security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


10. the three little words

i woke up a little bit form being picked up and a car door slamping and then i fell back asleep. Then i woke up and i was in my room in my bed with someones arms around me i roll over and i was face to face with harry. 

"harry" i whisper and he does not move so i kiss him nose then i kissed the back of his ear and he like does a morning maoh then he similes and tightens his grip and pulls me closer to him and rolls on top of me!

"afternoon" he says in his husky sleepy voice

"afternoon so when are we leaving to go to your moms"

"well it is a 2 hour drive and it is about 2 now so soon"

"okay well were did you go today"

"be right back" he kisses my nose and rolles off me "damn i was kind of enjoying that and all i get is a kiss on the nose"

"sorry i got it" he was holding something behind his back and he got back ontop of me and kissed me very pashioninalty then he pulled away and smilled and held the little box infront of my face and he had this very big smile on his face and so did i.

"harry you did not have to get me anything i already went shopping"

"i wanted to just open it i think you will like it"


i open it and there is a necklace with a H on it and in dimonds my eye start to water and i look at harry and he pulls out a necklace with a H on it to and smiles at me.

"thank you harry this means a lot no guy has never spent more than $20 on me i love it"

"your welcome and those guys are jerks" 

i wraped my arms around harrys neck and he places his hands on my waist and i said it i had to the three little words i have been dieing to tell him "i love you harry

"i love you to hailey" 


i saw how she lite  up  when she saw it and even started to cry some and she thanked me an she beat me to the three little words i was about to say to her that i have been wanting to since i first saw her.

"i love you harry"

"i love you to hailey"

"we should go and get ready"

"yeah you have some packing to do"                                                                                                         

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