The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


31. Holly and Louis' Room ;)

Holly’s POV

I closed the door and turned back to him. I gave a devilish cute look. “Go to the bed but don’t sit, and face me” I tell him. He does as he is told with no questions asked. As he gets there I slowly slide my dress down. His eyes got wider and wider to the point where I couldn’t believe eyes could get that big. I had on a neon pink push-up bra and a matching thong on too. By this time Lou was gawking at me. He took a step towards me. “No no no” I say wiggling m finger at him. He snaps his head up, because obviously he was checking me out. I walk to him and push him on the bed. He looked up at me and I turn around. Now my ass is in his face and he does a huge gasp. “Golly Holly, for the 5 years we have been together you have never worn a thong.” Louis says. “I know but tonight’s a special night right?” I ask all flirty while bending over.

Louis grabs my butt and I flinch a little because his hands are cold. “Your hands are cold Lou” I giggle and say. “Well don’t worry about that because we are about to be dripping with sweat in a few minutes.” He says very seductively. He then pulls my thong down and runs his hand over my opening. I shiver at the slightest touch. “How about we take that bra off too?” Lou asks. I nod and walk away from him and turn around to face him. I then slowly but surely slide my bra off teasing him. “Stop being such a tease and just take it off.” He says not being able to handle it. I drop my bra and my once perky looking boobs had turned in into sagging ones, but not too bad. I glare at him and he looks at me all confused. “What are you doing?” he asks me. Without any answer I get a head start and run to him before jumping on his legs and straddling him.

Louis starts to suck on my boobs and leave a bunch of love bites on me. “Oh Lou, please me more.” I say already moaning. He picks me up and lays me on the bed. He spreads my legs apart and then starts to tease me by kissing and biting the insides of my thighs. I giggle because I am ticklish. “Can you just get to the spot already?” I say very desperately. “Say you need me” he says. “Ugh really? I need you Lou.” With that he started to lick me up and down. Every lick sent me over the edge. “Oh yes Lou, faster!” he does as he is told and goes faster. He then stops and I feel two of his fingers in me. “Ahh fuck” I scream. Our neighbors are really going to hate us. Especially if they have kids. Woops.

I then feel Louis’ penis inside of me and it felt soo different without a condom on. It felt way bigger for some reason. “Lou why does it feel bigger?” I ask concerned. “Oh it’s a side effect from the steroid I’m taking.” “Well it feels good! Keep taking them.” I say panting in between words. Louis starts to go faster and faster. “Oh my gosh. I’m about to cum Lou.” “Hold it for like ten more seconds” he says looking like he is struggling.  “Okay babes” I hold it as he is now pounding in and out of me. “Okay one three. One…two…three” He says. And with that I came and right after I did he did also. “Oh my god. That was the best so far. Good job.” I Say. “Couldn’t have done it without the help of you.” He says smiling. He got off of me. And laid right next to me. “I love you Louis Tomlinson” I say cuddling into in. “I love you too, soon to be Mrs. Tomlinson.” We giggled a little and then my eyes started to droop. Then all of a sudden we hear something coming from the room next door…….


“Oh Fuck Olivia. Yes right there.”




Omg guys I am so sorry for not updating. Honestly I have had a bad week. This morning I was yelled at by my mother that I don’t deserve half of the stuff that I do. L I literally cried for a whole hour trying to think of what I did wrong. But now I’m okay, because Taylor Swift and One Direction know how to cure anything. But who do you think they heard? Hopefully I will be able to update tonight after me and my mom “talk”.

Well love yah you awesome peeps. <3 Oh and Nialler’s Princess….UPDATE!!!!!

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