The Black Lake: A Primal Tears based fanfic

This is an uncompleted story based on the characters of Primal Tears. I'm sort of stuck at the moment. But if anyone has suggestions for what might happen next feel free to share.


1. Plans for a Romantic Hike

Sage Shepard knew the importance of keeping one's environment healthy. She knew it was vital to always remember mother earth, and all the things that she gives us.

Now maybe this attitude was stemmed from the fact that Sage was a mutant (half animal herself), but she just thought it was the right way to live.

Now on this particular day (which according to the calendar was the second Wednesday of November) Sage was preparing to go on one of her nature walks with her boyfriend Carver.

Carver and her had been best friends since Sage was born and Carver was 3 years old. Their relationship had blossomed over the years, until now (as adults) they had cultivated a fully fledged sweetheart type of relationship.

This of course, wasn't to say that Sage had completely given up on her non-monogamous lifestyle, but it had settled down a bit.

Getting back to the nature walk, it's important to think with an open mind when Sage Shepard asks you to accompany her on a nature walk. Because Sage Shepard is a mixture of normal human female, and bonobo ape (read Primal Tears by Kelpie Wilson), her nature walks, aren't really walks.

Sage was ready to go. She had on her usual forest exploring attire, which was a jogging bra and biker shorts.

"Carver are you ready" she called out in her sweet voice (imagine Liv Tyler).

"Yeah Sage just let me grab something" Carver replied.

Carver ran to the apartment's little fridge, and took out a small ziplock. In it, were an assortment of chocolate covered bug larvae. Being part ape (well more ape than the average person) Sage loved this kind of thing.

It had been all Carver could do, to keep Sage from detecting the tiny delicacies, what with her heightened sense of smell and all.

"Carver come on" Sage practically whined.

Carver laughed. He took out a special scent-proof sack, and stuffed the yummy treats into the bottom if the lunchbox. Then he grabbed the lunchbox, and headed out the door.

Sage was already in the car. Carver smiled, as he thought about how lucky he was to have a girlfriend who was so close to nature.

'In more ways than one' he thought as he walked towards the car.

"Come on Carver" said Sage, in a voice that was more excited than annoyed. Carver laughed, as he placed the lunchbox in the back seat.

"Hold your horses" he said.

Carver got into the driver's seat, started the car, and they were off.


To be continued

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