security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


1. intro.

my name is hailey higgIns yes i am paul higgIns daughter i am not that popular but most of my friends are either using me to get close to the new singer my dad is working for or left when my dad started his job because of jealousy. i only have 3 true friends anna, lindsey, catie. I live with my mom and dad but i like to go on the tours but i also hate it i am away from my mom and friends for almost the hole summer but yeah.i  think i will have fun this summer and i also get to go home in america so see my mom and friends. my mom is a model so she workes less than my dad but i just like traveling.

here is a little something about me..

full name: Hailey Renee Higgens 


i am about 5'2 yeah i am short i know.













































































































































































































































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