Old Friends

20 year old Marie misses her old best friend Louis Tomlinson. Yes she grew up and was best friends with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Ever since he had left for the X Factor Marie just wanted to talk to him. What will happen when the newly single Louis runs into Marie? Will they fall for each other or will this duet become a love triangle?


4. Record It

Marie's P.O.V

My eyes fluttered open and I saw Louis still asleep. His mouth open just a little, on his side, doing a light snore that was so cute. I slowly and lightly kissed him with my eyes lightly closed. He kissed back with his eyes still closed. Once we pulled away we rubbed our foreheads together, looking into each others eyes, and smiling.

"Good morning beautiful." Louis said with his hand on my side.

"Morning handsome. What are we doing today?"

"Well, Simon wants to see me and the guys then we can probably show him the song we worked on. See if he likes it." Lou said getting up. He only had red briefs on and his ass looked hot.

"Ok." I said laying back with my hands behind my head. "I'm going to go shower."

"No. I am." he said.

"No I am." I laughed running at the shower. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into the shower. 

"Together." he whispered into my ear.

"Fiiiiiine." I whined. He kissed my neck and rubbed my body all over with body wash. 

Louis was a lot more sexual than you thing. When he wanted someone, he would just do what he wanted. I let a little moan escape my mouth as his hand was really low on my stomach and was massaging my breasts. I turned around, rubbing him all over, and was constantly kissing and sucking his neck.

"Marie." he groaned. We did that for a while and got out. I put on http://www.polyvore.com/lou-tbwb/set?id=64831519 and met Lou out at the car. 

"You look gorgeous." he said.

"Thanks babe." I said smiling big. I saw him take his phone out and type something in when my phone pinged.

@Louis_Tomlinson : With my beautiful girl @marielizalakes and the lads today :)

@onnnediiirection : You two are so cute together! Hope you two stay together forever :) Xx

@Louis_Tomlinson: @onnnediiirection thank you love :) and I hope we do too

That second my phone was blowing up with mentions and followers. "Awwwww babe." I cooed. He just smiled and kept driving to the studio. I had the radio up loud and was bobbing my head to the radio.

The song ended One Thing came on. Louis sang it to me and it made me smile the whole time. We even did the inbetweeners dance to it. In seconds we pulled up to the studio and ran inside. 

"LOU!" Harry yelled and threw a banana at him.

"That's it Haz! You're getting a bananer to the face." He shorted, pinned Harry down, and smeared it in his face. 

"Ok ok calm down boys. Oh hello Marie." he said. "Since you're here would you like to record you're song?"

"Um yea but how do you know the song?"

"Louis recorded it and sent it to me. We came up with some great music." he said and went back to the booth. The guys and I followed. "You can go into the booth now and try."

"Can we listen?!?!" Harry asked.

"Yea sure. All of you can listen." All the guys cheered and put the headphones on. I walked into the booth, put the headphones on, and the best music possible started. After a few moments I started.


Fast, time is ticking oh so fast The sound is running quick right through our hands Beat, feel the rhythm in my heartbeat Why don't you move your body to my body Before we disappear   Tell me now, woo Do you wanna, wanna, woo I wanna, wanna dance like it was the last dance of my life I wanna woo, wanna, wanna, wanna, woo Do you wanna, wanna dance, like it was the last dance   All the guys had their jaws dropped. Once I finished it I came out and they all smiled. "That was...awesome." Liam said. "Agreed." Niall said. "Amazing." Zayn agreed. "Fantastic."Harry said. "Ok back off boys. She's mine." Lou said hugging me tight. Every one including me laughed. "Thanks babe." I laughed and kissed him.  "Ok so what are we going to call it?" Simon asked looking at the lyrics. "Woo!" Niall yelled.  "Ummmmmm Timebomb?" I suggested. "I like it" Simon agreed. "Awesome." I laughed. "All we need to do is get a picture for the single cover. oh and another for the first one. How does tomorrow sound?" Simon asked me. "sounds good." I nodded. "Ok so meet here," he started writing an address down, "at 10 tomorrow morning"  "Ok will do." I said and sat down. After the guys recorded Louis and I went back to my place. "Might want to set outfits out to wear for tomorrow." Lou suggested. "Yea you're right." I said and went to my closet.  After what seemed like forever I decided on http://www.polyvore.com/lou-alps/set?id=64838033 for Almost Lover and http://www.polyvore.com/lou-tbfs/set?id=64839571 for Timebomb. Tomorrow is going to be funnnn.
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