The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


5. Harry's House


During math we had to do group work. Guess who I got paired up with…the one and only Harry Styles. After we did our group work our teacher said that we could just talk for the rest of the class. Me and Harry took advantage of that and I found out more things about him. I found out that he is horrible at math. Because he sucks. I had a good thought come to mind when he told me that he sucked but I feel like he would get the wrong feeling. “Hey. Do you think that you could like tutor me in math since you have an ‘A’?” he asked. Of course, the one thing I was thinking about he asks about. “Uhh…Sure. When do you want to start?” I ask. “I was kind of thinking today…after school maybe?” “Yeah sure. Just no freaky stuff.” I try to make clear. “Dude I only see you as a friend nothing more.” “Oh okay. Good.”

The rest of the day went by really quick. Harry and I walked to my car since he doesn’t have one. He gave me the directions and everything.  When we got there his house looked so plain and boring, but when we walked into his house it was beautiful. His mother must have decorated the house. I still had a feeling that Harry was going to try something freaky. But to be honest I am starting to get feelings for him. “Here Follow me. Do you want anything to drink while we are down here?” he asked nicely. “Uhh…” “We have orange juice.” My eye went wide. “I’ll take that” I smile at the fact that he remembers that my favorite drink is orange juice.

We head upstairs and pass some doors. We walk in the one at the end facing the hallway. “Wow. This room is beautiful.” Its walls were a teal blue with a king sized bed that had a beautiful bed spread on it. “Okay let’s get to work” harry says siting on the bed and then spreading out any possible thing that had to do with him. “Come” he says patting a spot next to him. I slowly make my way to the bad and make the bed sink even lower than it was.

For some random reason I was horny. Since i'm horny I instantly came up with an idea that I think both Harry and I would like. “Okay so I know I said no freaky shit but I have an idea.” I say. “What is it?” “It’s a game. But you have to agree to it. Oh and after this we just might have to consider each other more than just friends.” He rode his eyebrows at the last part I said. I think he knows what i’m talking about but I’m not sure.

“I’m in” he replies quickly and that’s when my eyebrows rose. “Okay. For every right question you get I have to take off one item and one wrong you have to take off one item.” I say nervous of what his reaction is going to be. It takes him a while but then…”so when you going to start?” gosh okay time to start then. “Okay question one. What does 2x+5y-3x equal?” he took his pencil and paper and wrote down the problem and tried to solve it. He looks so determined to get this answer right. “Ugh… I don’t know if it’s right” “too bad tell me anyways” I say in need of wanting to see his body. “Uh… 5x-x” he says confused like. Damnit I was hoping it was wrong. “Correct” I say. At first I thought I should take off my shoes to tease him but I didn’t. I took of my shirt and Harry’s eye got so big, I didn’t know humans’ eyes could do that. Oh yeah did I mention I am a 36DD. “You like what you see styles?” I ask seductively. He nods because I know he loves the view. “Next question please?” he asks anxious to see what else I have to show him.

6 right and 5 wrong questions later we were both down to our under clothes. Let’s just say there was a little too much of harry I wanted to see for now.

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