The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


8. Sleepover?

~~~2 Weeks later~~~

Harry and I have been doing our regular studying but with the extra. If you know what I mean. Destiny and Zayn have gotten close ever since Harry and I told Zayn how destiny had a major crush on him but to just play it cool to act as if he does not really know. On the other hand, I have grown even more feelings for Harry. I want to ask him out but isn’t that supposed to be the guys’ job? After 2 weeks of studying Harry got his first ‘B+’ in Math. Mrs. Shepard even had to question if he cheated off someone or anything, and when he told her no, she gave him a question none of the class could answer but Harry and I. We were studying ahead of the class so that Harry would understand anything before it is taught by the teacher and he had got it right. I was so proud of him. I decided that today I was going to ask him out.

After school Harry and I went to my house to hang out since neither of us had homework and it was a Friday. “So what do you want to do mister?” I ask. “Hmm…let’s cuddle and watch a movie” he says and walks towards the living room. “Wait…we can’t. My parents will be home in about 2 hours and I already know after this movie we will be very busy…and it’s not with homework.” I am worried because I know that the movie is going to end up with us two having sex. “Okay you wanna go to my house. You can sleep over since my parents think we are friends,” he says putting air quotes around friends. “Alright well let’s go upstairs and pack my bag.”

I decided to see if Destiny would mind if I said I was at her house even if I was going to be at Harry’s.

To: Des-Tiny

Hey. I am going to Harry’s tonight to sleepover but my parents do not know harry. Would it be okay if I said I was at your house? Since your parents have saved me for doing that other times? Xoxo Olivia

About a minute later, I heard a buzz.

From: Des-Tiny

Yeah sure. I will let my parents know. Just do not forget anything like last time and then you will not get in trouble. I know what you two will be doing before his parents get home;) But make sure you use protection!!!! ;) I do NOT want to be an aunt yet. :P xoxo Destiny

To: Des-Tiny

You are the best and so are your parents. Ohhhhh woops I didn’t know we were suppose to use that. Oh and congratulations, you are an aunt…jkjk but thanks again. I gtg to get ready to go to Harrys so I will text you tomorrow or whenever :P love yah lots xoxo Olivia

With that me and Harry’s plan have gone okay so far. All I needed to do was ask if I could ‘go to Destiny's house tonight’ to my parents.

After 10 minute of arguing my parents agree to let me go. they have been very strict on me since that one time I slept over Nathans when I told them I was going to Destiny's house. My parents stopped liking destiny and her family after that.

Harry and I left and got to his house at around five and his parents were going out to see a movie after work so we had six hours to ourselves. When we got to Harrys we ordered a pizza because boy was I starving. Harry called his mom to ask if I could sleep over and she immediately said yes. She was the one who actually thought we were dating last week according to Harry.

We decided to watch mean girls. That movie is so funny that I almost pee in my pants every time. after the movie I wanted some type of dessert. “Hey Harry do you have any type of dessert?” I ask. “yep. Right here” he says smiling, circling his hands around his whole body. “haha but seriously. I need something sweet like now!” “fine. We have vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Which one wou-” “vanilla please” I say interrupting his question. “okay.” He says laughing and walking into his kitchen and getting the ice cream.

I run upstairs and quickly change into my night clothes. I put on my cookie monster shorts that I usually don’t wear underwear with since my shorts are almost skin tight, and put on my over-sized cookie monster shirt with no bra under. Tonight Harry was gonna get the easy route.

I walk downstairs to see a lonely Harry on the couch with two ice cream cone trying to lick up the melting ice cream from both cones. I giggle and that makes him stop what he is doing and stands up to give me my ice cream. “eww why would I want this now? The cone is all wet and soggy.” I say. “just like your black hole huh? Or whatever you wanna call it. Haha” he says. I ignore what he says and start eating my ice cream. It was delicious. After eating the ice cream it was almost  eight o’clock. “soo what do you want to do now?” I ask already knowing what I wanna do. “wanna go study?” he asks. “for what harry we don’t have homework. And by the way whenever we study we end up..” I couldn’t even finish what I was going to say because I knew exactly what he meant by study and it didn’t have to anything to do with school work but with the bed and our bodies. I guess tonight Harry and I are going to be have a little fun tonight.


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