God knows who! Who does that? Oyeah, DANIELLE!
Whatever, I guess it doesn't matter anymore. My heart belongs to someone else. I think this and my eyes fall upon Liv to see her looking back.

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