The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


21. The Big Night


I get to Harrys and park the car in the driveway. I reach to the back of my car and get my bag and my heels. I slid my flats off and put on my heels. Harry is going to love me. I get out of the car and as soon as i get out a guy around Harry and I’s age wolf whistles at me. I just ignored him and kept going with my own life.

I get up to the door and ring the doorbell. “Just a sec!” Harry yells. After waiting a few seconds he opens the door not facing me. “Hi, How may I he-“Harry asks while turning his head towards me. When he notices it is me. “Yes I am looking for a young man named Harry Styles. I got dressed in this for him” as I say that I open my trench coat and Harry’s eyes and mouth go as wide as they can. “I guess you aren’t him so thank you” I then close the trench coat and turn around about to walk away. “Where the hell do you think you are going missy?” He asks while pulling me into his house and shutting the door.

He pushes me against the wall and plants heavy kisses along my lips and neck. “Oh Harrrry.” I moan. He looks up to me and his light green eyes are now dark green. He turns around and takes my arm and leads me up the steps. Now let’s just say we got VERY VERY physical with each other.

Destiny’s POV

I was getting ready for the one thing girls are always scared of. Losing their virginity. I know what you are probably thinking. But you already had sex. Nope, I kinda lied to Olivia. I will eventually tell her.

I had just got home from the mall with Olivia. I had bought a couple of new bras and underwear. I guess these aren’t called underwear, more like thongs. I run to the shower because I am running a little late. I get in and wash my hair and body. I didn’t have to shave or anything because I had did that last night. I got out of the shower and put on a thong and matching bra. I then put on a pair of booty shorts and a pink crop top. I put on my black converse and then head out. I am so nervous.

I get Zayn’s house and he sees me when I pull up to his house I am guessing because the door opens as I’m walking up his driveway. “Hey babe” Zayn says. “Hey” I say with a huge smile on my face but it soon turned into a confused face. As I walk into his house I see his little sister sitting on the family couch. “What the heck? I thought we were gonna..?” I say while I’m kind of pissed at the fact that he didn’t tell me before.  “Sorry my sister got home sick but hopefully I could try and find someone to babysit her and I will buy a hotel room.” He says looking like he is scared at what my reaction would be. “Okay that’s fine.” As soon as I said that he relaxed a lot.

We spent about another hour with Zayn’s sister and Victoria; Zayn and I’s close friend from school came to babysit Safaa. We then left and went out for dinner first and then finally went to the hotel. I got more nervous the closer we got to the special event that was planned on happening tonight.

Tonight was going to be a night that I would never forget.

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