security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


5. the day my life changed.


i walked into haileys room to get the cloths and saw them on the bed picked them up and her thong fell on the floor i grabed it and i was turned on man i need to stop this it is pauls daughter he could take her like that.

"harry hurry please"

"sorry coming"

i walked in and put the cloths behind my back and saw hailey sitting on the sink and i sliped inbtween her legs and rubbed her legs and waist and i kissed her head and made my way down to her lips and rubed her she pulled away and smiled and nodded her head no.


"harry i am not ready"

"i know i would never force you to have sex with me only if you wanted to okay dont ever think that"

"i wont now can i have my cloths"


"what why not"

"because you are going to have to chase me first" 


harry ran out of the bathroom i chased him for about 1 min and then i remember that i have a hole suitcase filled with cloths so i smiled and walk in my room and got dress in sweats and a tank top pulled my hair in a messy bun and walked out and harry stuck his tounge out at me!

"ha ha ha"

"whatever you win this one"

"okay i will win them all we all know that"

"phss okay"

"are you hungry"

"yeah want to order room survise"

"yeah i will pick out the movie you call" 

harry went to call and i picked out a movie i picked out friday the 13th 

"foods on it is way what movie did you pick out"

"friday the 13th"

"great" ding dong the food is her and harry ran to go get it and payed to 

"thank you man"

we sat down and eat and i snuggled up to harry and he wraped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head "hailey can i ask you something?" "anything" "will you be mine" "of course" i kissed him and layed back down on harrys chest he sits up and took his shirt of and threw it he lays back down "sorry" "its okay i like it better this way" "me to" then  i heard harry fall asleep i listened to his heart beat but i did not want to sleep it was only 5 O'clock but his breathing made me feel relaxed and safe and my eyes closed.



i woke up to by a loud knock on the door and i looked at hailey and he eyes started to move.

"harry" she whispered

"shhh go back to sleep"

she nodded and i slipped out from under her an rested her head on the pillow and went to answer the door.

"coming, coming"


i saw paul and he looked mad

"hey paul whats up"

"harry were is hailey"

"she is in here whats the matter paul you look mad"

"whats the matter harry you thats what"

"paul what are you talking about"


"hailey what is going on between you and harry"

"dad whats is the matter with you"

"anwser me"

"we are dating why do you care"

"because hailey i dont want to see you hurt"

"dad i will not be hurt i promise"

"i dont care hailey you will not date and thats the end if this"

my dad walked out and pulled harry out with him i dropped to the floor and started to bawl my eyes out what was the real reason why he did not want  me with harry and not just harry every other boyfriend i have had he never liked he always made me break up with them. i soon cryed myself to sleep.


paul pulled me out of haileys room and i looked back before the door shut she was on the ground crying.

"paul can we please talk about this please"

"fine harry but make it quick" lets go to the room"


"what is it harry"

"why cant i date your daughter"

"because i know you always bring girls home and have one night stands and flirt alot and i dont want that to happen with my daughter and with the tour you  can meet alot of girls and she may get jealous of one of the girls"

"paul dont you think it is hard for me to have a one night stand with my girlfriend living with me and can you please just give us a  chance and i have only had sex with 3 girls from 2010 till now please paul give us a chance"

"harry i dont know let me think about it"

"paul i love you i would never hurt you or your daughter please think about it hard but has of right now we are going strong"

"harry i only ask for 4 things dont get her pregnat and dont cheat and dont hurt her and and wait till she is  ready to have sex if you can promise me that then yes you can date her can i trust you"

"paul i promise you can trust me"

"okay harry go to sleep in YOUR room tonight"


i hugged paul and told him thank you i went to my room and called hailey.

"harry" she sniffled 

"hey babe are you okay"

"not really we cant date anymore"

"well i just talked to paul and he said we can i just have to sleep in my room tonight"

"really we can"

"yeah babe"

"i want to see you harry"

"i want to see you to"

"can we take a walk"

"yeah i am in the mood for a swim how about you"

"yeah met me by the lift in 5 okay"

"okay bye love"


i got up and just relised my life has changed and i could not be more happy about it!

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