The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


24. The Surprise!

“Okay are you gonna tell me what my surprise was or not?” Harry desperately wanting to know what was going on. “Destiny and Ashleigh, could you guys go upstairs and get ready? We will be up in a minute.” I say nicely. The girls go upstairs knowing what they needed to do but harry was still confused. “Get ready for what?” Harry asked. “Well remember when you told me that you wanted to have a foursome but with you being the only guy? Well tonight is the night it is going to happen!” I say. Harry just stood there with his eyes wide open and his mouth too. “So you mean to tell me, that you and your two best friends are willing to have sex with each other just for me?” he smirked as he asked that. “Basically, but you should help us out. You should ask to play dare or double dare. They never back out of the game. You will make us do things since we are inexperienced with please another girl.” I say hoping he would not say no. “Are you kidding me?” oh no he is going to say no. “Of course I would do that!” he answered with a huge grin on his face that you can see his dimples.

We head upstairs and entered our room with Destiny and Ashleigh I their lingerie. I cannot believe Im going to say this but I think they look sexy. “Okay ladies, Olivia told me what’s going on. But apparently you guys have no experience with girl’s soooo; we will be playing a game when you have to do what I tell you.” Destiny and Ashleigh look at each other and just nod. “Well let’s get this party started. This is going to be fun!” Harry said. “Okay Destiny and Olivia Make out with each other, and make sure to add tongue.” Destiny and I look at each other. We were close but mot that close. We walk towards each other and close our eyes. “Ready, Set, Go!” Harry shouted. Next thing I know Destiny and I were full on making out. “Okay Ashleigh, now you are going to join.” Destiny and I stopped and let Ashleigh come over.

Being the one that has always wanted to experience on girls, I head down to Ashleigh’s boobs and rubbed them. She flinched but then kept kissing Destiny. “Whoa there girl. I guess I'm too slow for you?” Harry asked seeing that I moved on without him telling me to. “Okay you guys can stop for now.” We stopped and looked at each other. I could definitely see the lust in Destiny and Ashleigh’s eyes now that we started this. “Have either of you touched yourselves before? I know Olivia has but I don’t know about you guys.” “Of course I have” Destiny said smiling at me. I can feel that she has something planned. “Only once, when Niall and I had sex for the first time.” Ashleigh said. “Okay well next I'm going to have you guys sit in a circle and rub person to right’s pussy” he smiled because all of us looked tense. “Are you guys okay with that?” we looked at each other. “Hold on harry we will be back.” The girls looked at me but followed me to the bathroom.

“Okay we are just gonna have sex with him and whatever happens during it between us happens” “agreed” destiny said, “I'm tired of this, I just wanna get to the sex lol.” Destiny had told each other that we had always wanted to experience with a girl but we never did it. “WHEN ARE YOU GUYS COMING BACK? MY PENIS IS WAITING ON YOU GUYS!” Harry yells from our room. We just had to laugh at what he just said. “WE ARE COMING” Ashleigh yells. We walk out of the bathroom, left Harrys t-shirts in the bathroom, and walked in the room hand in hand. Harry was looking out the window waiting on us. “Hey big boy” I say and he turned around. He tried to say something but nothing came out. He was in his boxers and all I could see is his little friend grow more and more. I tell the girls and they giggle at it.

We walked to harry and pushed him on the bed. “Wait I know I should have asked this earlier but your boyfriends are okay with this right?” they nodded trying to get his to shut up. I pull his boxers down and his penis hit his stomach. Ashleigh and Destiny just looked at it in awe. “I’ve never seen anything like it!” Ashleigh said. “Haha so Im guessing Im bigger than Niall huh?” Harry smirked. “Well duh why else would I say that?” I could not stand the talking so I stuffed harry in my mouth and harry grunted. “Well damn Olivia knows how to please Harry,” Destiny said. “Haha you should come here and Ashleigh go help Olivia out. I know she can’t handle the incredible hulk” Ashleigh’s eyes got big but did what she was told. Destiny went to Harry and he stated to suck on her boobs. “Oh shit. Why are you so good at this?” Destiny asked. “Well I have a great partner to practice on” he smirked and looked at me. The rest of the night was the best. We experienced so many things that were VERY different but I know that the girls enjoyed it cuz I know I did.

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