security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


8. could not think of a name

i woke up in a empty bed duh flack i was a little upset but then i looked at the closet and saw a piece of paper.

         Dear hailey,

Morning sorry i left had to go do some shopping and you have some to do to look at bed side table use it no limit at all. Buy something nice we are going to go and stay with my mom for a little like the rest of the week and buy whatever you want okay i better come home and see more than 5 bags okay! bye love have fun today!


Look in the closet i think you might like it<3 love the curly one.

i looked at the table and saw his card but when i opened my closet i was chocked there was at least 5 pairs of harrys sweats and shirts man i think i love him..wait what did i just really say the L word well i think it might be true jup i love harry styles and i think it might be time that i give him some but we are going to his moms and that would be rude but i am ready i am kind of like horny! now what did harry go shopping for?

i walk out and see louis and niall siting on my couch watching tv and eating?

"uh hi guys what are you doing here"

"well good moring to you to" niall said with a mouthful of food

"sorry what are you doing here"

"eating and watching tv  what the hell does it look like" louis said

"well then" i walked into the kitchen and louis shouted "so have fun with harry last night "

"louis what are you talking about"

"oh dont give me any bullshit we saw his neck and heard you guys running around outside."

"oh yeah well nothing happend we just went for a swim and thats when we saw my dad and we ran but please dont tell anyone" 

"okay well want something to eat"

"no i have to get going"

"what were are you going." 

"well harry said that he wanted me to go shopping and i have to talk to my dad to"

"what for"

"well we are going to my moms and he said he wanted to spoil me and i have to talk to my dad and louis can i ask you something"


"okay you cant say no but will you come and help me shop"

"yes i would love to"

"yes thank you go and get dressed"

"okay" he  ran out and i went and got dress i wore a pare of  dark blue skinny jeans and harrys gray shirt with a heart on the pocket that says lover on it and red convers. i brushed my hair it is already naturaly strait and no makeup. i walked out of the bathroom and into my room and grabed harrys card and left and locked my door and went  to my dads room. and knocked and walked in.


i was watching tv when a knock came at my door and hailey walked in.

"hey honey"

"hi dad"

"whats up"

"well i am about to leave and i have to ask you something"

"were are you going"


"you have money did your mom send you some"

"no harry said that he wanted me to go shopping"

"uhm okay well what do you need to ask me"

"can i go to harrys moms with him"

"oh i dont know"

"dad why not"

"okay well when and how long will you be there and come back"

"well we are leaving tonight and be back in 4 days"

"that is 2 days before the tour starts and all the other boys are not going home"

"well harry wants me to meat his mom and so he wants some more time with her the boys already no about it to"

"okay fine you can go"




"were where you and harry at last night and dont lie to me"

"fine well i was upset last night because you said no and then i found out that you said yes then harry called me and i said i wanted to see him and he wanted to see me so we meet up bye the elevator and went to the pool and then we saw you coming and ran up stairs and into our rooms"

"that all and did anything happen in the pool"

"dad that is non of your buisness bye"


i stormed out of the room and saw the boys waiting by the door.

"did you hear"

"yeah i  did"

"why does he have to be so clingy and worry about me i am seventeen"

"we get it we know you are 17 but he is your dad and he does not want his little girl to have another man in his life"

"whatever can we just go"


once we got to the lift louis hit the down button and the doors opened and i was kind of exited and scared because i was with louis shopping and he is  my best friends and i was scared because well what would you do if you saw louis  with a girl? like i hope people know who i am and if they dont then i would like to keep it that way just until me and harry want to go public.

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