One Direction Minus One

Louis is dead. Suicide. Harry misses his friend and his "bromance". Feeling broken and confused, Harry goes to the farthest limits to find out why Louis killed himself with the help of the other lads. Was Harry just another complication in Louis's life that he felt such a strong need to get away from? The most important question is: Will One Direction still be together with one of their "brothers" gone?


32. Don't Care Anymore

Harry's POV

The best thing in the world is when you are told not to listen to music, then do so anyways. There was no way Niall could shut off the music that played throughout the entire hospital.

I finally got myself to calm down. I just curled into a ball on my side and rocked back and forth. My eyes widened and I started chucklling. Then I started giggling. Finally, I started laughing like a mad man. I couldn't stop. I just kept laughing.

A nurse walked by my room. She seemed concerned about me. She was pretty fit. She had long black hair and baby blue eyes. I didn't really care anymore though. I'm not that same guy that gets girl after girl.

I am Harry Styles. I'm nineteen years old, and I just don't care anymore. About life or about death. After all, we are all born to die, or so they say. Nobody ever talks about what happens in the middle.  When you're supposed to be off having the time of your life. Before it's over at least.

What happens when you don't want to have a blast? When you don't want to have fun anymore because the person you had fun with for the past couple of years is gone? You do nothing.

I kept laughing out loud. Finally, a doctor came in. He slapped me across the face. I quickly came to my senses.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"You were becoming hysterical," he explained. "That's what you do when that happens."

He injected some medicine into some tubes before exiting the room. I looked up at the ceiling and just stayed like that.

'Why did Niall have to become so close to me?' I wondered.

I knew, very deep down, it was only for my own good, though. Without Niall, I'd probably be dead. Gone.

A four-letter word that has so much meaning to most people. Except if you're like me. And you simply just don't care.

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