security's daughter

my life is great until my dad paul is the new security for the Biggest boy band in the world and i start to date harry and my dad is not so happy about it.


4. chatty man show

about 30 min later we pull up to the chatty man show that what i call him. i love watching them on it, its the most funniest thing ever. we all get out and walk to the celebrity entrance and there are screaming girls and pop every were. I keep my head down even though i did not have to i chose to because i did not want my face every were and the girls are going crazy they are calling me names like slut and a whore and much worse i started to cry the girls broke down the gate and started to run after us and i did not even notice and i felt arms around me and i am off the ground in his arms i look up and see his curly bouncing has he ran and he looks down and smiles at me i smile back.we got inside and harry sat me down and before i could say anything my dad pulled me away from harry and gave me the wtf is going on look and he sat me in the first row and about 20 min later the show started.

"hello everyone we have the amazing funny and flirty boys here today the world biggest boy band its ONE DIRECTION"

they walked out and sat down and greeted each other and got a drink. 

"so boy have have you been"


"so i heard you are going on tour in a week"

"yeah it is great"

okay lets skip all this crap and lets answer the question all of these young ladies want to know who is single and who is taken so can i see a show of hands that are taken, louis zayn are taken sorry girls,and so that still leaves three girls so niall when are planning on getting a girl?'"

"oh i dont know i am happly single"

"okay bullshit"

"laim i am sorry about the breakup"

"am okay"

"okay well harry anyone in you life right now"


"LIAR" louis yelled 

"who is in his life louis"

"well he likes her she is in this rome right now"

"point to her louis"

he pointed his finger at me and i swear i wanted to bit it off and shoot him in the head.

"come on up"


"hello love i am allen whats your name"

"hi Allen i'm hailey"

"beautiful name for a beautiful girl"

"thanks allen"

"so harry and hailey we dont have time to talk about you guys but we have to dance our asses off but at least hailey you know that harry likes you right"

"i guess"

"lets get this started hailey will be the judge"


has the boys got up harry looked at me and winked and i blushed and looked down they started to dance it was so funny i was about to pee.

"okay so hailey who won" allen said

"yeah hailey who one" said harry 

"the winner is not one direction ALLEN"

"ha ha ha you crush picked me and not you"

"whaz up with that hailey"

"allen blew me away"

out of know were allen picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and is running around then i am in harrys arms with my legs around his waist and arms around his neck i could feel the girls and boys giving me death glares but i could also feel something push against my leg i look at harry and his eyes get really wide and i start to laugh my ass off and i whisper "put me down and i will stand infront of you okay"


"good night everyone give it up for one direction"


me and harry ran off past everyone and down this dark hall way and into his dressing room i ran in am sat on the arm of the couch and started to laugh even harder at harry.

"omg harry ha ha ha"

"don't laugh at me"

"to late"

"i am only human" 

harry came inbetween my legs and ruged my back and i could fell his dick press against my zipper of my jeans it was a major turn on but i was not letting him get in my pants till we are dating so i decided to tease him. i looked at harrys lips and pulled his close to me and he leaned down and kissed me and it turned into a making out harry pull my legs around his waist and he was pulling at my shirt and started to unzip it after a while but i pulled back and harry looked sorry?

"harry dont be sorry"

"no we dont even know each other i should have not taken it that far"

"harry i liked it and how about we get to know each other some more"

"i would love to how about this we go for a late  lunch  today just use"

"i would love to harry come and get me when you are ready"

"okay we should go before they get come looking for use"

"yeah lets go"

we walked out and back out to the boys they all had smiles on there faces and when i saw my dad he looked pissed and no one said one thing to each other we just all walked out the girls saw me and started to call me nasty things and i started to cry and harry put his arm around my shoulder and i think it made it worst because they became even more crazier than before and once we got into the van i put in my earphones and listened to little things and i got a couple new text.

from harry<3: hey are you okay?"

To harry<3:not really do we have to go to lunch?"

From harry<3:no we can go another time what do you want to do then?"

To harry<3: how about we watch a movie order some food?"

from harry<3: GREAT! see you when we get home"

i lock my phone and we finally get to the hotel and has i am walking my shoe comes undone and harry told my dad he would make sure  i am alright and everyone went to there rooms and once we were done we walk to the lift and pushed the top floor and harry pulled me closer to him and we started to make out untill my phone started to ring.

"uh i better take this"

"hello mom how you doing"

"hey darling great how about you"


"i saw you on tv today"

"yeah well mom i got to go okay i am going in the lift so call you tonight okay"

"okay love you bye"

"love you to bye"

"sorry harry that was my mom"

"thats okay lets pick up were we left off"

"no no boy that is all you get ha ha"


"lets go"

i pull harrys hand in mine and walk to the door and he looked sad but sorry i am sticking to my word. 

"hey harry i am going to go take a shower"

"can i come?"

"no you can not come maybe another time"

"okay i will use that against you next time"

"whatever you say"

i take my shower and i forgot my cloths in my room shit

"harry come here"

"yeah whats up"


"not reqired"

"harry please got get me cloths i am cold"

"okay were are they"

"my bed."

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