Old Friends

20 year old Marie misses her old best friend Louis Tomlinson. Yes she grew up and was best friends with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Ever since he had left for the X Factor Marie just wanted to talk to him. What will happen when the newly single Louis runs into Marie? Will they fall for each other or will this duet become a love triangle?


5. Meet The Best Friend

Marie's P.O.V.

*Ping ping*  My phone sang to me.

Vilmaris: MARIE!!!!!


V: WHATS UP?!?!?!?!?!?


V: ok My thumbs hurt from yelling. So you wanna hang out after?

Me: Just meet me there. Haven't seen you for a while.

V: Really? ok then. 

I love Vilmaris so much. She's been my best friend since she moved here. Other people called her Villie or Villa, but it just wasn't right to me. Her tiny German grandmother and I were the only ones who called her that. No other name did her justice. And I know I sounded weird for saying this, but she is God's most beautiful creation. She was 5'8" tall, and couldn't weigh more than 100 pounds. She looked unhealthy, but it was only because she had a crazy fast metabolism. Her hair was red and down to her hips, her skin was a deep tan with a lot of gingery freckles. Her nose was the only thing that made you believe she was fully German. But her eyes were the most amazing part of her. They were big and wide, surrounded by full thick lashes. Her left eye was a light teal, her right was a deep hazel.  She drew stares anywhere she went. She has been called an alien and a mutant. She was quirky and silly. She was unathletic, and really klutzy, but she was musically inclined. Her father was a symphony conductor, so she knew how to play almost every instrument you could find in an orchestra. 

I got up, showered, and put on http://www.polyvore.com/lou-mariebps/set?id=65066143 and met Lou out in the car.  

"Hey gorgeous." he said kissing my cheek.

"Hey babe. Is it ok if my friend comes to the shoot?"

"Yea it's cool. As long as she helps a little." he said keeping his eyes on the busy road. The studio wasn't even ten minutes away so we showed up in no time. 

I saw Vilmaris and ran up to her, hugging her tight as we both squealed.

"Ri Ri!"


"Oh my god I looove your outfit!" I said.

"Thanks." she said and twirled around showing off http://www.polyvore.com/lou_vilmaris/set?id=64980167 and laughing.

"Ok Marie. Let's get you into wardrobe and make-up." said the photographer.

"Ok." I said and walked back to the room. It had all of the clothes I brought. People instantly were surrounding me, doing my hair and makeup. 

"We're doing Timebomb first so you can go change into that outfit." said the head person. 

I got up out of my chair and changed into it. Once I walked out Louis's eyes got wide and so did V's.

"Oh my..." Lou said.

"Jesus." V said.

"Thanks." I laughed.

"Ok ok come come." said the moody photographer. I walked out to where the backdrop was and waited for my instructions. "Just dance and jump around. Do some serious yet sexy ones and don't stop."

"Wait." I said and walked over to the stereo cranking it up. "Ok good." And I strutted back to the backdrop. I was jumping around, laughing and smiling with constant flashes.

"Good good." the photographer said over and over. "Ok now serious." I got serious, pouting my lips a little, and after half an hour I was back in hair and makeup getting ready for Almost Lovers.

"INTO THE VAN!" yelled the photographer whos name I learned was Mila. We all took three vans out to a field of grass and they had me out, the sun shining on me, and my head up. All I heard was  Lou and V talking and the camera clicks.

"That's a wrap." Mila said after 20 minutes. We all wooed and went back to the studio. I showered there to get all the products out of my hair and changed into http://www.polyvore.com/1234/set?id=65574722 since I didn't want to go anywhere looking all lazy.

"Ok so you guys wanna go to lunch?" I asked.

"Sure." Vilmaris agreed.

"Hey babe can Niall come with?" Louis asked me.

"Yea sure. We can just go to like Nandos or something."

"Ok thanks." he said, kissed me cheek, and started to the car. Vilmaris and I were walking close to each other and we started whispering.

"Good job Ri." she congratulated me.

"Thanks." I giggled.

"He was quite the cheeky geek in school wasn't he?"

"Yea but he's my geek. And he's still sexy." I laughed.

"Haha yep." she laughed back and we got into the car. We drove to Nandos, Lou driving and me and Vil catching up. Once we pulled up we ran inside to avoid fans and the paps. Niall was sitting in a booth waiting for us so Louis slid in next to him. I sat across from Louis and Niall sat across from Vilmaris. I saw him staring at her once we walked in and my match maker senses kicked in. 

"Hey Niall." I said and kissed his cheek from over the table. 

"Hey Marie." He said.

"Niall, this is my friend Vilmaris." I introduced the two.

"Hello Vilmaris." Niall smiled shaking her little hand.

"Hi Niall." V smiled back.

Our waitress walked up. "Hello. My name is Anna. Can I get you anything to drink?" she asked us smiling.

"I'll have a water." Vil said.

"Same." I agreed.

"I'll have a Coke." Niall said looking down.

"Same." Louis said. That was easy.

"So Vilmaris, where are you from? Because judging from your accent it isn't Irish or British." Niall said.

"Ok well I moved here from Germany when I was about 15 and I guess I still have my accent." V giggled.

"That's cute. I like girls with accents." Niall admitted.

Louis and I smiled at each other knowing what was happening. "So." I said looking down at my menu.

"Hey how did the shoot go by the way?" Niall asked me.

"Ok it went great. Simon said that the single comes out next week." I smiled. "I mean, I know it seems a little sudden but we've been getting a lot done." 

"That's awesome." Niall smiled back at me. We ordered and sat there just catching up and once our food came I just saw Niall and Vilmaris looking at smiling at each other. 

I pulled my phone out, opened my notes, and made a note to V.

You so like Niall!!!

She read it and almost choked. She then took my phone and typed back.

Yea so. Before Lou went I saw you making eyes at him all the time in Chem!

That's different. I actually knew Lou for years. Not minutes. But I'm still glad you like him. Lou and I wanted this to happen.

Good. You and Louis are so cute!!!!!! I can't believe you got him!

I know right?! But hey, what else could a girl do to a sexy, sulking guy thats her best guy friend?

Good point. We better stop this. Their getting suspicious.

Oh my gosh you're right. ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION CODE BLUE CODE BLUE Once she read it we both started busting out laughing.

"What?" Louis asked us.

"N-n-nothing." I laughed really hard.

"I-its fine." Vilmaris laughed too. Louis grabbed my phone, showed Niall, and all four of us were laughing. 

"Ok well I think we should go." Louis said to me.

"Yea you're right." I agreed.

"Ok well see ya soon." Niall said hugging me from the side.

"Will do." I said. 

Vil stood up and hugged me. "Bye Ri Ri. Text me later." She said.

"Ok. See ya!" Lou and I said walking out to the car. We drove home when something involving me actually came up.

"So rumor has it Simon Cowell has signed on Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. Her debut album comes out next Wednesday and you guys will be the first to hear it. It is called "Timebomb." and apparently is really good. So watch out for that." the d.j. said over the radio.

"OMG!!!!" I squealed.

"I'm so proud of you!" Louis said happily grabbing my hand. We were driving along when we decided to get Starbucks. Once we walked in Louis and I saw our worst nightmare. Eleanor. With Michael. Giggling and flirting.

"Let's go." I whispered. 

"Ok." he whispered back. We turned to the door when we heard it.

"Oh my gosh! It's Louis Tomlinson!" A fan squealed drawing Eleanor and Michaels attention to us. 

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