The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


16. The Triple Date

Right as I put on my converse the doorbell rings. "COMING" I yell knowing that its Harry. I jog down the stairs and fix my hair. I open the door to Harry in a skin tight t-shirt and some skinny jeans on. "So you are a converse person too I see" Harry says looking down at my feet. " what the heck Harry you already knew I loved converse. You even bought me like two pair" I say. "Oh i forgot to tell you that zayn, destiny, niall, and ashleigh are meeting us at our destination!" he says."oh awesome. well what are you standing here for then? lets go!" i say. "May I?" He asks and put his hand out for me to grab. "Certainly" I say and take a hold of his hand. " okay I know you hate surprises but I don't have just one surprise. Follow me." He walks towards where the shortcut to the next street is. "Harry where are you going? We need to get in the car" "we will just hold up" he says and I just follow.

He walks to a brand new car, license plate and all. Harry turns around and smiles at me. I look at Harry so confused. "Why are you standing next to someone's car like that?" I ask because I honestly wanted to know. "It's not just anyone car. It's my car!" He says happily jumping up and down like a little girl who just got concert tickets to her favorite boy band. "OMG REALLY?" I was super excited for him that I ran up to him and hugged him.

We get in the car and head on to where ever we were going. "Soooooo" " I am not telling you where we are going Olivia" Harry says interrupting me. "Finnne" I say in an annoyed voice. We get to our destination, an abandoned store. "Uh Harry we are we?" I ask curious because now I honestly don't know what's going on. " don't worry it has nothing to do with this warehouse." I soon felt a big relief bomb go off.

After about five minutes of walking we show up at a skating rink. "OMG are we going skating? I am a freaking beast at it!" I say happily. "Really I thought you would suck so that I could help you and hold your hand." "Sorry babe. But I'm beast at it. Maybe I'll help you" I say and then wink at him as we walk in. " hi sir how can I help you?" A girl around Harry and I's age asked. "Can I get two inline please?" "Sure can" she says and takes Harry's money. The girls whose named is suppose ably Holly,according to this kinda cute guy named Louis, buzzed the buzzer to unlock the door and we walked in.

We walk into the skating rink and all the lights were off except the black lights. "OMG this is so cool. I've never been here at night" I say. "Really!?" Harry asked surprised. "Yeah. Im going to the bathroom?" I tell Harry. "Okay. What size skates?" "Uh well I'm a size 9 in shoes so maybe a 9." "Okay babe see you when you get out. I'll be over there with Zayn and Destiny." Harry said pointin in the direction ofe one of the worlds cutest couples.

I walk to the bathroom and right when I walk into the girls bathroom I hear shuffling. Uhhh okay that's weird. All of I hear the worst thing possible. "Oh Niall" All I could think was 'what the hell are those two doing in their?' I clear my throat and that's when they stopped. I walked to the stalk right next to theirs. Right when I closed and lick my door they ran out of the bathroom before I could even pull down my pants.

After I used the bathroom and washed my hands, I walk to the section where everyone was. Including niall and Ashleigh. We all say hey to each other and then niall looks down. I soon notice that he is looking at my shoes and blushing. He knows that that was me in the bathroom. "Is everything okay Niall honey?" I ask knowing that he isn't okay at all. "Yeah just thought of something that happened a while ago." I chuckle because I knew what was wrong. He was embarrassed that him and Ashleigh were about to get freaky and basically walked in on them. I finally got my skates on and everyone got up and got on the hard wood floor and started skating.

Well tonight is going to be a good night.
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