The Black Lake: A Primal Tears based fanfic

This is an uncompleted story based on the characters of Primal Tears. I'm sort of stuck at the moment. But if anyone has suggestions for what might happen next feel free to share.


3. The Strange Black Stuff

As they came over the crest of the hill, bringing the lake into view Sage and Carver could immediately see that there was something wrong.

The entire lake was filled, with some sort of horrible black substance.

"Heavens" exclaimed Carver.

Sage just stated in shock. She couldn't believe someone would molest her beautiful mountain getaway with... What was that stuff exactly?

"Come on, we've gotta go check it out" said Sage, as she started down the hill.

Carver grabbed her arm. "Sage honey I can't let you do that. You could get hurt."

Sage smiled. "While your concern is sweet, I assure you, I'll be careful."

Carver was about to protest further.

"Besides, considering that I'm about as strong as 3 of you put together, you don't really have a choice in the matter."

She gently but firmly, wrenched her arm out of his grasp, and continued down the hill.

Carver hesitated, then made up his mind. "Wait. I'm coming with you."

Sage took Carver's hand in hers, and flashed him her pretty smile. "Thank you."

"Well I couldn't let you have all the fun now could I?" Carver asked.

Sage giggled a little at Carver's good nature, but then put her mind back to business.

In fifteen minutes they were down to the lake. It took Sage a bit longer because she had short legs and their were no trees to swing from.

When they made it to the lake, they saw that the stuff in it, was in fact, not oil at all. Rather it appeared to be bubbling like boiling water.

Sage and Carver were horrified, to say the least.

"What is this stuff?" Sage asked.

"I don't know, but it smells horrid" said Carver, holding his nose against the smell.

Even with Carver's bandana around her face, Sage was still feeling lightheaded. This was a fact that did not go unnoticed by Carver.

"Sage, I don't know what this stuff is, but I really think we should stay back from it."

Sage agreed.

"Come on" said Carver, taking her hand.

They made it back to the car, and got in.

Sage suddenly felt the all too familiar hot feeling around her eyes. It was a total pain, feeling as if you wanted to cry, and not being able to. At times like this, she would usually scream, but she had learned to calm herself by breathing.

Carver smiled as he stroked her cheek. "Hey don't worry about it. We'll get someone down here to check it out."

Sage smiled half heartedly.

Carver put the car in drive, and they headed off. Along the way, they discussed weather to tell Richard.

"I don't think we should" said Carver as he turned the car left at a stoplight. "Hasn't he screwed you enough already."

Sage thought about it. "Richard is a good person. I think he just let's his white man power go to his head sometimes."

Carver scoffed.

"The fact" Sage continued, "that I've been told by everyone in my family, that Richard showed genuine concern for me when you all thought I was dead; shows that he is a good man."

Carver nodded his head. "I agree. However, we should still be cautious. Who knows how Martin will try to use whatever publicity comes from this, to his own agenda?"

"I understand" said Sage.

A few hours later, they had a team of forest rangers tagging along to see the strange black liquid.

The lead forest ranger, Amanda, asked Sage some questions.

"What was its consistency?"

"I don't know" said Carver.

"It looked all black like an oil spill, but it was boiling like water" said Sage.

Amanda looked shocked. She jotted down this information in her notebook, and shook her head in surprise.

"Anything else?" she asked.

"No" said Carver and Sage after looking at each other for a moment.

"Alright" said Amanda, closing her notebook.

"It's just over this hill" said Sage.

Suddenly though, she stopped cold. There ahead of them, was the last person she wanted to see.


To be continued

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