The Black Lake: A Primal Tears based fanfic

This is an uncompleted story based on the characters of Primal Tears. I'm sort of stuck at the moment. But if anyone has suggestions for what might happen next feel free to share.


4. Meeting With Martin

“Richard Martin?” Sage gasped.

“Hello Ms. Shepard. How are you?” Richard asked with his usual enthusiasm. Sage was confused to say the least.

“What are you doing here Richard?”

“Working on my latest experiment.”
Carver, Sage and Amanda all stared at Richard in shock.

“You did this” asked Amanda.

“Indeed I did” said Richard.

 Sage was utterly perplexed. She knew Martin could be an ambitious fellow at times, but she often found that she couldn’t understand what he was up to.

“What have you done with Sage’s mountain” snapped Carver.

“My dear boy” guffawed Martin with a condescending air that would make Jesus want to punch him in the face. “This mountain does not belong exclusively to Ms. Shepard. My goodness.”

Carver bit down hard on his tongue to stop himself from making a retort that he was sure he would regret later.

 One of the workers approached Richard.
“All of the equipment is in order sir” he said.

“Excellent Mr. Ferguson” said Richard with excitement. “Would you all care to take a look at what I’m up to?”

“Well that’s a first” grumbled Carver as they followed Richard and Mr. Ferguson towards a large tent.

 Inside Richard Martin’s tent, which looked more like an office building than a proper tent, Sage and her friends listened as Martin told them what was happening.

“My scientists are the best in the world. As you all know of course.”

“Yes we know your team is top notch Richard” said Sage who was growing more and more impatient by the minute. “Would you cut the chatter, and tell us what that ugly stuff in the lake is?”

“Magic” said Richard.

 Everyone just stared at Richard, quite certain that he must have reached the limits of his sanity. Sage believed in magic sure enough, but she believed it was found in mother nature, and not in slimy man made goop (she assumed that Richard had thought of this whole thing).

“Richard what are you on?” asked Sage. Martin chuckled and Carver stuck a finger in his mouth behind the obnoxious billionaire’s back.

“Well my dear you see, a few months ago my scientists discovered a region in the brain of a young girl that could produce liquid protection.” Martin broke out into a wide smile.

“And what pray tell is that?” asked Amanda who was starting to see just how annoying Richard Martin really was.

“Oh my dear. So sorry. I didn’t even see you there. Name’s Richard Martin. How do you do?”
Amanda looked shocked and offended by Martin’s apparent disinterest in anything but himself. She bit her tongue too.

 Sage cleared her throat, Martin gave an excited little bounce and continued to speak.
“You see. Whatever this substance in the lake comes in contact with will have everlasting protection against anything that comes along.”

Carver and Amanda both thought Richard was nuts (and to be fair he sometimes was).

Sage however looked delighted. “So does that mean that nothing bad can ever happen to any of the creatures or plants in the lake?”

“Well I would imagine they could still eat each other and stuff, but no human made harm can effect it. Oil will evaporate. I know. I poured a gallon in myself just to test my theory” the alarmingly unsympathetic billionaire said with pride in his voice.

Normally Sage would have been angry about something like that, but given the exciting circumstances she chose to ignore this bit of info.

“However" said Martin sounding sad for the first time and making everyone nervous. "There was a slight glitch in the plan."

"Of course" thought Sage.

"What was it?" asked Amanda.

"Well you see the girl whose name is Susan Tillman by the way, is negatively effected by the secretions of magic coming from her brain."

"How so?" asked Carver looking worried.

"The magic it seems, helps everyone but Susan. It would seem that it's slowly turning her brain to slop."

To be continued...

PS: Do you hate Richard now?

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