security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


6. HIDE!!

after i hung up with harry i ran and put my green bikini and i found harrys shirt  on my chair that explains why he was shirtless when he was his Mick Jagger shirt i put it on over my swim suit and i did not bother to put shoes on i walk out down the hall turn the corner and see harry leaning up against the wall his head back and his eyes closed and i can hear him snoring....WOW! i walked up to harry and i had to stand on my tip toes and i pecked his lips a couple of times until he jumped a little and he smiled i smiled back and he pecked my lips back and wraped his arms around me.


"were you just sleeping"

"yeah you took forever"

"sorry i take forever"

"well you should really try harder"

i slapped his back in a playful way and he laughed and squeezed me one more time then pulled back and took my hand and walked to the lift. it opened and he walked in and hit the bottom floor button and harry looked at me and giggled.


"nice shirt"

"thanks i love it one of my favorites"

"mine to"

"let me guess you are keeping it now"

"you better believe it i still have to find your sweat pants to"

"i have a lot so i guess you can have some"

"well yeah it is girlfriend code that i get your shirts and sweat pants"

"oh really what do i get"


"oh yeah i do have you i am very lucky"

"yeah you are"

i pulled harry in and kissed him then the door poped open and we got kind of scared harry kissed me one more time and we sneeked out to the outside pool"

"omg no no no"


"harry it is cold out here"

"aww your okay i will keep you warm"

harry ran after me i could tell he was going to push me in so i ran out of the way and harry belly flopped in the water! he can up from under the water and i sat on the side of the pool just dipping my toes in harry swam up to me and his head was kind of in between my legs i was turned on because i saw him look at it.

"hows the water"

"cold you should come in to warm it up"

"i don think so"


"no harry it is to cold"

"fine then i guess i will swim by myself"

'you have fun"

harry disappered under the water i got scared and just sat there and looked down i could not see it was dark and no lights were on. out of now were harry poped up really fast and grabbed me and pulled me under and then i swam up to breath so did harry i gasped and splashed harry then i swam over to him and hugged him tight and wraped my legs around him and he kissed my neck. one side of me did not want to have sex with him but another side of me wanted him to rip me apart! harry pushed me up against the side of the pool and we both began to explore each others bodys. i was sucking on harrys neck and he started to put his hands inside my swim suit bottoms and then i moaned has he thrusted to fingers inside me he started of slow then went faster and i could not hold in the moans and i was alright with all this it is just doing sexual things not having sex i cant get pregnant like this so i just wanted more and more.

"harry oh my go......d"

"are you okay"

"yeah great" 

i dug my nails in harrys back and i let out a huge moan and harry stoped i kissed him and i could feel harry trying to get his tough in my mouth so i let his tough enter. we let our toughs dance with each other for about 10min and then harry pulled away and smiled at me i smiled back we were both sweating so i pulled harry under the water with me and when we came back up i hugged him and picked his lips. i looked at his neck and was in shock.

"whats wrong babe did i do something wrong"

"no i did"


"you have a hicky"

"okay dont worry it will go away not that big of a deal dont stress over this okay"

"okay..can we get out"

"yeah lets go i am kind of cold to"

"thought so"

we got out and harry hit me with a towel in my butt!



"dont hit me" then i hit harry with my towel in his butt!

"your on" we chased each other around then i gave up i was really tried"

"okay you win this one"

"ha ha and she gives up"

"oh shit harry hide!"


i pulled harry behind a bush and look out and see my dad walking around with hotel sercerity and i show harry and he looked really scared.

"harry what should we do"

"just wait for him to turn around and run  threw that door over there and up the stair case and into our rooms okay go"

 harry grabed my hand and we ran over the door and up the stairs and we were laughing our asses off and harry never let go of my hand the hole time. we got to the top floor and we had to walk down this long hallway and i was so tried now from all those stairs.

"omg we pulled it off"

"we did you did great"

"so did you i am so tried now"

"here hop on"

"ha ha harry i will crush you i am to fat"

"no you are not hailey i love your body it is beautiful and never think like that about your self why do you think i get a boner every time i am around you or think about you because you are beautiful"

"wow harry no guy has ever told me that before thank you"

"now hop on"

"fine sorry if i hurt you" harry looked at me and gave me the shut up look "sorry"

he ran down the hall and held onto me hand when he reached my door he opened it and threw me on the bed and layed ontop of me and kissed all over my face then my lips.

"ha ha harry stop"

"ha ha fine wrap your legs and arms around  me okay"

"okay why" harry lifted me up and pulled the covers down and layed me in bed and got in next to me and covered us up and pulled me closer and i feel asleep on his chest i am just glad we did not get caught that was a close one!:]

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