Saved By A Stranger

Cassidy and her best friend Candy lived at an orphanage for over 14 years. They had lost all hope when suddenly a handsome stranger came to adopt them. They were desperate, but this stranger drew the confidence out of them. Cassidy finds true love, Candy finally understands, but happiness comes with a price. How much will they pay to be happy?


17. Leaving

Cassidy's P.O.V

     I packed my things and sighed.  I'm leaving, Candy's leaving, we're going to college. A tear dropped from my face and landed on one of my shirts.  I had all my things in the suitcase already and Harry was going to drop us off at the airport around 6 am.  I sat on Niall's bed, how was I going to do this? I can't live without Niall.  I love him.  Niall walked in, "Are you ready? You're leaving in an hour."  I cried, "Niall! I can't do it. I can't live with out you!"  He hugged me and stroked my hair, "But, princess, you said you wanted to go to college."  I sobbed, "But I need you." He kissed my forehead, "Did anyone tell you that if you love something, then let it go? If it comes back to you, it was yours in the beggining."  I looked up at him, "Really?" He wiped my tears, "Yes. That's why I'm letting you go. I know how much you wanted to go to college, afterwards, I'm just going to wait for you to make your decision."  I smiled, "I want to be with you. Forever and Always."  He rested his head on mine, "I do too." I sniffled, "But how am I going to live without you.  Love is the only thing keeping me together. I'm going to fall apart without you." He looked at me, "Remember when I didn't adopt you yet? You lived 15 years without me and you survived.  Now, it's time for you to do that again."  I sighed and looked down at the floor, "I will always love you Niall. I won't forget. I promise."  I raised up my hand and Niall put his hand on mine, tangling our fingers together.  He kissed me with passion for a while until Candy called me downstairs.  I sighed, grabbed my bag, and headed downstairs.  Harry helped Candy load her things onto the van and he helped me.  Harry kissed Candy. "Mmmmm...." She mumbled.  He smiled into the kiss and Candy ran her fingers through his curls, "I'm going to miss those curls."  He smiled and kissed her cheek, "I'll miss you. Call me. Every day. At every break you have." She nodded.  We headed back inside and said our goodbyes.  I hugged Zayn, "I'm going to miss those cheekbones and that jawline.  Especially the hair." I said as I ran my fingers through his hair.  Usually he would yelp and run to the restroom to fix it, but he just smiled.  I hugged Lou, "I'll miss your jokes, the truth or dare games, your amazing fashion advice, and tell Eleanor I said bye."  He hugged me and kissed my cheek.  I hugged Harry next, not really saying anything because I'll just miss him.  I hugged Liam, "I'll miss you Liam.  You're like a brother to me.  I can't believe I'm leaving."  He rubbed my back during the hug, "It's not like you're leaving forever." I looked at him.  He looked at me again, "You're not coming back?" I looked down, "Maybe I won't."  He hugged me more, "I want you to come back, sis." I smiled, "I will."  I hugged Niall the longest, "I love you. Remember that while you're on tour.  Mmm. I will visit each year, during our breaks."  He nodded, "I love you too. Don't give your heart to anyone while I'm away."  I kissed him one last time and didn't let go.  He held my head, not letting go either.  I stuffed my face into his chest, "Niall, I'll miss you." He kissed my forehead ,"Me too." 


After a while, we headed into the van.  I got in the backseat and Candy sat shotgun.  Niall yelled, "Wait!" He climbed onto the van and sat next to me.  "I wanna stay with you until you get on the plane."  He held my hand and hugged me.  When we go to the airport, Niall and Harry unloaded the luggage and handed them to us.  All four of us walked in and waited for our flight. Our flight was at 6:45 am and it's 6:30.  Niall kissed me more and told me more I love you's.  I sighed, "I don't want to leave you, but I want to go to college. It's been a dream.  Two dreams, two paths, and now I'm scared I took the wrong one."  Niall turned around to face me, "If your heart wants it, take it."  I kissed him, "My heart wants you, my mind wants college."  He sighed, "That's a hard decision. Well, after college, I'm still going to be here."  I sighed when the flight attendant called our flight.  I stood up, kissed Niall, and walked with Candy to our flight.  We got into the plane and I burst into tears. Candy did too.  Both of us waved, while wiping our tears, out the window to Harry and Niall.  Once the plane took flight, Candy and I hugged each other and cried on each other's shoulders. 

Niall's P.O.V

     She's gone, they're gone. Life sucks. But I know it's for her own good. I hope I'm not a distraction in her studies!  Harry and I headed back in the van and I buried my face into my palms,"I miss her already." Harry pat my back, "She'll be back. I just know it."  We headed into the house and I ran up to my room.  I threw myself onto the bed. It smelled a lot like Cassidy. Mmmm... the vanilla shampoo she'd always use would make my pillows become scented.  I buried my face into the pillow.  Cassidy came tomy mind. The way she would mumble about her dreams in her sleep, the way her brown eyes looked into deep space when she was talking, the way her eyes blazed when I touched her, I knew this was love when I saw her eyes.  It will have to be another year until I get to see her beautiful face again. 

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