Saved By A Stranger

Cassidy and her best friend Candy lived at an orphanage for over 14 years. They had lost all hope when suddenly a handsome stranger came to adopt them. They were desperate, but this stranger drew the confidence out of them. Cassidy finds true love, Candy finally understands, but happiness comes with a price. How much will they pay to be happy?


1. Introduction

    My parents official passed away 14 years ago.  Both of them were involved in a car crash with drunk drivers.  I never understood until now.  I've lived in this orphanage since I was 3 and my best friend Candy lived here with me too. No one dared to adopt us because they wanted one or the other not both and I couldn't live without Candy.  She's grown to be my wonderful younger sister. As the older sister, I had to be much more responsible.  Candy jumped on her bed, "Today is Rushanika!"  Rushanika was a holiday that Miss Rochelle, our guardian, created.  Instead of celebrating all our birthdays, we throw one huge party.  Surprisingly, it was 2 days before my birthday.  I smiled, "That's great! But, i don't think i can afford presents for everyone this year. I'm off to college soon and I saved up $989,034 just for my college funds and I'm afraid it's not enough.  Candy, you have to help me this year."  Candy nodded, pulling out 27 different things from under her bed, "I prepared ever since last year, but I have like $278,056 in my college funds."  She shrugged and handed me my gift.  I opened it and there laid a beautiful charm that said 18 on it.  She got one every year for me and now, I have 15 charms on my sterling silver chain/charm bracelet.  I smiled, "It's beautiful.  Oh, I got something for you too."  I opened the drawer that seperated our beds and pulled out a big pink box.  She gasped, "Sweet cherry blossoms! Those are the boots I wanted since i was 14!"  I laughed as she put them on.  I grabbed my backpack and put away all my notebooks, folders, and textbooks.  I slipped on my t-shirt, a warm vest, and some jeans.  I put on my plaid headband and put on some lipgloss, the only type of accessory we could afford.  I slipped on my Vans and helped Candy get ready.  We both walked downstairs carrying our backpacks.  I waved to Miss Rochelle, "Bye! We'll see you later!"  She smiled and waved back.  Candy and I walked across the street and into Mark Keppel.  We sat down in Mr.Wattson's classroom, our first period.  He explained, "Today we will be reviewing the terms we had learned yesterday. And of course, our weekly quiz.  Textbooks out! Last-minute studying for 10 minutes and we will begin our quiz.  I will not assign a lot of homework today, hence your Prom is in two days."  I tapped my pencil on the desk as I tried to figure out the problem, "Okay, so x squared is equal to or less than y plus 6 minus 17 times n."  After smoothly completing the quiz, I stayed in a while after to talk to Mr.Wattson about my grade.  I asked, "Mr.Wattson, do you have any extra credit work for me to do?"  He shook his head, "Cassidy, you are doing awfully well in this class. Why do you need extra credit?"  I explained, "Mr.Wattson, I'm graduating soon and I'm scared with no one to care for me, I won't have enough money to afford college, but I really do want to go."  He pat the table, "Well, you are already in AP class, so that's as high as it can go.  I would definetely recommend you to Berkley or Stanford.  I will do whatever I can for a young and wonderful young lady like you to learn to her fullest."  I smiled, "Thank you."  He nodded, "My pleasure. Now, skiddadle to lunch."  I walked out of his classroom and into the halls.  I smiled.  He called me a wonderful young lady.  Maybe i am ready to face college. CAndy rushed next to me, "Cassidy, hurry!  All the good spots will be taken."  I ran after her in line.  Both of us sat at OUR stone bench.  It was right underneath our favorite tree.  She drank her soda, "Cas, do you think Bobby is cute?"  I shook my head, "Not really.  But he is a sweet guy."  Candy smiled, "Oh, so will you go to prom with him."  I spit out the orange juice in my mouth, "Candy, no.  I'm not even going to Prom.  I don't have a dress, a date, just forget it. I'm not going."  Candy looked like she was about to burst into tears, "But, Cassidy.  Who am I going to go with?"  I was about to cry, I couldn't just dump Candy. She was practically my sister.  Her glossy dark violent eyes shown, "Cass-" I sighed, "Okay. But I'm not going with Bobby."  Candy smiled, "Yay!"  Candy was different, but in a wonderful way.  She had natural golden hair along with her dark violet eyes.  People call her weird, but I think she's beautiful.  After a long day, Candy and I were heading home. I leaned on the doorframe, "Candy, please hurry."  She continued packing, "Hold on Cass. Hold on!"  She was packing up from her last period, Science.  She slung her backpack over her shoulder and grabbed her textbook, "Okay, ready."  She marched out before me and before I left, Mr. Robin grabbed my arm, "Are you Candy's guardian?"  I nodded, "In a way..."  He looked me in the eyes, "Candy's been failing in Science. She just doesn't understand the concept. I want to know, is she studying at home?"  I nodded, "Of course Mr. Robin.  I even study with her."  He asked, "Are you in honor Science?" I nodded. "No wonder why you look so familiar. Cassidy Sanders, is it?" I nodded, "Yes, but I will talk to Candy. Don't worry."  When we got back, Rushanika already started.  Everyone was trading gifts and I expected the little pile of wrapped green presents in the corner as mine.  I picked up each one and carefully placed them inside my backpack and headed upstairs.  I sat on my bed, unwrapping each one.  Danny gave me a rubber duck, Lucy gave me a hair clip, and I recieved many other unusual things.  Miss Rochelle walked up to our room and handed both of us a huge box, "Happy Rushanika, girls. Have fun!"  Candy and I looked at each other confused.  We opened the boxes and found beautiful dresses.  I guess Miss Rochelle found out our prom theme was Plaid and Polka Dots because she gave Candy a pink Polka Dot dress and me a wonderful plaid dress with a shiny belt wrapped around the waist.  I smiled and slid my present into the closet.            

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