Unexpected Drop. (NiallHoran)

Vanessa was going on a trip to London with her best friends. Obviously, you can't go there without falling in love? Well Vanessa felt different. She never thought she would. Until at the airport, she unexpectedly grabs the wrong suitcase, but whose could it be?


3. Chapter 2.


Vanessas POV: 

It was about a 2 hour ride from my apartment complex all the way to the air port we had to go to. I was shaking because I was so nervous. I have never even been on an airplane before, and when I was 7 years old I said I would NEVER go on one, and made it official. Look at me now. I have to go on one! Ahh im nervous. 

"You already said that," Elia pointed out. She had her cup of morning coffee in her hands while she was driving. I had the urge to slap it out of her hands and make hot, hot coffee spill all over her nice pretty dress. But I decided not to. She just cocked her eye brow up at me, and then looked back on the road. This was getting really awkward. She tried a small conversation but then we got un-interested as the minutes went by. (If thats even a word..?) 

40 minutes.

90 minutes...

Finally 2 hours passed....que the guy from sponge bob "2 hours later" in a funny accent. Haha, im such a strange child.

"Finally we're here!" She exclaimed and got out of her car. We were in the parking garage where all of the cars had parked. 

"How are you suppose to get the car there if were going on a plane?" I questioned, pointing towards the car. I gave her a confused look and she just stared at me. "What?" I said again.

"We have somebody take it in another plane to London!" She said as she grabbed her pink suitcase out of the car, while I grabbed my brown suitcase and shut the door. We started walking to the elevator as it made a ding sound, signaling somebody had already pushed the botton who were further below us.

"Ugh." I comlained as we waited for about 5 minutes before the elevator finally came up to our stop.

Nialls POV:

We were in the airport parking garage as we went to the elevator. Louis ran up to it before anybody else could and pushed the botton for us to go down. 

"I LOVE DOING THAT!" He excalimed as the elevator doors opened for us to step in. I hit the lobby button but it went up to the floor above us. How were we suppose to fit more people in this elevator? Seriously. 

The door opened to two teenage girls about our age, and they stepped in. It was really awkward though. Like you could probably hear a pin drop in that elevator. The only sounds was the elevator going down all the flights to the lobby. A pretty blonde haired girl stood next to me. She had her hair wavy as if she pulled it out of braids before she got here. 

The elevator rung pulling me out of my thoughts as I just stood there staring into space. Liam shook my shoulder. I looked over to him and he had a smirk on his face. I just smiled at him and stepped out of the elevator and caught up with the rest of them.

Vanessas POV:

The elevator ride was pretty awkward but the boy I stood next to was really cute. He had blonde hair that looked like he had bleeched it from brown to blonde. He had white braces and a snap back on. He was really hot. Oops, sorry not sorry. Elia smacked the back of my head and I gave her a death glare. She just shook her head and rolled her eyes. 

We got to the thingy were you set your bags down and their sent to the other air port so you dont have to bring them on the plane. Before I set it down I grabbed my purse witch had my wallet in it, and my iphone with my headphones.

We walked towards the gate and walked down a big path way that was really slim and steep. We walked for about a minute until we got to the end, and you could walk into the plane from there. I was in row 23 b. Hmmm where will I be sitting. I walked down a couple of isles until I got to my seat. Elia sat further back than me since she was older and I was a little bit younger.

"Buckle your seatbelts time for take off." The speaker person said. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and buckled my seat belt.

"Your scared aren't you." I got startled for a moment and opened my eyes to the blonde boy from the elevator about an hour ago. 

"Don't I know you?" He questioned again and looked at me in my eyes as I stared back into his beautiful ocean blue eyes. They are so pretty that I can wake up to them every morning, and just stare at them. Wait Im soudning kinda creepy right now. OH WELL.

"I-Im Vanessa, but you can call me Nessa." I said and held my hand out. He gladly shook it and continued on.

"Vanessa, thats a pretty name!" He exclaimed. "My name is Niall." He said and bowed. I just laughed and soon enough he join in. His laugh is so cute!

"Yours is too!" He said laughing again. I stopped laughing and gave him a confused look. Did I say my thoughts out loud again?

"Yes." He said and stopped laughing, and was being serious now. 

"I tend to do that sometimes.." I trailed off and looked out the window. I hadn't even noticed that we took off because I was too much into enjoying myself with Niall. He is just so cute! I cant take it! I looked outside again, but I could barley see because there were a bunch of dark clouds ahead, and then the plane started getting really bumpy. 

"Passengers, hold on." The piolet said.








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