One Direction Minus One

Louis is dead. Suicide. Harry misses his friend and his "bromance". Feeling broken and confused, Harry goes to the farthest limits to find out why Louis killed himself with the help of the other lads. Was Harry just another complication in Louis's life that he felt such a strong need to get away from? The most important question is: Will One Direction still be together with one of their "brothers" gone?


24. How Did I Get Here?

Harry's POV

I was unconscious but I could hear voices.

"Is he okay?"

"What happened to him?"

"I'M FINE!" I wanted to shout, but my mouth would not work.

There was music playing in the background:

And they say that a hero can save us.
im not gonna stand here and wait. 
i'll hold onto the wings of the eagles. 
watch as they all fly away.
And they're watching us 
(watching us)
as they all fly away

(A/N Song is Hero by Nickelback)


My entire body was in pain. There was not a single part of me that did not hurt. I could not move or even open my eyes. I didn't even know who was talking about me.

After hearing parts of conversations, my eyes opened. I saw the boys there. When I looked down at my own body, almost everything was in a cast.

"WH COULDN'T YOU JUST LET ME DIE?" I shouted, crying.

"We lost Louis already," said Liam.

"There's no way we're going to lose you," said Niall.

Zayn was not looking at me. He was facing the wall, shaking. I realized that he was also crying.

"I can't lose you," said Zayn. "It would be too much."

"What if I want to die, though?" I aksed quietly, still crying.

"I don't know," they answered in unison.

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