The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


9. Awkward Sleepover

I walk to the kitchen to wash my hands from getting sticky from the ice cream and so did Harry. I decided to wait for him to be patient and make seem like I am desperate for his dick but I really am. Don't judge trust me, if you got to fuck Harry Styles at least four times a week you wouldn't be able to resist.

We make it outside of the dining room since the stairs were right across from it. I start to take a step up the the stairs, when all of a sudden I hear a loud smack and feel a huge stinging sensation on my right ass cheek. I stand there in shock as Harry bolts up the staircase so I couldn't catch up to him. "Harold Edward Styles get your ass here" I yell while running up the steps trying to catch him but he was too fast for me.

Since it was dark and we turn the lights off I couldn't see anything. "Harry? Where ate you? I can't see anything and I don't want to break anything." I was kinda scared at this moment. I walk in to a room and I don't know if it was Harry's. "uh Harry I'm in a room and I don't know whose it is." I run into a bed and I decide since I can't find Harry ill just lay in the bed until he come to find me.

I lay on the bed and I feel that there is already a presence on the bed. I move my arm roaming the bed and guess what I touch! A penis. I get really wet because duh it's a penis. "I guess you like what you feel if you haven't taken your hand off my junk" Harry says. I giggle and try and find his face to have a make out session with him. I succeeded at finding his face. I felt his tongue swipe across my bottom lip and I denied. Harry decided to bite my lip and I still denied. Then he did the unexpected and instantly went to my pussy and started circling my clit really hard and fast. I made me gasp and that's when Harry had finally got his way and entered his tongue into my mouth.

We kissed for about five minutes and then Harry pulled away. He sat me up and pulled my shirt off. He tried to take a bra that wasn't on me off but didn't succeed, being that I didn't have one on. He starts sucking my boobs and corking his tongue around my nipples ever so slow that it made it unbearable to feel a pure sensation. I felt my self getting wetter and wetter every second. He started to make sloppy kisses down my body.

He finally gets to my pussy and is hovering over it. "Gosh Harry please do something. My body is aching for you to please me." I say in a sad voice. He immediately licks my clit and I can't handle the sensation. He then sticks his long thick tongue into me and I can't help but welp. "Oh yes Harry harder please?" I am now begging for more and sound like a sex pig. Harry being the one who wants to always make me feel good at anytime, he takes his tongue out and then slams it back into me. "Ahh fuck Harry" I yell at the top of my lungs. After a few of those I cum all over his tongue and he licks me clean.

I get up and push him down so he is laying down. I get top of him about to be straddling him but on the way I put his dick into me. Now I am straddling him and his dick is inside of me. I start to go up and down slowly to adjust to his size again for the eighth time, I think.

I buck my hips back and forth and the up and down getting and giving full pleasure to both of us. "Ahh fuck Olivia yes fuck" Harry says. after a while Harry makes me hold myself up while he pounds into me like I'm someone who won't be needed after tonight. He was going so fast that the bed was shaking. "Fuck Harry yes right ahh yes fuck yes yes yes yes" I am literally in heaven right now. Harry started to get really sloppy with his amazing pounding. "Ahh fuck Olivia....I'm" within about 5 seconds Harry's 'gravy' was shorting into me. That had sent me off the edge and I came. "Ahh fuck yes" I tell as I know that both of us are satisfied for tonight and we did it all before his parents got home.

We got dressed and started to walk downstairs and you will never guess what we had put ourselves through. Harry's parents. Well this is awkward. "Mom, Dad the bakery doesn't close until 8 and its..." He looks at his clock and guess what time it was. 8:30. "8:30...well this is awkward. So are you going to send her home?" Harry asks worried. "Gosh Harold" his dad says. "You act like we didn't know that you guys were getting freaky. You can't fool is Harry. Anyways you are an 18 year old boy i dont care if you have sex, She can stay tonight as long as there is no more 'fun' tonight." "Thanks mom and dad I'm kinda still weirded out that you heard me and Olivia having sex." "Yes thank you Mr and Mrs. Styles." Harry and I ran back upstairs to his room and right as he shut his house both of us started to bust out laughing that the fact his parents heard us. We then decided to go to sleep. We cuddled. "Olivia! Will you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked. "Of Course Harry" I say. We kiss and then I fall asleep on his bare chest.
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