security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


2. plane

i woke up to my dad shaking me

"hailey wake up honey we have to go to the airport so get ready"

"okay dad be down in 15"


i take my shower and get dressed sweats and a blue tank top and blue covers and get my suitcase and walk down stairs. i see my dad checking all the bags.

"so dad what is the plan for the summer?"

"well we are going to the airport and flying to the UK be there by tomorrow morning and go to the hotel and set our stuff down and then head to   do a little interview and stay there for a week or so and then start the tour"

"okay well are you ready"

"yup lets go"

we get to the airport and people are all around us am i missing something like why are people all around us people dont even know who the singer is this year or did they...was dad hiding something from me?we got on the pane and we are about to take off.

"dad who is the singer this year"

"i know you have heard them they are huge"

"okay well who are they then so i can be prepared to meet them"

"just wait they have never meet you but i have told them about you they are so exited to finally meet you"

"who is they"

"there is more then one now go to sleep and stop asking questions"


this is going to be a long flight.

Harrys P.O.V.

"boys who cant wait to see paul?"

"harry you dont care about paul you just want to meet hailey" louis said

"no i miss paul to i just like to meet new people"

"okay harry you know you want a girl friend"

"naill i do but i dont think paul will be okay about that"

"well we will have to see good night boys"


i was really lonely i want to have someone to cuddle with at night and hailey sounded fun but i have never met her paul would never show us pictures of her to use and i always heard him on the phone with hailey and her voice was very lovely. i want to see her so bad so i am going to call paul.

Hailey P.O.V

dad went to the bathroom and his phone stared to vibrate and he alway has me answer his phone so i picked it up it was a incoming call from the curly one i was really tried and did not want to talk so i will just let dad call them back. dad came back and sat down i told him.

"what did you answer it"

"no i just let it go i did not want to write it all down"

"okay i will call them back"

Pauls p.o.v

I did not want hailey talking to the boys harry for sure i know how he is a flirt and dont want him to date hailey but hailey is 17 and i will have to just think about it. i call hary back.


"hey harry did you call"

"yeah are you on the plane?"

"yeah we have about 8 more hours"

"good is hailey with you"

"yeah she is sleeping and i am about to so i will call you when we land"

"okay tell her i said hi"

"well i have not even told her i want it to be a surprise she loves you guys"

"who is her favorite"

"i dont know i she never told me that but he and her friend are crazy over you guys"

"then why does she hate coming with you"

"because she is away from her friends and mom"

"okay well i will let you go paul call me when you are at the hotel night"

"night harry"

harry hung up and i fell asleep with a worried feeling like something was going to go wrong this summer but  i brush it off and go to sleep.


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