The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


14. They Found Out

I make Niall’s and everybody else got to make their own. Niall was somewhat disappointed but I told him that he could just get more if he wanted. He got a second plate after. After niall was satisfied, he heads to the couch to watch TV with the boys. “Hey Niall. So Im guessing you forgive me huh?” Ashleigh says not know what he will say. Well he did not say anything he did something. About 5 seconds after she asked that Niall had tackled the poor girl to the floor and starts to tickle the crap out of her. After about 3 minutes of constant tickling Harry and Zayn had to pry Niall off of Ashleigh. Her hair was a mess and she was so out of breath. “Omg thank you I am free.” Ashleigh says “Olivia do you have a brush?” she asked. “Yeah come with me.” I said.

 I invited Destiny to tag along so she would not be stuck with those weirdos. As we are walking up the steps destiny just had to ask the question. “Soo you and harry been doing the bang bang huh?” she asks me while doing air pelvic thrust. Ashleigh and I laughed. “How’d you know?” “Oh you dirty slut!” Destiny says. Ashleigh looks at me like ‘did she really just call you that?’ look. I just burst out laughing. Ashleigh still confused but then noticed she was just joking. “But seriously how did you know?” I say. The both of them stopped in their tracks and just stood and stared at me. “Oh you thought I was joking when I said how’d you know?” “Uh yeah” they both say in unison. “Haha well funny story. Yes, we have had sex. About every other day, if we are lucky, for the past 2 months.” I say and keep walking to Harry’s room where my overnight bag was.

They finally get in the room and they do the same thing they did in the hallway, stopped in their tracks but now with their eyes popped out and mouth open. I look at them and then give them a questioning look. I then look around the room. I notice Harry and I’s clothes are thrown all around the room. Underwear, bra, clothes, socks, shoes, everything. Even my jewelry. “Wow is all I can say to you right now Olivia because I just met you! But I still love you like I we have known each other for ages but really 2 hours.” Ashleigh brushes her hair and then we go downstairs. All six of us ended up staying at Harry’s all day and watched movies and played games like there was no tomorrow.

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