The Bakery Boy

Olivia wakes up one day for school and has enough time to go to the bakery in town. She meets a handsome, curly haired boy who works there. what happens when she finds out they go to the same school


30. At The Hotel

Holly's POV

As we were on our way to our hotel Demi Lovato's new song Heart Attack came on. Since it was only destiny and I in the limo that were girls in the car we started to jam out. " Destiny are you going to Zayn's house tonight?" Paul interrupted us in the middle of us singing our hearts out while Louis and Zayn's just watched us. She looked at Zayn to see if he wanted her to stay the night. He nodded at her and then told Paul yes. We went back to our singing and sooner or later we were at Zayn's house. Zayn and Destiny got out and said their goodbyes.

The hotel was only about two minutes away. Louis and I looked at each other. Louis looked a little nervous. "You alright babe?" I asked. " yeah" he said a little shooken up about something. But I wasn't going to ask because it might make what ever work. I think I have a though of what was wrong. Tonight was the night that we weren't going to use any protection at all. It was kinda serious. But we were 20 and 21 so what ever happens happens. Right?

We got to the hotel and Paul let us out. " don't do anything you guys will regret." Paul said. " don't worry Paul we won't. Thanks for the ride to the restaurant and here" I say knowing Louis isn't going to say anything. We head off to the hotel hand in hand. I am not gonna lie. I'm a little nervous myself.

We get to the front desk and Louis tells the man behind desk for the room key. The man took Louis ID card and gave us our key. "Thank you" I say as we walk off and the man nods. We go on the escalator and press number seven to go to the seventh floor. We listen to six dings and grab each others hands before the seventh one. "Are you sure you are ready? I brought condoms just in case." Louis asked. I kissed him to calm him down. I pulled away and said "yes I am sure baby. What ever happens I won't regret a bit of it." I finish and smile. We hear the seventh ding and we got off.

We walk down the hall. While looking for our door we see about 5 'do not disturb' signs. People must be getting it on tonight. We find our room door and guess what! There is a do not disturb sign. Great we will be hearing people having sex. But I can't be mad because I can't control myself with Louis' monster of a cock ;)

We open the door and the bed is covered with rose pedals and candles are lit. "Omg Lou when did you have time to do all of this?" I say smiling. " I payed an extra 30 to get this special for you." He said smiling back. " well I know you will enjoy your surprise from me" I say. His eyes suddenly got wide.
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