Fives (1D fanfic)

Tori is a waitress at ´Fives´ a local restoraunt in London,England. She´s eighteen and loves to write. She secretly loves the british boy band One Direction, but no one knows. One normal day when she´s at work, she serves a Tall, handsome, green-eyed boy..Harry Styles, and as they start knowing each other, they like one another. But Managment wants Harry to go out with Claire, a model who wants publicity and this is her way to get it. And when Hazza´s career is pressured against his personal love life into a fight, what will be the product?


1. Name tag

"Hi, My name Is Tori, may I ask what you wish to order for today?" I ask, taking an order at my job as a waitress at ´Fives´a local restoraunt here in London, England. "Not yet, I´m waiting for someone actually, more like four, but thanks" a slow, thick, british accent states. "Ok then sir, I´ll come back in a few minutes, just tell me if you need anything" I say, I nearly left when I was stopped. "Wait" said the same voice. "Can I have your number?" he continued. "Why..?" I ask. "Why would a boy want a pretty girls´number?" he asks with a cheeky smile. "Because dudes like pretty girls.." I said with a slight and shy smile. "Yep" he said. "But I´m not" I said saying the truth of what I think I am and look like. "Trust me, you are, very." He says letting out a cute chuckle. I blushed. I ripped a piece of paper from my notepad and wrote my number on it "I´m Harry" He said. "I kinda knew" I said with a wide smile. "You like my band?" Harry asked. "Yes, but i knew you were Harry because your lanyard has an ID on it, that says  "I should get going Harry, sorry, call me.." I say as I leave, the end of my shift finally, 7:30 P.M. 

I got in the car and my phone vibrated, a text from an unknown caller: ´Hey Tori, it´s Harry! call you later. xx´. Said the text. I replied with: ´Hey and sure, call me day or night x´.

I got home in about an hour, had to stop for gas, also, I live very far away from my job, it´s not easy to find a job when you´re just eighteen. 

My phone startd vibrating as I got out of my car and Into the building where my apartment is at. ´Harry´said the caller ID. I obviously pressed the ´Answer´ button. "Hello!" said the same british accent that was at the restoraunt. "Hey Harry" I simply reply. "Tori, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tommorow at seven?" he said shyly. "I´d love to, what should I wear?" I reply and ask. "Clothes...casual ones" he said and chuckled. "Okk" I say. "I gotta go, text you later, bye!" Said Harry and hung up. 

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