The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


10. Morning Shower

I had woken up and did not know where I was. I then look at the clock. 7:45. I heard snoring and felt a pair of arms around my waist. I turn around and see Harry’s cute face and all I could do was smile. I guess he felt me move because he pulled me closer. As soon as I got about a few inches closer, I felt something hit my leg. I thought it was the remote to his TV. I was wrong when I lifted the sheets up. It was his penis. Gosh, did he really have dreams about me that he got hard in his sleep? I take full advantage of this time and I take my hand and slightly brush against it. It literally twitched at the touch of skin-to-skin contact. I decided that I would not tease him in his sleep so I grab it and started stroking it slowly. All of a sudden, I hear harry moaning. “Ahh yeah Olivia” he says still sleeping. I guess he is dreaming this. I decide that I am going to show him it is not a dream. I go straight for his ear and say, “young man if you do not understand when to talk dirty you will regret every single piece of it.” At that, Harry’s eyes popped opened so quickly. I laughed so hard because he actually was dreaming it. “What the hell Olivia why did you wake me up from my dream?” he asks sounding pissed. “Uhh babe it wasn’t a dream” I say and wink at him. He picks up the cover and notices that my hand is on his dick. “Gosh you can’t even wait for me to wake up before you want to do freaky shit.” “Haha yep.” I reply and then get up to get ready for the day. “Heyyy. Why would you leave? We were just getting started,” he said in a kiddy voice. “Hun your parents are home and don’t you remember last night at all?” He just sits there thinking and then it comes to his mind. “Uh yeah we should probably wait until they leave.”

I walk to my duffel bag of clothes for today. “Uhh where is your bathroom?” “Right there” he says pointing to a closed-door right next to his closet. “Thanks” “no problem. Hey can I give you a wash?” he says and then does a smirk and wink. “Haha in your dreams” I say and then walk into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door so harry cannot get in. I turn the shower on and let it warm up. While waiting I brush my teeth. After I brush my teeth, I go into the shower. I started to sing Lego house by Ed Sheeran.

I thought I had heard the door open and close but the door is locked so Harry’s parents must have just left for work. I go back to singing and I start dancing a little. “Nice dancing.” I literally slip from being scared to death. “Care if I help clean your body now?” he has a full on grin on now and I know what Im going to do. “Nope but you can stay and watch me shower but you can’t touch me” at the sound of that Harrys huge grin turned into a huge frown. He obviously agreed with it because he sat in the shower where the water does hit the shower floor from the nozzle. I take my washcloth and wet it. I then put soap on it, making sure to make it extra soapy so that it is even more seductive. I decided that I was going to tease him.

I started washing my boobs making the extra bubbly and soapy. At the sight this Harrys licks his lips. I then wash my stomach, back, and bum. I get to my pussy and Harry’s eye color gets darker. When Harrys eyes get darker that means he only wants one thing…sex

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