The Black Lake: A Primal Tears based fanfic

This is an uncompleted story based on the characters of Primal Tears. I'm sort of stuck at the moment. But if anyone has suggestions for what might happen next feel free to share.


2. The Mystery Smell

Sage stroked the silky hair that covered her muscular arms, as the car drove towards the mountains she used to call home.

She had since moved back to the city, because Richard Martin said it would be in her fellow animals' best interest, if she could be their ambassador.

"After all" he had said "no one is closer to their fellow animals."

Sage's parents, Sarah and Kevin, despised Richard, and the hell he had put Sage through; but Sage had to admit he did have a point.

Finally they arrived at the bottom of the mountains. Sage and Carver got out of the car, and took a moment to stretch their legs, and to smell the beautiful fresh air.

"I'll never get tired of that smell" said Carver.

Sage sniffed the air. At first the scents of nature brought her nothing but joy.

Suddenly though, Sage's keen animal senses, were invaded by a smell that was most definitely not welcome.

"Carver I smell something bad" she said, with panic in her voice.

Carver immediately turned his full attention on his girlfriend.

"There's not a bad person here is there?" Carver asked, with concern in his voice.

"No. I... I don't know what it is?"

Sage looked at Carver with fear in her eyes. Carver put his hand on her shoulder.

"We've gotta go see what it is" he said.

"I know, let's go!"

Sage and Carver walked casually toward the forest as though nothing unusual was going on. They attracted a few stares from other people who were preparing to go on nature hikes of their own.

By that point though, Sage had learned to stop caring.

As soon as they were out of sight of the other people, Sage crouched down.

"Hop on!"

Carver got onto her piggyback style, and she crouched like a tiger preparing to pounce.

She jumped towards a redwood, grabbing onto a low hanging branch. Using it to propel herself upwards, she moved higher into the trees. To anyone else, she would seem like a girl version of Tarzan. To herself though, she seemed perfectly normal (because she had been doing this for mist of her life).

Carver held on tight, as Sage maneuvered with the reflexes of Spiderman through the trees. Her speed and agility were truly amazing.

She swung towards another branch. It was fifteen feet away from her, but she leapt towards it through the open air, 40 feet above the forest floor.

Carver was calm. He trusted Sage's animal instincts to get then safely to their destination.

Finally after about twenty minutes (it would have been at least an hour for a normal person), they arrived at the spot where the smell seemed to be coming from.

"Wow. I can smell it too" said Carver.

Sage put her hand to her head.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. It's just that smell is so overpowering to someone with an advanced sense of smell like me."

Carver took off his head-rag and wrapped it around Sage's face.

"Is that better?"

"Yeah thank you. Now let's go. I think it's coming from the lake."

Sage and Carver ran off to see what was happening.


To be continued

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