Saved By A Stranger

Cassidy and her best friend Candy lived at an orphanage for over 14 years. They had lost all hope when suddenly a handsome stranger came to adopt them. They were desperate, but this stranger drew the confidence out of them. Cassidy finds true love, Candy finally understands, but happiness comes with a price. How much will they pay to be happy?



Harry's P.O.V

     I was going out with the boys to get Candy a promise ring and Niall wanted to get Cassidy one too.  The girls were playing a mini-fashion show upstairs. I heard them screaming and laughing all morning.  I woke up when I heard Candy yell, "I LOVE WAFFLES!"  They were probably playing Truth or Dare. I was surprised that the girls woke up so early. I had to look good for management but I looked terrible if i dont get 10 hours of sleep, but the girls get 8 and they practically look perfect in the morning.  They don't look like zombies or so.  Niall opened the door, "Sweetheart, we're going to go out to buy things."  They weren't paying attention. Candy said, "Taylor Launtner is cute." Cassidy argued, "Niall is so much hotter." Niall turned down the volume of the music and the girls looked at us.  Cassidy gasped, "Oh god, Niall!" She tumbled off the bed.  "You didn't hear what I said right?" She asked, fixing her hair.  He blushed, "I did." I told them, "We're going out to buy things, are you okay at home, alone?" Cassidy and Candy looked at each other, "TWILIGHT MARATHON!"  Cassidy called, "I call making popcorn!" Candy yelled, "I'm on hot chocolate!" The two adorable teens rushed past us and down the stairs.  Niall looked at me, "Haha, they're so cute." Both of us walked downstairs and saw the other guys waiting for us.  The girls sat on the couch, squished by Louis and Zayn.  "Don't touch our popcorn! Louis!" Candy cried.  Liam ran down the stairs, "Let's go.  Lou, Zayn, leave the girls alone!" 

Cassidy's P.O.V

    Candy and I gasped. Candy looked at me, "He has abs." I looked at her, "Niall has abs." We were talking like the guys were gone, but they were still there, talking about where to go. Niall walked over to me and kissed my cheek, "We'll be back. Don't worry." I nodded, "I know. Love ya. Don't be out too long. We still need the men in the house." Candy nodded in agreement as both of stuffed popcorn in our faces again.  Harry hugged Candy and went out the door. Niall said, "Don't open the door for anyone!" I nodded, "I'm 18, I know that by now, Niall." Both of us were too concentrated on the movie.  When Bella started kissing Edward, Candy turned to me, "Did you and Niall do that?" I tilted my head, "Sort of." After watching up to New Moon, I heard a knock on the door. I turned off the tv and went to see who it was.  I looked through the peep hole and saw Josh.  He was holding a knife. Oh god. I baracaded the door with the chair and triple locked it.  I called Niall, "Niall? Niall? Niall?!?" I started sobbing, "Josh has a knife! He's coming for us!"  Niall sounded worried, "We're coming. Grab a weapon, we'll be back ASAP."  He hung up.  Oh god, I was so scared. But, I was calm because I had to set an example for Candy. I handed her a knife, "Candy, if he threatens you, I put a pocket knife in your sock. Stab him as hard and deep as you can."  I was armed in the same way.  I could hear Niall and the boys outside.  His tone was calm, "Sweetie, open the door for us." I pulled the chair aside and opened the door.  I let them in and slammed the door, locking each and every lock.  He hugged me and stroked my hair, "Are you okay?" I nodded. Harry hugged Candy, who just sobbed and choked, "Cassidy. Come here." I pulled her in my arms, "It's okay."  She was staining my shirt with her tears, "I don't like this.  Why can't we get along together?" I sighed, "I don't know.  How about we take our hot chocolate upstairs and finish it.  Harry wanted to follow us upstairs but Niall stopped him, "It's a girl moment. Sister-to-sister."  He nodded and backed up.  Both of us sipped our hot chocolate and talked. She whimpered, "I mean, I apologized.  What else do I have to do?" I rubbed her arm, "It's not your fault. Her slutty boyfriend is all on this."  I stroked Candy's hair until she fell asleep.  I also fell asleep. Both of us cuddled up on the floor. 


    I woke up to the sound of Candy's screaming. I rubbed my eyes and saw Alyssa covered her mouth and held a knife by her throat.  Josh was about to grab me when I ducked and took the knife out of my sock. I grabbed him with his arms behind his back and the knife around his neck, "You touch her, I kill him."  She dropped her knife and dropped Candy. Candy immediately screamed, "HARRY! HARRY! HARRY! HAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY!"  She tried to kick me and I ducked. I pulled Josh and he choked a little.  She kicked again, but missed and hit Josh in the private. I screamed, "NIALL!" Niall and the boys rushed upstairs and saw us.  Alyssa had climbed out the window and Josh was using my own knife against me.  He pinned me down, "Don't move, you whore." Niall smacked him in the head with a textbook on the desk, "Don't you DARE lay a hand on her."  I was in tears as I laid, stiff in the position I was in.  Niall helped me up and cradled me in his arms.  I felt like buring my face into his chest and staining his perfect polo shirt, but I didn't. I wanted to comfort Candy, but I couldn't. I was too paralyzed. This is too much, too far. This is, oh god, I never been through this. I'm a noobie. I wrapped my arms around Niall's neck, "Take me to our room."

Niall's P.O.V

     Cassidy looked so down, she didn't want to do anything. I was getting worried. I laid her on the bed and pulled the sheets over her. I was about to leave when she called me, "Niall, sleep with me." I closed the door and laid next to her in bed.  She moved closer to me, stealing my body heat.  I hugged her, "It's okay." I didn't know how to comfort her, I want to calm her down, relax her tensions, but I didn't know how.  "There's so many stupid people in this world." She whispered. "They cost me my parents and I don't want them to take my sister."  I looked at her brown eyes, "I'm here. Don't you forget that. You can tell me anything. I wont rest until you are safe." She asked, "What about Candy?" I looked down at her, "Harry's madly in love with her and he won't rest until she is safe. I bet they're cuddling in bed right now, Harry holding her tightly, scared to let her go."  She sighed, her breath making goosebumps rise all over my body.  I kissed her and covered both of us with the blanket.  "It's dark." She whispered. I laughed, "We're under the sheets, silly." She found my face and her hands locked on it. She found my lips and kissed me. I felt the tension i her lips. I moved mine slowly, relaxing hers.  She wrapped her legs around mine and both of us fell asleep, cuddling comfortably under the sheets.      

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