One Direction Minus One

Louis is dead. Suicide. Harry misses his friend and his "bromance". Feeling broken and confused, Harry goes to the farthest limits to find out why Louis killed himself with the help of the other lads. Was Harry just another complication in Louis's life that he felt such a strong need to get away from? The most important question is: Will One Direction still be together with one of their "brothers" gone?


29. He Needs Me

Harry's POV

Niall came back to visit me later in the day. He came alone.

"I need you, lad," he whispered.

I floated out o my body again. I was able to see that Niall's eyes were swollen and bloodshot.

"He really does need you," said a voice. I turned around and it was Louis. "As much as I miss you and want you to stay with me, you can't leave Niall."

I turned away from Louis and floated towards the door.

"He won't survive," said Louis, making me turn around. "With you gone, it will be like how you were acting once I was gone. Maybe worse now."

I kept going. I eventually found my way out of the hospital and went on a little journey to be alone.

I stopped by Liam's house first. I saw him through the window with his face in his hands. He and Niall were almost as close as me and Louis were. It would kill him if Niall was gone because of me.

I walked through the door and into his house. I floated beside Liam, wishing I could help. I knew I couldn't because Liam wouldn't notice me like this. He'd need me in my real body. I started to feel bad for him. The emotion was too mush for me so I left him and went to Zayn's house.

Zayn was emotionless. He just stood in front of his television staring at the screen. I didn't understand why Liam and Zayn weren't together at this very moment to comfort each other.
I went back to the hospital. Niall was still a wreck, pacing in front of my bed, talking to himself.

I wanted to wake up, to help.

"Where have you been?" I heard Louis ask me.

"Liam's…Zayn's…" I said.

"Now you know they can't live without you," Louis said, placing his hand on my shoulder.

"I guess…" I whispered. "But that still doesn't at all affect how I feel."

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