security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


3. hotel room

once me and dad got off the plane and to the hotel i was amazed it was huge and we were on the top floor were there was only 7 penthouses and we got 2 of them i got my own.:)


"yeah dad"

"okay here is your key and the band will be over in about 1 hour and we will then drive to the interview"

"so i get to meet them"

"yeah but get ready"

"okay bye thanks love you"

i walked inside and was in shock this was 30 times bigger then my room once i found the room i threw my bag on the bed and grabed some cloths and ran to the bathroom. Once i was done i wore high waist shorts and a loose top that cut off at the middle of my stomach it said you can look but you can not touch on it black letter and some flats and crimped my hair and once i was about to start my make up there was very loud knocks on the door and they did not stop.


stilled did not stop

"i am coming god"

keeps on going. 


i open the door and 4 boys stand infront of me and are smiling and they all charge at me and start hugging my and even picked me up it was one direction but i am use to stars and did not fan girl but it was kid of shocking when they picked me up.

"what the hell are you doing"

"what does it look like we are doing" said louis




"what are you going to do if we dont"

"scream rape"

"do it then"

"okay you told me to.....RA. i was stopped by a hand over my mouth and i felt my feet on the ground.

"thank you now please excuse me"

i started to walk into the kitchen and grab a drink i hear them scream "HARRY" i walk out and harrys head pops up and looked at me and smiles and so do i he winks and i blush and look down and walk back to my room no more than a min later there is a knock at my door i was in the bathroom.

"who is it"


"come in"

i hear the door open and him walking around.


"oh sorry i am right over here" 

i walked out and wave him over to come in the bathroom when he does i try to hide my red cheeks and he leans on the fame of the door.

"hi am  harry"

"hi harry i am hailey"

"nice to meet you"


"so what are you doing"

"my makeup"


"because i want to look nice"

"you dont need make up you are a very beautiful girl"

"are you flirting styles?"

"what no just being nice"

"oh just being nice"

"well i am"

"well you are flirting"

"haha what ever you saw"

harry walked in and sat down on the counter next to me and was looking at me will i rub in my blush.

"what are you looking at"

"can i help you"

"with what"

"your make up"

"haha no"

"come on please i promise i wont mess it up"

"fine you mess it up and i get to paint your nails"

"okay fine switch me spots"

we switch spots and harry started to put on my eye make up when he was doing the last thing lip gloss he came really close to my face and put his hand on my waist and then he said "done you look great" and he pecked me on the cheek and ran out of the room. what just happend!

I looked and i looked pretty good and grabed my bag and walked out the guys were all talking to my dad and harry smiled at me i smiled back and dad stood up.

"okay lets get going"


we all pilled into the van and headed to the interview no one has told me wear but i hope it is fun.

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