security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


11. the drive



harry kissed me one more time and then pulled me of the bed. we were packing some cloths in our little bags and then harry walked out to let me get dressed i was wearing some white short shorts and blue crop top that said love on it  and then some gold flats and hair down in brown waves. I looked at my self one more time and grabed our bags but as soon has i walked out harry took them from me.

"here i will carry those"

"no its fine"

"no give me them"

"fine bossy pants"

" are you ready" harry giggles 

"yeah i just have to go and tell my dad bye"

"okay just come and get me when you are done"

"okay be back in a min"

i walked over to my dads door and knocked and walked in.

"hey dad we are about to leave"

"okay well when will you be back"

"2 or 3 days at the most"

"okay well you do know today is Monday and we leave on Friday and you guys will be back Thursday and then that only gives you the night to pack then we get up and leave early"

"yeah dad i know that "

"okay just making sure"

"okay dad bye love u"

"love u to and call me when you get there"

"k bye"

i walked out of my dads room and back into mine were harry was he was siting on the couch his back turned to me i creep up behind him and covered his eyes with my hands.

"guess who"

"uhm i wonder who could this be....HAILEY" he reached back and pulled me over the couch by my waist and and i was siting on his lap and my legs were up over his shoulders...awkward.

he leaned down and kissed me i kissed him back and he lifted me up layed me down and layed on top of me he never broke the kiss once. he was rubbing my legs and slowly moving his hands up my shirt and around my back to my bra he uncliped it and i undid his belt and pants and he took my shirt off and i took his off our hands were exploring each others bodys i felt his tounge lick my lip  i opened my mouth and our tounges massaged each others we layed there and madeout forever and i could feel him erection growing in his pants pushing up against my leg i grab harrys cu..

"woah i though you guys left" said louis voice. harry groans and looks at me with sorry eyes i smile to show him its okay.

"what do you want louis" harry asked annoyed.

"i just came in here to look for my bennie but what are you guys still doing in here arnt you going to your moms"

"yeah lou we were just about to leave" i say pushing harry off of me clipping my bra back and pulling my shirt on and harry was buckling his belt and he pulled his shirt on. he helped me off the couch and we said our good byes to louis and walk down to his car. he opened my door and helped me in and shut it and then he put the bags in the back of the car and he got in and started driving.

we were getting on the highway when my stomach started growling and harry looked at me and giggling at me.

"what?" i ask

"i think i heard a animal or somthing growl maybe its hungry" harry says

"you think your so cut dont you styles"

"yeah i do but serouisly are you hungry"


"well want do you want we can stop real quick"

"umm how about burger king"

"sounds good"


we had just got our food and i was so hungry i could eat the bag.

"thanks harry" i say has he hands me my food and he takes his and starts eating and driving.

"no problem babe"

we  eat in silence and throw our trash in the bag and put it in the back of the car and harry turns on the radio the song that is playing is fall for you by secondhand. harry is singing and i feel my eyes getting heaver by the second and then i fall asleep to harrys voice.


i wake up and look out my window its dark probly around seven and all i see is woods.woods? i look over and see a tried harry still singing but more soft this time.

"harry"i ask

"hey sleepy head"

"hey um were are we going"

"its a surprise"

"harry its not a surprise i already know we are going to your moms right?"

"well not yet anyway we are stopping somewere first"


"you will see"

"well how long cuz i really i have to pee"

harry smirks at me.

"what?" i ask

"i could pull over and you could pop a sqaut"

"i think ill wait till we get to the surprise place"

"thought so" he says 

we drive for about another half an hour then pull up to a big brown house on what looks like a ranch almost. there were no houses near us and town was about 30 min aways the house has a pool and i looks really cozy.

"harry whats this" i say as he gets out and walkes to my side of the car and opens my door i turn and swing my legs but he grabs my legs and pulls me closer so that my legs are wrapped around his waist i rest my forhead on his and put my arms around his neck pulling his closer if thats even possibal and kiss his lips slowly and soft.

"surprise" harry wispers between the kiss.the kiss starts to get heated and i pull away teasting him. harry groans in annoyance and looks at me confuisde.

"whats wrong" he says

"im cold"

"ill keep you warm" he says hugging me tighter i hug him back and im still freezing. i kiss harrys neck and under his ear and wisper "take me inside harry" he does as i say lifting me up and carring me inside has i lay my head on his sholder. we unlocks the door and i look around and that house smells like cinnamon and is cozy and warm. harry takes me to a bedroom and layes me down and he pulles his shirt off and hands it to me. "hear put this on" "turn around" "fine" he turns and i start to strip keeping a close eye on him and i am only in his shirt that comes about mid thigh on me. "okay im done" he turns and smiles at me. "i think you look better in my cloths than i do" i smile at him " please i look good in any thing just kidding thanks" he chuckles at my words and walks past me and next to my side of the bed pulling the covers down."here get in" i do and he covers me up and walks to his side i turn and look at him and as he takes his skinny jeans on leaving him in just his Calvin klien boxers i cant help put look at how beautiful and perfect he is......breathtaking really hes like a angel strait down from heaven. he get in the bed and pulled me closer to him and wraps his arms around me. "night baby" he wispers kissing my temple "night harry" i say and kiss his jawline and we both fall fast asleep with smiles on our faces.

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