The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


6. The Scene

By this moment I am very wet from looking at every inch of Harry. Including that huge bulge in his boxers. Right now I'm thinking of doing the dirtiest thing to him right now but I don't know.
Harry starts walking towards me. "Uhh what ar-" I tried to ask but before I could finish Harry put his finger on my lips.

Harry starts to get so close to me, the closest we have ever been. He leans in and I am second guessing on if I should or should. Hell with it I smash my lips on his before his could make it to mine. Now we have a full on make out session going. He pulls away and walks to the bed and shoves everything to the floor. Right now nothing is really in my mind but Harry. He sits on the bed and tells me to come. I walk to him and straddle him. We are now making out for the second time. While I am feel all up his abs, he wraps his arms around me and unhooked my bra. I get a little chill on my boobs but they are soon warmed up with the lips of Harry. I moan a little and he picks me up and gets up for
The bed and then lays me on the bed. I knew exactly what he was going to be doing next.

"Holy Shit Olivia!!! Who made you this fucking wet?" Harry asked me. He asked me that because I had on a gray cotton set of underwear and bra on and let's just say my pre cum was absorbed into my underwear. "Uhh obviously you did" I say seductively. Harry shivers from me saying that.

"Uhh Harry can I tell you something?" I ask. "Of course. Wait please don't tell me you have some type of disease down there!" He was scared. "Haha no i don't. It's just I'm new to all of this." " oh really? You don't look like you wouldn't have experience. But don't worry you will like it. Trust me." He says an then smirks at my soiled panties.

He takes the elastic part of my under wear and pulls them down slowly. He starts kissing my thighs and it send shivers through my whole body. Now he is breathing right on top of my opening. He looks at me for approval and I nod. He starts to slowly lick my clit and that send s me off the edge right away. It felt so good. He starts to go really fast and it feels like shock waves going through my body. " oh yes Harry. Fuck yes. If you could...please faster" I say. At this point I'm ready to cum. He stops and I give him a sad look. But just when I was about to say something Harry slams his finger into me. "Oh my fucking gosh Harry!!" His fingers are do long and thick it was a little painful but it soon turn to pleasure. He starts to curl his infer inside of me and I know he is hitting my g-spot and it felt good. I decided to rock my hips to get more pleasure. This sent me over the edge and I came all over Harry's fingers.

He licked the cum all off of his fingers and layed right next to me. I decided that this wasn't over. Since he made me cum why can't I do the same to him. I get up and say "you ready?" "For what?" Now Harry has a confused look on his face. I show him by grabbing his boxers and pulling them off. His dick immediately smacks his stomach. " you think I was gonna leave you hanging styles?" I say and his eyes go wide. I grab his dick ad start stroking it up and down slowly trim to tease him. "For Pete's sake Olivia" he says sounding desperate at ever. I understand him and take his dick into my mouth full on. I bob my head up and down and it was kinda fun to be honest. "Uhh yes yes oh fuck yes Olivia fuck yes" Harry says. I go faster to get him to cum. I didn't know if he came should I swallow it. "Aw shit Olivia I'" Before he could finish he came in my mouth. "Swallow it!" Harry demands and I do wht I am told. "Now we are finished" I say and wink at him. "Uhm Olivia?" "Yeah Harry?" "Since we just did all of that. What are we considered? Like we don't have to be boyfriend and girlfriend but what would we be?" He asked curious. "We'll like I said before Harry. We would have to be more than just friends but we don't have to be in a relationship. So we can be friends with benefits I guess. Is that okay?" "Yep I'm good with that." He replies with a smile.
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