All she wants is to get rid of her demonic past.. Annabelle who is now called Summer can't get him out of her head. She's always running from the ones who are a danger to her, but then she runs into Niall the reason why she is the way she is. Is he the one who keeps her alive and safe? Or does he just keep the trouble coming at her? All she wants is to be with him, but that isn't allowed...


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Mullingar, Ireland September 13, 1693 Annabelle's POV- I was running, running from what was chasing me. Why was I their target? What had I done? Not even more than three hours had I seen my best friend Laura or now Laniane (Lay-Nee-Anne) get killed.

We had a normal day going on when we decided to take a walk down to the bakery to get some loaves of bread, we were no more than halfway there yet when they had started following us and finally cornering us. "Annabelle, please listen. When I tell you to run, you run until you cannot run no more, far away, as far as you can get. Promise?" Laura had said as they were approaching even closer. I had so many questions to ask her but they all had gotten caught up in my throat and I could only nod 'yes' "Good, now stay behind me at ALL times." Ordering me.

Once they were no more than three foot from us a brunette man stepped closer talking "Ahh, Laniane finally we had been able to catch up with you and your friend Annabelle. It seemed like ages to me." Laura had tensed up hearing those words. His eyes were dark and he had short hair, like any other man in our time, why was she seeming so nervous? "Ian, you know that you could have caught up with us anytime." "Oh Laniane, you were always the one to be boring and getting to the point," He looked at the boys behind him, smirking, then looked to his pants and started to pull something from his pocket, "Talking about points love, see this?" He held up a long silvery knife and started to play with it while grinning, "it makes me wonder how good it would look going across poor little helpless Annabelle's throat." Pointing it at me, Laura had then stepped out in front of me. "You wouldn't dare touch her Ian." She snapped. He seemed as if he were surprised for her raising a tone to him "Oh would I now? Well your right I can't, I can't because it's law! You should know about breaking laws though, you've been going against the rules for almost a year now!" He sounded like he was on an outrage. It was quite frightening  but then again everything had been. Laura has been telling a fib for past a year. To be honest I never learned why she told me her name was Laura or anyone else, but since that's what she told me her name was, then be it. Ian spoke again, but this time a little softer and calmer "But I wonder how it'd look across yours.." Walking a bit towards Laura. Laura had looked stricken "Annabelle I know you have many questions, but I assure you someone will answer them, they know who they are. But at the moment run. Don't let them get you. Save yours-" Slitting her throat Ian said "My she sure does know how to make a scene that isn't needed," My face had gone from normal to ghostly pale and I turned to run, Ian turned to the others waiting for someone to come after me. "Don't just stand there you damned fools! Get her!"

Harry's POV- I knew I wanted her from the beginning. Her face was beyond gorgeous. With her long curly blonde hair light blue eyes and olive skin. She looked like an angel. Even when she screamed in horror watching Laniane get killed. She ran and I knew I would be the one to get her, to turn her, to answer all her questions, and hopefully, to be with her. She ran into the forest and it was nearly dusk, with the day coming to an end "Guys, I have it from here. Go home and see your beloved wives." Zain looked at Leanore replying "Ok Harold, are you sure you can handle her? She seems like she will be a tough one." I put my hand up with a simple nod and ran off to find her. It was amusing watching her run, and since I could get her within seconds, but I decided until she fell or got exhausted to get her. Therefore, making it more dramatic. After all it is kind of fun to toy with humans, and it's not like I'm killing her.

Annabelle's POV- I ran, I ran until it hurt, until I was crying because of the excruciating pain in my lungs. The trees seemed as if they had started caving in on me, and twigs on the ground becoming bigger. I fell to my knees clutching my lower left chest and I let out a quiet yelp. I heard footsteps getting closer, then closer until finally I looked up to see someone, that looked like a 6 foot man with long curly hair and well built, reaching for me "Please don't kill me, please!" I begged. He didn't say anything but instead just picked me up carefully carrying me, I struggled from his release but he wouldn't budge, and kept walking, "Where are you taking me? Are you going to kill me?" I couldn't think straight. "Kill you?" He scoffed, "Why would I do such a thing? Laura never told you anything. What a peasant she is." I looked in his face, the way his lips were parted, the bone structure on his face, how his hair framed his beautiful face, I wanted to kiss him. He went stiff and stopped in his tracks putting me down then pacing. "Kiss me? Please." He said it like he could hear my thoughts. "Only a true demon would want to kiss an immortal love." "I-Immortal? What are you talking about?" Again, no answer. He walked back over taking my hand leading me through the dark forest. "Where are you taking me?" I wondered, there was no way of getting away, his strong hands had a hold of me so I might as well just stop trying to struggle and whine. He had annoyance in his voice "Paradise." Leaving it at that.

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