Saved By A Stranger

Cassidy and her best friend Candy lived at an orphanage for over 14 years. They had lost all hope when suddenly a handsome stranger came to adopt them. They were desperate, but this stranger drew the confidence out of them. Cassidy finds true love, Candy finally understands, but happiness comes with a price. How much will they pay to be happy?


12. Doctor, SAVE HER!

Niall's P.O.V

    I sat there, watching beautiful Cassidy lay on the rolling bed.  The ambulace car was bouncing, but I didnt care. That bastard hurt her. That bastard almost killed her.  They had equipped machines all around her and it made me scared. She was still in her beautiful dress. She had a calm expression on her face. It was too calm, it made me worried.  I could see her chest moving slowly, it means she was breathing. I sighed. I grabbed her hand and gripped it. Her charm bracelet jingled. I never realized that she wore a bracelet. It had different charms, let's see...4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.  Probably one for each birthday she had. Her neck was bare and so were her feet.  She had drawn smiley faces on each of her toenails.  There were tears streaming down my face, but I managed to softly chuckle.  She wasn't that type of girl who'd have a super high fashion sense and blow up your credit card. She had that natural beauty that always astonishes me.  Little makeup or none at all will definetely turn me on.  More tears fell out of my eyes and some landed on my hand.  I wish she was here beside me so I could hug her and tell her how much I really love her.  We arrived at the hospital and she was immediately pushed into an operation room, and I was forced to wait outside.  I nervously brushed my fingers through my hair as the other guys sat beside me, trying to calm me. Harry was also going through a lot. His future girlfriend was in the emergency room and she wasnt doing so well.  She drank much more than Cassidy and her body wasn't able to handle the strength of the drugs.  Harry buried his face into his palms, "I love her too much to have her leave me. You doesn't know. She just doesn't know." 

Cassidy's P.O.V

      This is weird, is this a dream? Why am I dressed so nice? Where's Candy? Where's Niall? I had a billion questions to ask but I tried to stay calm. I was wearing a knee-length sundress and adorable flats.  My arms were bare and the only accesories I wore was my charm bracelet and my gold star earrings i've been wearing since I was 2.  My hair was tied back in a fishtail and daisies were stuck into it.  I looked like Mother Nature's daughter, or Persephone.  I saw a charming man standing by the sunflowers. I asked, "Excuse me, where is this?"  He answered, "Neveah."  I nodded, "Wonderful, where's everyone?" He pointed downwards. I continued to walk until I fell down a hole by the tree.  I kept falling and falling until I landed on a puffy cloud. How was that even possible? Clouds were made of gases and I'm a solid. I'm suppose to fly through.  I looked down, not caring about my logic.  Niall was sitting on his bed and he held a framed picture of me from Cassidy's party.  He sighed, "I love you Cassidy." I found myself replying, "I love you too Niall."  He put the picture on the drawer and he laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling. He pulled out the drawer and took out a pocket knife. "Niall?!?" I screamed. He ignored me. He held his arm in front of him and carved CASSIDY on his arm with the knife. He grunted and screamed in pain.  He laid on his bed and slowly bled to death.  Liam ran in and wrapped his arm with a bunch of napkins. Niall shook his head, "Liam, no. I want to be with Cassidy." Liam hushed him, "Niall, I think Cassidy would want you to move on and continue without her." I nodded, "Yes, Niall. Listen to him.  I need you to continue."  Niall laid there while Liam tried his best to stop the bleeding, "Niall, she loves you. Stop trying to suicide." Suddenly, I felt a major headache in the back of my head, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I screamed in pain.  I felt like something was erasing everything I wanted to know.  I suddenly felt the clouds disappear and I was falling out of the sky.


Niall's P.O.V

     She opened her eyes and she looked me in the eyes. She looked at our hands and she flinched. "What's wrong?" I said, wiping away my tears.  She pulled her hand out of mine, "I don't know you." I was going to cry, "Cassidy, don't do this to me. Please. I love you. Don't please." She shook her head and looked at me in a weird way. "DOCTOR!" Liam called. The doctor walked in, "Yes?" Liam asked, "She doesn't know us. What's wrong with her?" He looked at his clipboard, "She has a little damage because the drugs had managed to kill some of her brain cells, but don't worry this is temporary.  But if she doesnt recieve her memory within a week, she has to come back to the hospital.  Okay, sign her out and she'll be ready in half an hour or less."  I hugged her again, but this time she was frightened. She was still shaking.  I let go of her and she was breathing heavily.  Candy was already set and she didn't loose her memory.  Candy sat next to Cassidy, "How are you big sister?" She looked at her, "I don't know these people.  Help me Candy."  Candy hugged her, "Cassidy, it's okay. You have a little brain damage that's all.  You'll remember them soon."  Cassidy was crying, I don't know why.  She told Candy she felt fine, but she didn't know us. 

Cassidy's P.O.V

    I sat quietly in the car as I stroked Candy's hair and she put her head on my lap.  Candy looked up at me, "Cassidy, what DO you remember?" I looked down, "I remember that you're my little sister. We live at an orphanage. I got an A+ on my math quiz." She laughed adorably as I continued.  I told her, "I know I wore this dress at your 18th birthday party.  I know I was drugged.  I know one of these strangers are my boyfriend."  Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I know I didn't know them, I felt like I should. I felt terrible.  I loved one of them, but I didn't know who. I cried even more.  Candy sat up, "Cass, why are you crying?" I sobbed, "I forgot who I loved! How could I do such a thing." She wrapped an arm around me and rubbed my arm, "It's okay. Let's just get home first."  When we got home, Candy showed me around. "This is the blonde guy's room." I looked at the door, "You mean Niall?" Her eyes widened, "YOU KNOW HIS NAME?"  Nial ran u pthe stairs and looked at me. I pointed to the door, "It's carved on the doorframe." Niall burst into tears in front of me.  I hugged him, "It's okay. I'll try my best to remember."  His strong hands wrapped around my waist and that movement sent a jolt down my spine. I stood up straight and he looked at me. I looked down, "Niall, you gave me my first kiss?"  He nodded, a smile growing on his lips.  I quickly let go of him and continued listening to Candy's tour.  Afterwards, I went into Niall's room to change. I don't know why, but my instincts told me I usually changed and slept there. I changed into a cool biker outfit Candy picked out for me a couple of days ago.  I put it on and put on lipstick and some eyeshadow.  When I walked downstairs, Niall ran up to me and hugged me. That was weird, I thought.  I hugged him back.  He wrapped his arms into my jacket and around my waist and pulled me closer to him.  More memories jolted back into my mind. One Direction, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis.  First kiss.  Love.  The room arrangement.  My love for Niall.  Niall kissed me passionately and and I remembered everything.  I was finally into the kiss.  His tounge was tapping on my lower lip, waiting for me to make a move.  I opened my mouth and our tounges played together and at that moment, Niall smiled into the kiss.  He backed away to hug me, "You're back." He said stuffing his face in my hair.  I sighed as his lips tickled my collarbone, "I am." Candy walked down the stairs, "Cass, you need another tour?" I looked at her with the are-you-serious look. She smiled and ran down the stairs, "Cass. Cass. Cass. Cass. OMG you're back!"  She ran up to hug me then backed away because she realized she ruined Niall's moment.  Niall picked me up and took me upstairs, "Why in the world are you dressed like this?" I laughed, "It looks cool." He kissed my neck and laid me on the bed.  I crawled under the covers as Niall went searching for clothes. I took off my jacket, my accessories, and belt.  I dumped them on the side of the bed along with my shirt and jeans.  Niall turned around, "Cassidy, why are your clothes on the floor? You baaaaad girl." He crawled on top of the blanket and tackled me down. I laughed as his shirt drooped over me.  I looked up at him, "I'm sooo baaaad. Now, get in here and be bad with me."  We were snogging under the sheets, and I didn't want to go any further until we're married.  Niall agreed and ended up kissing my neck afterwards.               

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