Saved By A Stranger

Cassidy and her best friend Candy lived at an orphanage for over 14 years. They had lost all hope when suddenly a handsome stranger came to adopt them. They were desperate, but this stranger drew the confidence out of them. Cassidy finds true love, Candy finally understands, but happiness comes with a price. How much will they pay to be happy?


7. Niall Has A Girlfriend

Cassidy's P.O.V

     I rubbed my eyes and sat up. It's 9:30 am, I better get ready. I brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to make breakfast.  Candy walked down a while after, "Cass, I smell pancakes. Mmm."  I placed a plate of pancakes on the seat next to me, "Go ahead." I made more just in case the guys woke up.  And to my luck, they did. Niall was the first.  He ran downstairs, "I SMELL PANCAKES!" I laughed and handed him a plate of blueberry pancakes.  He started gobbling them down. Harry and Louis walked down the stairs. Harry mumbled, "Niall, was it you screaming again?"  Niall nodded, his face full of pancakes.  Louis sat down holding his fork and knife. I smiled and slid a plate in front of him.  All of them seemed to be enjoying their meal. Luckily, I finished my breakfast before all of them woke up.  I left a note that said LIAM on it next to the last plate of pancakes.  I headed upstairs to change.  As I was changing, I heard Niall in his bedroom talking to himself, "I forgot to buy them their new clothes." I slipped on my jeans and replied, "Niall, we don't need new clothes. We're fine." He gasped, "You heard everything I said?" I nodded, "Well, not everything. But most."  I opened the door and fixed my shirt.  I walked out of his room and went to find Candy.


Demi's P.O.V

      I decided to surprise Niall since I've been gone for so long on my tour. I bet he won't see it coming. I took a taxi back to our house and lugged my luggage onto the doorstep. I knocked on the door and Harry answered it, flinging the door wide open.  I waved, "Hi." He gasped, "Oh jeez! Niall, she's home!"  Niall ran down the stairs only in his boxers, "Oh hi, Demi." He didn't look surprised at all.  I smiled as Zayn helped me with my luggage. Niall kissed my cheek and went back upstairs.  Harry went back into his room and so did Zayn after helping me with my luggage.  No one seemed to care about me even being here! I walked upstairs to see what Niall was doing. To my surprise, he was changing. He's probably taking me out to a nice dinner or maybe surprising me. I better keep a strict face or else he'll know that I know.  I walked to the guest room and opened it. I found a blonde girl inside organizing her clothes.  "NIALL! Who's the new girl?"  He looked at her, "Oh, I felt sorry for the poor girls so, I helped them out of the orphanage.  The girl in there is Candy. The other girl is Cassidy.  Plus, the boys were getting bored and we need a helping hand around the house."  I was confused, "So they're maids?" Niall shook his head, "No, no, no. They're part of the family now."  I was so mad! Why didn't he call to tell about this? Why girls? And did they have to be around our age? I rubbed my head and walked into our room. 


Cassidy's P.O.V

     I walked out of Liam's room, "Niall, it's okay if you don't want us. Plus you have a girlfriend. We're probably bugs in your way. I could start packing." He shook his head, "You aren't going anywhere. I promised to take care of you, and I'm not breaking that promise.  Demi will have to get used to you." Demi threw my luggage out on the floor that connected all the upper rooms.  I sighed and picked it up. Liam helped me, "Here, Cassidy. You could stay with me in my room. I have a spare bed."  I smiled and followed him into his room.  I set my luggage aside and helped him pull out my bed. It had the covers and pillows on.  It was much better than all the beds at the orphanage.  I took out my textbooks to start studying. Liam suggested, "You need help?" I nodded, "That'd be great!" He pulled out a chair from the desk next to me, shut the door, and started to review my textbooks with me. 


Niall's P.O.V

     Oh god. Demi had to come at a time like this? I mean, I like her and all, but her issues are really starting to effect me. I told her about Cassidy and how could she just kick Cassidy out like that.  I wanted to go apologize to Cassidy, but I didn't want to interrupt her studies with Liam. I headed into my room instead. Demi smiled at me, "Babe, haven't seen you in a while. Miss me?"  I nodded, "Yeah. I did." She looked at me, "You don't look so happy. I looked up, "I'm sorry. Demi, I wasn't really expecting you in a time like this. It's really hard for me right now. With the boys in my head, the tour, our new family members, I don't think I have time for a girlfriend." She sat down next to me, "So you're saying that we are taking a break."  I nodded.  She sighed, "I guess my heart does need a break. Okay. So I'll start packing now."


Demi's P.O.V

     I slowly packed all my clothes and he didn't stop me. Why wasn't he stopping me? He wasn't kidding. Maybe he fell in love with another. I don't really care. I just really want to get back with the music business like I did months earlier.  Maybe get back with Joe Jonas too.  Niall was my boyfriend for 10 months, a long time for me. He really wanted me to be with him at first, but now he's losing interest. I don't understand, how did I change? What did I do to make him not love me anymore?  Surprisingly, I didn't feel tears about to burst like how I wanted them to when my other boyfriends dumped me.  This is probably for the best. Hopefully, I will find someone better, someone who will love me more.


Cassidy's P.O.V

     I looked at Liam, "This is pretty simple, but I'm scared." He rubbed my arm, "What's wrong?" I looked down, "It's silly." He laughed, "You can tell me anything. I'm technically your brother now."  I smiled, "Well, my exams are tomorrow and I'm freaking out. This is going to determine my college and I want a good life."  He nodded, "Don't worry. I'll be here by your side and so will all the other boys. We will be here for you if he need us."  I played with my fingers, "Thanks." I heard thumping so I walked out of Liam's room. Liam followed behind me, "What is it?" I peeked down the stairs, "Demi's leaving." He gasped, "Wow, this situation is harsh." I turned around, "What?" He shook his head, "Nothing." I sighed, "So I guess Niall doesn't have a girlfriend anymore." Liam whispered, "For now." I nodded, "Yup, for now."  




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