security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


9. where did harry go anyway?

we hit the last floor and the doors opened i was blown away from all the screams and crys i heard but i had to get use to all this. i heard a lot of mean thing has we sqeezed threw the crowd and out into the parking garage and found louis car and got in and drove off.

"so louis were did harry go anyway"

"uh i dont know"

"oh whatever louis you know i know you do because you are his best friend"

"i am not telling you"

" ha ha you know please tell me i want to stop him from getting me anything"

"why would you want to stop him"

"i dont want him to spend money on me i dont need anything i already have him"

"hailey if he loves you then he is going to spoil you he cant help himself"

"i know he wants t... wait you think he loves me"

"i will let him tell you that no me"

"we are hear" i said very happy. we parked the car and louis gets out and runs to the  other side of the car and opens the door for me.


"thanks loui"

"lets go"

has louis grabbed my hand i saw lights flash and i look over and see the pop taking pic of us and louis started to run but i let go of his hand and stood on the side walk and louis turned around and looked at me.

"hailey what are you doing the mall is waiting"

"well i think the pop are waiting look i think we should put on a show for them what do you think"

"lets do it okay"

me and louis started to dance to the cha cha slide and other wried dances and some of their dances like the row and the pat the dog screw in the light balb and alot more and the pop were going crazy and i could not wait for people to see them it was so funny and fans were even taping it and asking who i was but i did not want to tell them so i just smiled and waved and stood behind louis has he did is thing and then we left and ran into the mall.

"so were to first"

"how about some starbucks"

"sounds great there is one right there"

"okay lets go"

we walked in and heard alot of gasp and omg it's louis and eww who is that nasty cunt is all i heard i just looked at louis and he whispered "dont let them get to"

"hi how may i take your order"

"ill have a double shot macho latta "


"okay that will be $10.45" 

louis payed before i could even offer we got our coffee and left we went into alot of shops and louis made me buy alot of stuff he said it was orders from harry and i was really wondering what that boy was up to so when louis was running around the shoe store i just decided to give him the card and let him shop for me i called harry.


"hey harry"

"hey love did you get my note"

"yeah i am at the mall now and thanks for the sweats and shirts"

"your welcome so did you talk to your dad today"

"yeah he said that i could go"

"great my mom sister and robin really want to meat you"

"i want to meat them to and were are you anyway"

"cant tell it is a secret"

"come on louis wont tell me and i dont want you to buy me anything"

"to late bye love"

harry hung up before i could say bye louis came up to me and he was holding about 4 bags from just this store the others well we had to call in some help the mall security put the other 20 in the car. 

"louis harry said to go shopping and get a dress not the whole mall"

"well harry said for me to do my job and i said i think you need a whole new closet not that your style was not bad it was great but you know what i mean"

"whatever you say swagmaster from doncaster"

"you know it girl"

"ha ha can we go now"

"yeah crab pants"

"louis we left at 10 am  and it is noon"

"so it is shopping you can never do to much shopping"

"well you sure did today"

"it is my talent besides singing"

"ha ha you finally said it"

"shut up and just open the trunk"

"fine bossy pants"

i open the trunk and walk to the door and louis jumps infront of me and opens the door for me agian i shake my head and jump in she smirks at this and walkes over to his side of the car i lean my head back and fall asleep. 


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