The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


7. The Day After

After me and harry having fun my parents called to see where I was, so I had to go home. We got dressed and then said our good byes and then I left. I got home to very angry parents. I forgot that today was my day to make dinner. “Olivia where have you been?” my mom asked me very pissed off. “I was at Harry’s house tutoring him for math since he is failing,” I say hoping she would ask the one question I was not hoping she would ask. “Then why is your hair sweaty looking? It’s definitely cold outside.” My dad noticed and of course, that was the question I was worried about. “It was so cold outside that I put the heat on that’s why” I reply hoping they would take that as an answer. “Oh okay. Well I guess we will have just turkey sandwiches and chips for tonight, but since you didn’t make dinner today you will have to do it tomorrow,” my mom says. “Okay that’s fine. And sorry for staying out too late.” “that’s okay honey just next time call one of us after school saying that you are going to be at Harry’s so we know” my mom told me. “Alright” I say and run up to my room. “OH YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE ME ANYTHING. I’LL MAKE ME SOMETHING LATER,” I yell from my room. Since I am all sweaty from what happened at Harry’s house I decided to take a shower tonight. After I took a shower, I went to eat something then headed to bed.

I woke up the next at around 6:30 since all I had to do was straighten my hair and then get dressed. I decided to text harry and tell him I’m gonna just to a drive by to pick him up and that I already ate breakfast at home. When I leave my house, it is about 7:10. I get to the bakery at 7:20 and Harry is already outside waiting on me.

“Hey sex buddy,” Harry says laughing after. I giggle at what he just called me. “Hey” I reply. “So…study date? Today after school? My place?” he asks and then winks. “Uh yeah sure but first we have to go to my house so I can prepare dinner for my mom and dad. Yesterday I got in trouble for not having dinner ready when they got home.” I say. “Okay I am good at cooking so I guess I can help” harry smile. “Sure. That would be awesome” I say and then give him a kiss on the cheek. After that, I turn my car on and head to school.

School was so boring. The only classes I enjoyed were homeroom, Math, and PE. That is only because harry is in the class with me. I cannot believe I have a friend with benefits and it is harry at that. In PE, it is the worst because we have uniforms we have to change into and the girls have to wear shorts that are not even appropriate for school. “Dayyum. That chick if fit” harry says coming from behind me. Harry and I have been leaving our usual group since we met. We have gotten so close. “Lol Harry really?” I ask. “Harry an Olivia sitting in a tree,” one of my girlfriends Destiny says. “Destiny shut up. What about you and Mr. Zayn Malik over there?” I ask making her tense up. “Shush nobody is supposed to know about that!” Destiny says eyeing towards Harry. You see Harry and Zayn have been buds since they started this band for the x factor. “Oh so you like my mate huh?” Harry asks destiny. “Uh kinda.” “What do you mean kinda? You talk and text about him 24/7” I say embarrassing her even more. “Gosh dang Olivia could you keep anything a secret?” she is now very embarrassed. “HEY ZAYN” Harry calls. “What the hell are you doing?” Destiny asks. Zayn looks over at us and harry signals him to come over. Zayn starts heading over towards us. Destiny gets lucky by being called by one of our friends, so she leaves. Let’s just say when Zayn came over to us, Destiny is going to love me and Harry because he said that he would talk to her more. Class ended and then harry and I went to my house to make dinner for my parents and then we went to his house. Instead of doing what we did yesterday, we just decided that harry would get a kiss from me for every right question on the homework. I went home and ate dinner before my parents got home and then I did the rest of my homework then headed off to bed.

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