The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


29. Back Home We Go

Holly’s POV


Louis’ Pov

Holly said yes and now I rented a hotel room because even if she said no we decided that we would buy a hotel room to you know what ;)

Olivia’s POV

Omg! I cannot believe Louis just proposed to Holly. That was the cutest. We are all now heading to the limo and Paul is going to drop us off at home starting with Harry and I since we live the closest. We all get into the limo and noticed that the boys did not get a big enough limo so two girls had to sit on their boyfriends laps. We got to Harry and I’s flat and we said our goodbyes. We had a couple of old people looking out their windows and doors since we had a limo. But we just ignored them.

We walked into the house and we went to our room. As soon as we got in there we looked directly at each other knowing exactly what was happening tonight if you know what I mean ;)






Sorry it’s such a short chapter I just didn’t want you guys to wait any longer and since I was on the computer I was like I must! But heads up that the next chapter will involve the “D” in the “V” with Holly/Louis and Harry/Olivia. I hope that I will update tomorrow even though I am going to see family. I might just update on my mom’s IPad since she will not let me take my computer!


Oh and can you help me by clicking on the link please? I want to see 1D in concert! I would love you forever……oh wait I already love you guys <3

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