Saved By A Stranger

Cassidy and her best friend Candy lived at an orphanage for over 14 years. They had lost all hope when suddenly a handsome stranger came to adopt them. They were desperate, but this stranger drew the confidence out of them. Cassidy finds true love, Candy finally understands, but happiness comes with a price. How much will they pay to be happy?


16. Summer Love

Cassidy's P.O.V

     Summer was amazing.  Sleeping by Niall each night, truth or dare games almost every day.  Today, Harry's having a pool party, and yea, I have to wear a bikini.  I looked at myself in the mirror, "I hate my body." I poked my stomach and put on some sandals.  Niall walked in, "Ready?" I shook my head and wrapped myself with a towel, "Not yet."  Niall kissed my cheek and took off his shirt.  Ahhh...those abs.  He just killed me inside, just like all the millions of girls who've seen him shirtless.  My mom would've killed me by now, knowing I'm thinking about Niall that way.  Sorry, mum.  I tied up my hair and put on sunscreen.  Candy walked in with her GB (Great Britian) bikini, "This is sooo cool!" I raised an eyebrow, "Your bikini or the party?"  Lou and Liam were thinking about getting me an Ireland bikini, but I told them that any regular bikini was fine. And guess what? They still got me the Ireland bikini.  Niall was in the restroom, showering.  It's weird, I usually take 1 shower a day, but Niall takes like 3 or 4.    Candy sat on the bed, "Party. Party. Party. Party. Party. Party. Na, na, na."  She sang. I laughed, "Why don't you check out what Harry's doing downstairs?" She nodded and danced downstairs, the same way she danced when she found out we were being adopted.  Niall walked out, shaking his head, the drops of water flying everywhere.  I wiped my face, "Niall!"  He laughed, "Did I get you wet?" I nodded.  He ran up to me and hugged me, "Okay, now we're both wet." I laughed, "You're hot." He smiled, "I know I am." I kissed his cheek, "I meant your body is hot." He laughed.  I corrected myself again, "I mean, in temperature." He kissed my cheek, "Wanna head downstairs?" I nodded and headed for the door.  He shook his head, "No, not like that." He grabbed me and threw me on his shoulder.  I yelped, "Niall! Put me down! Niall!!!"  He walked down the stairs and put me down on the couch next to him.  I brushed my hair out of my face, "Niiiiaalllllll..." He laughed and helped me fix my hair.  Zayn and Lou were letting the guests in.  Harry and Candy were in the kitchen, probably baking treats.  Ed Sheeran came in to help.  He was so sweet.  He and Liam were heating up the jacuzzi in the backyard.  Niall stood up, "C'mon, princess." I stood up and followed him to the backyard.  Both of us were wiping down the tables and fixing the chairs.  When all the guests arrived, Harry was counting everyone, scared there might be too many people.  I also counted, "Okay, there's Ed, Cher, Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Jade, Taylor, Jay, and-" Wait, who was that?  I looked at Niall, "Who's that?" He answered, "Holly, Harry's ex." I nodded slowly, "He invited her?" He bit his lip, "Probably."  I continued, "Tabby, Lilly, Jess-wait, is that-it couldn't be.  Alyssa.  I didn't invite her."  She was in a red bikini and she was by the grill, talking to Jess and Lilly.  No. It can't. I-how???  Candy nervously rubbed her arm next to me, "What's Alyssa doing here?"  I walked up to her, "What are you doing here?" Alyssa snickered, "This is a party, right? I'm here to have fun."  I wish she was a vampire, so, you know, she'll burn in the sun and she wouldn't be able to get into our house without our permission.  She probably snuck in with some of the girls.  "Get out." I said. "What?" She looked at me.  I said it again, "Get out.  I don't want to repeat myself again."  She put her hand on her hip, "You can't tell me what to do." I yelled, "Niall!"  Niall came to my side, walking from the table the guys sat in. I said aloud, "I didn't invite her.  What is she doing here?"  She laughed, "Tabby and Lilly brought me along."  I totally forgot, Tabby, Lilly, and Jess were part of her group.  THEY ALL HURT CANDY.  I was about to scream in their faces, but I remained calm, "Please leave."  They all looked at Alyssa.  Alyssa still had a stone face, "No."  Niall looked at her, "This is our property. Get out or else we'll phone the police."  She was still being her stubborn self, "Humph." She left, marching out, with the other girls.  I sighed, glad no one saw the little show we put on.  Everyone was having fun, jumping around, eating, drinking.  I walked next to Candy, "Don't drink too much.  I don't want you mumbling nonsense in the middle of the night."  She nodded and continued talking to Harry. 

Candy's P.O.V

     I rubbed my arm, "Well..." Harry insisted, "Please?" He was begging me to show him the infinity tattoo I got three weeks ago at the shop with Cassidy.  She finally let me get one, but she didn't want one, probably because Niall didn't have one.  Harry grabbed my hand, "Please?"  I sighed, "Fine." He smiled and his eyes gleamed as though he had a mini celebration inside his head.  I continued, "After the party." The gleam faded, but he was still smiling.  The tattoo was located at the most private point, the only reason Cassidy let me get it.  I looked at Harry, who was still smiling like a lunatic.  But the thing is, he's MY lunatic.  Holly was sitting at the table just a few feet away from us, talking to the Little Mix girls.  "Zayn looks hot." Jade stated while looked at Zayn in the jacuzzi.  Perrie rolled her eyes, "I'm over him." Leigh-anne sighed, "C'mon Perrie, loosen up. He does look hot." Holly twirled her hair, "Harry's hot. Especially with those new tattoos.  Oh I could do him all day."  All the girls looked at her like she was crazy.  Perrie sighed, "I used to do Zayn. He was amazing."  Jesy rubbed her eyes, "Break-up table. I gotta back up now."  I kissed Harry, still hearing the girls' conversation.  Harry did have a lot of tattoos, but they didn't make him look any hotter.  It's his sweet personality that makes him so hot, well, that's what I think.  Out of all his tattoos, I really like '17BLACK', for some reason, it appeals to me.  Harry's tongue was playing with mine, making it so hard not to smile.  It tickled.  Holly sighed and walked through us, our locked lips, slipping apart.  Harry stomped his foot, "Holly, you should be thankful I even invited you."  She rolled her eyes, which made Harry's eyes blaze.  She gave a naughty smile, "I know you want me, Harold."  He shook his head, the vein on his neck about to pop.  I gasped and rubbed it.  He calmed and placed his soft hand over mine that was on his neck.  Holly sighed again, "Harry, you're being so obvious.  She's a cover up for me.  It's ok.  Dump her, so we could be together."  The fire raged in his eyes, I could see it.  Holly was smiling, "Come on.  Love me like you used to."  He shook his head.  She gasped, "But-"  He informed, "I have Candy.  I know she's the one." I blushed.  Holly's eyes widened, "Forget you! I don't need you!"  She stomped her way to the jacuzzi and started snogging Zayn.  Perrie stood up, "Z-Z-Zayn..."  Zayn pushed her away, "You are such a bastard, you know that right?" Holly smiled naughtly again, "Nope." Cassidy dragged Holly out and slammed the door in her face, "I don't want any more drama, please."  She sighed.

Cassidy's P.O.V

    This was a tiring night, pushing complete strangers out the door, how fun.  Niall dragged me out to the backyard, "Show these girls how awesome you are, princess." I laughed, "Niall, what do you mean?"  He pointed to the diving board.  Shiz. I climbed up the ladder, no problem.  I jumped off, did a flip, and dived into the water.  Niall jumped in after me and grabbed my leg, "MMMM..." I laughed, "Niall, that tickles."  He bobbed up next to me, "Haha, ahaha."  He plunged in the water and pulled me with him.  Both of us sat at the floor and held each other's hands.  'I love you.' he said with his fingers.  'Me too.' I said with my fingers.  We kissed, running out of breath.  Niall pulled us up to the surface, so we could breathe.  I panted, "Niall, that was fun." He smiled.  After a while, everyone got tired so we told them to go home and we had to get some rest too.  I changed in the restroom and took a shower.  I sat in bed, waiting for Niall to finish taking a shower.  It's weird, we're like two peas in a pod, but we never take a shower together.  I dunno, maybe it's the fact that I don't want Niall to see me naked, or maybe the fact that we don't really trust each other enough.  But, how? I've told him everything on my mind, even the secrets that just pop up, whenever.  How much farther could our trust get?  Niall finished and sat next to me.  He smiled, "What are you thinking about? I know something's up."  I looked at him, "Well, I was wondering why we haven't taken a shower together yet. I'm kinda scared that I might not trust you enough to take a shower with you." He laughed, "That's not it.  Taking a shower together is a small silly thing.  Besides, I've already seen you naked and you've seen me naked." I asked, "When?"  He took my hand, "During our snogging sessions in bed."  Oh, I completely forgot about those. Niall was right, it's a silly thing. I looked down at my feet that were covered with the blanket.  He startled me, "But if you want, we could try it tomorrow." I smiled, "That sounds like fun." He wrapped me in his arms and we both fell asleep.

Cassidy's P.O.V

     Harry sat on my bed while I was blowdrying my hair. I only washed my hair, hence I would take a bath later.  Harry was still smiling like a lunatic ever since I said yes.  I combed my hair and sat next to Harry on my bed.  He asked, "Well, are you going to show me?"  I slowly pulled down part of the lower part of my bikini.  I pointed, "There it is." His eyes widened, "Wonderful."  I laughed and let go, covering it again.  I stood up to take a shower and Harry stood up, "I have to too.  Zayn's in the other shower." Wow, he was looking for an excuse to take a shower with me.  Mmmm...okay. Just to see him nude. :) I'm weird, yes, don't judge me.  Both of us stripped off our clothes and headed into the bathtub.  Harry sat in first and I sat on his lap.  It was a bubblebath, so it was hard to see his body.  He kissed my neck as I rubbed bubbles on my arms.  After we finished bathing, we stood up as the water was flowing out the drain.  I pulled the curtain and turned on the shower.  We rinsed and headed out to put on our clothes.  I wrapped the towel around myself and tied up my hair.  Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a kiss.  Soon, his tongue found mine.  This kiss led to snogging.  I tangles my fingers in his hair and his hands were on my face.  We headed for the bed, and that was the start of our fun night.  

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